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Shrapit Dosha


Human lives are closely bonded with the planetary system, their positions, and movements. Much of what transpires among the celestial bodies have a large impact on our lives. From the time of our birth, with details of date, time, and place, the planetary positions play a vital role in determining our life.

Planets radiate cosmic energies, and they are reflective of karmic energies.

Derived from Sanskrit (physical disorders), in Vedic Astrology, whenever there are bad conditions or a malefic combination of planets positioned in the twelve houses in our birth chart, they create a Dosha. It signifies the overriding effects of the malefic planets on the positives in a horoscope that become nullified.

Shrapit Dosha

What is a Shrapit Dosha?

Shrapit Dosha occurs in a natal chart when Saturn and Rahu are positioned in a single House. Shrapit means a curse by someone from a past life. This results from the bad actions of a native in a past life. A native is cursed by someone for his or her misdeeds in a past life. It is considered bad luck to have past life Karma chasing one’s existence in the present one. Whatever happens in this life is a reflection, the result of bad karma of the past life.

How Cosmic Alignment Creates Shrapit Dosha

The Shrapit Dosha occurs when Saturn and Rahu are placed in a single house in a birth chart. It could also occur when Saturn can easily aspect Rahu. The conjunction of Saturn and Rahu is the main reason for the occurrence of this deadly Dosha.

If Saturn and Rahu are in confluence in any house in a native’s horoscope, then the birth chart is cursed. It can nullify the positive effects of favorable Yogas.

How Shrapit Dosha Can Impact an Individual

Shrapit Dosha can impact a native badly, reflecting the result of bad karma from the past life. A native can face many hurdles without any visible cause and not know what is affecting him/her. There are many problems and malefic effects of this Dosha that a native may experience.

  • Problems in academic pursuits.
  • Hurdles in business.
  • Huge financial losses.
  • Frequent illnesses of children.
  • Lack of progeny.
  • Marital discord.
  • Legal battles and enmity.
  • Anxiety and stress.
  • Low self-confidence.

Home Remedies for Shrapit Dosha

  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily.
  • Feed the crows and stray animals on Saturdays.
  • Feed poor people and help the needy and elderly people on Saturdays.
  • Light incense sticks near Hanuman as the smoke is Rahu so that Hanuman Ji will control and tame Rahu.
  • Chant Guru Mantras ‘Om Sri Gurave Namaha’ 108 times daily for Rahu and ‘Om Namah Shivaaya’ 108 times daily for Shani.
  • Light 8 deepams at home with gingelly oil facing the house’s western direction on Saturdays.
  • Keep a horseshoe on the western wall of the house.
  • Sprinkle Ganges water and rock salt on the western quarter of the house on Saturdays.
  • Wear gemstone Blue Sapphire for Saturn or Gomed for Rahu only if advised by an astrologer.
  • Wear 4 or 8- faced Rudraksha.

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