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Nataraja Abishekam- Secret of How to Create a Living Statue

DateFebruary 15, 2013

Nataraja, the dancing Shiva, is the one who controls the creation, the maintenance and also the dissolution of the universe. A hydration ceremony (Abishekam) will be performed for Nataraja, the Dancing Shiva Statue on February 24th. The Nataraja Hydration Ceremony is a very important and very powerful ritual, because through this you are making the statue to come alive. This is not a superstition, but it is a science. Once the statue comes alive, then you can put your prayers to a living God.


The energy of Lord Shiva comes to the earth plane 6 times a year, and this is the time when the Shiva Hydration Ceremony is performed. So, it is the time which is of utmost importance. Gods are forms of energy and they are available only at specific time:

  • Ganesha comes on the 4th Moon.
  • Muruga comes on the 6th Moon.
  • Goddesses come on the 5th Moon.
  • Bhairava comes on the 8th Moon

The yogis and siddhas look forward to this time so they can connect directly with Nataraja. Shiva is the all powerful in the Indian tradition, the God of Enlightenment, and the God of the Light Body. Look forward to this ceremony that comes only 6 times a year. You too can make a direct link with Nataraja.

Make a Direct Link with Nataraja


Shiva Shakti Malas

AstroVed is energizing beautiful Shiva Shakti Malas to help you connect directly with Nataraja’s grace. These Malas will bring abundance, love and happiness into your home. The Shiva Shakti Malas alternate the Rudraksha beads with crystal beads that represent the divine feminine energy of Shakti. Wearing the Shiva Shakti Rudraksha mala beads, helps to clean your sins, brings abundance and prosperity, deepens meditation, and bestows good health and peace.

Get Your energized Shiva Shakti Mala


Reminder for Coming Event: Masi Magha

Masi Magha is when the Moon aligns with the Magha star in the Sign Leo, during the month of Masi (mid February – mid March). The star Magha has great potential as it contains the energy of Royalty, Enlightenment and your ancestors.

It is the time to bring in direction and set high goals for a healthy, wealthy and honorable life. Get rid of negative vibrations surrounding you and break free from a directionless life controlled by others. Take destiny into your own hands with confidence and determination. It is a time to open the window of opportunity for a personal revolution and lead a peaceful and joyful life.

Empower Yourself with Royalty & Enlightenment


Ancestor Veneration: Rituals to Live a Purposeful Life

Ancestor’s blessings and goodwill are vital for leading a happy life. Masi Magha makes for a perfect occasion to offer prayers to the deceased and remove any negative energy resulted probably because of lack of ancestor’s blessings.

Just as there is a biological lineage of transference of DNA along the family line, there is also your spirit lineage or Spirit DNA. Your departed ancestors can help to solve your problems as well as create them. The decease has more spiritual power than they had during their life. In a sense your ancestors are the deities, who have the ability to interact and influence your life. You can solve your problems related to money, relationship, health and career quite easily, if you know how to communicate and connect with them.

Communicate with Your Ancestors


Tarpanam is a ritual that includes ‘feeding’ your ancestors with rice and sesame seeds that energetically reaches them. The main purpose of doing this is to release your ancestors to a higher plane. When they are fed and appeased, they are free to go into the light. They send you their blessings.

This Vedic technology performed on Masi Magha at the sacred tank, gets the full benefit of being in the right place, and doing the right action to get the maximum benefit. The water receives blessings from many enlightened beings, who come there and leave their blessings and energy into the tank.

Feed Your Ancestors


Reminder for Coming Event: The Sun’s Birthday! (Ratha Sapthami)

The Sun God’s birthday occurs on Sunday, February 17th, IST. It is the day you can gain control or even transcend your mind. Sunday is ruled by Lord Sun, who is the life force energy for each and every organism on the earth. It is Sun’s energy that gives us sharp vision, intelligence and authority. Sunday, being filled with this life force energy in abundance, is an ideal time to worship Lord Sun.

Participate in Sunday Rituals



The Sun is your Soul, The Moon is your Mind, Mars shows your strength, Jupiter indicates knowledge, Venus indicates happiness, Rahu is your ego, and Saturn shows cause of grief.

Did You Know?

Certain astrological alignments make it easier to purify ourselves from negative sound vibrations? We can take advantage of these special times to repair the damage that negative sounds have had on us. These Times are most easily available on any of the following

  • Wednesdays
  • During the 7th Moon Phase (Sapthami Tithi)
  • When the Moon is In the star of Visakha

The ancient mystics revealed that these times are “Sound Cleansing Days”. All of these are the empowered days and we can get rid of curses that we may have accrued through our actions or words. These are special days to rejuvenate the cells of our body which have been contaminated from hearing or speaking harmful words or sounds.

Participate in Masi Magha Rituals


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