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Ganesh Chaturthi : Dissolve Your Karma on Ganesha’s Birthday

DateSeptember 6, 2012

Karma is not inevitable, it can be remedied and Ganesh Chaturthi provides a great opportunity to clear manifested and unmanifested karma.

It is said that prevention is better than cure. Unseen, Divine positive influences prevent many negative frequencies of karma from manifesting in your life. Even after karma has taken root, remedies can reduce suffering.

Ganesha does not just clear the obstacles and karma that you are aware of, Ganesha clears Obstacles unseen. The specialty of Ganesha lies in his siddhi power of perfect seeing. He sees the obstructions that stand between you and your goals and knows how to bypass them. Even Gods and Angels pray to Ganesha to remove obstacles before beginning a task.

Follow the two Siddha methods below, revealed by Yogis and Rishis and you too can connect with Ganesha.He is available abundantly for you to experience him on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Two Siddha Technologies to Reshape Your Karma

There are 2 traditional and ancient ways to transfer your negative karma to a 3rd party/object and have the karma removed from you. The best time to perform the rituals is during the 4th Phase of a Waxing Moon.

  • Dissolve a clay Ganesha statue in the ocean after it has absorbed your karma.
  • Breaking a coconut, as coconuts have a special ability to absorb your karma.

Dissolve a Clay Ganesha, Dissolve Your Karma

A Clay Ganesha is a powerful transformational ritual performed during Ganesh Chaturthi. The concept behind the clay Ganesha statue is for Ganesha to take upon himself your karma. As you connect with Ganesha; He absorbs into himself your karma. You can sponsor a clay Ganesha statue which will be given your name (for example, Janel Smith). Your karma is absorbed during 3 days of prayer and pooja to the clay statue on your behalf. After the Ganesha Birthday rituals are completed, all the clay statues are dissolved in the ocean. As the clay image disintegrates, your karma dissolves. These rituals are life changing. Thousands have experienced their success!

Break a Coconut, Break Your Karma

Smashing a coconut is a sacrificial ritual which is required to have transformation. Nothing changes without sacrifice. And smashing a coconut on Ganesh Chaturthi is a technology that is equivalent to sacrificing all that you have.

Breaking coconuts helps to remove negative influences in both your material and spiritual worlds. The coconut energetically absorbs your lower vibrations. On Ganesha’s birthday, the power to remove karma is amplified. Clearing obstacles like evil eye, and delays in ventures is possible. When the coconut is smashed, the energy holding back your progress is forcefully removed. The smashing of the coconut is symbolic of the removal of karmas that create obstacles on many different levels of spiritual and material evolution.

Smash Coconuts on Ganesh Chaturthi


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