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What is Janma Nakshatra (Birth Star)?

The term ‘Nakshatra’ means ‘something which will never get degenerated’ or ‘a thing that is eternal.’ A person’s birth star, i.e., the star in which the Moon transited at the time of birth of an individual is called Janma Nakshatra and thus defines the core nature and traits of a person. Since, the Moon is considered the Mano Karaka or ruler of the mind, the star constellation in which the Moon resides defines the characteristics, thoughts, and actions of a person.

27 Nakshatras of Vedic Astrology

Nakshatra Finder

As per Vedic Astrology, the 360⁰ zodiac system is divided into 12 zodiac signs (30⁰ each) and each of the 27 Nakshatras spreads over 13⁰ 20’. The Moon takes approximately 27.3 days to complete its transit across all stars in 12 zodiac signs. Hence, a birth star of an individual is calculated based on the position of the Moon in the stars, at the time of birth.

The 27 stars are grouped under the 12 zodiac signs, with some Nakshatras entirely in a zodiac sign, and certain stars bridging two zodiac signs. Each star of 13⁰ 20’ is further divided into 4 Padas (quarters) at 3⁰ 20’ each, and hence each zodiac sign has 9 Padas.

Nakshatras, Their Energies, and Ruling Deities & Planets

Each Nakshatra has its presiding deity, ruling planet and specific energies, which play a major role in deciding the characteristics and basic nature of an individual. The following table gives the names of the 27 Nakshatras, their unique energy, and ruling deities & planets:

Birth Star Presiding Deity Ruling Planet Energy (Shakti) of the Birth Star
Ashwini Ashwini Kumaras Ketu Shidravyapani Shakti - Power to reach things or attain objectives
Bharani Yama Venus Apabharani Shakti - Power to cleanse and remove impurities
Rohini Prajapati Moon Rohana Shakti - Power to make things grow and create
Mrigasira Soma Mars Prinana Shakti - Power to give fulfillment and joy
Ardra Rudra Rahu Yatna Shakti - Power to make an effort and achieve
Punarvasu Aditi Jupiter Vasutva Prapana Shakti - Power to gain wealth and objectives
Pushya Brihaspati Saturn Brahmavarchava Shakti - Power to harness spiritual, creative energy
Ashlesha Nagas Mercury Vis Ashleshana Shakti - Power to destroy the victim
Magha Pitris Ketu Tyage Shepani Shakti – Power of authority and position
Purva Phalguni Bhaga Venus Prajanana Shakti – Power to procreate
Uttara Phalguni Aryaman Sun Chayani Shakti – Power of prosperity, wealth and accumulation through partnerships
Chitra Tvastar Mars Punya Chayani Shakti – Power to accumulate good karma and merit in life
Swati Vayu Rahu Pradhvamsa Shakti – Power to disburse or transform
Vishaka Indra-agni Jupiter Vyapana Shakti - Power to achieve, manifest fruits of life
Anuradha Mitra Saturn Radhana Shakti – Power of worship
Jyeshta Indra Mercury Arohana Shakti – Power to rise, overcome, conquer and gain courage
Moola Nirutti/Brihaspati Ketu Barhana Shakti – Power to get to the root of things and explore
Purvashada Apah Venus Varchagrahan Shakti - Power to invigorate or energize
Uttarashada Vishvadevas Sun Apradhrishya Shakti – Power to give unstoppable or permanent victory
Shravana Vishnu Moon Samhanana Shakti – Power to connect with others
Dhanishta Ashta Vasus Mars Khyapayitri Shakti – Power to give fame and abundance
Shatabhisha Varuna Rahu Bheshaja Shakti – Power to heal and support
Purvabhadra Aja Ekapada Jupiter Yajamana Udyamana Shakti – Power to raise the evolutionary level and spirituality
Uttarabhadra Ahir Budhayana Saturn Varshodyamana Shakti – Power to grow and bring stability
Revati Pushan Mercury Kshiradyapani Shakti – Power to nourish, protect and foster
Nakshatra Finder

Our Free Tool ‘Nakshatra Finder’ is simple and easy-to-use to find your birth star (Janma Nakshatra) by simply entering your birth time and place. Our detailed Nakshatra report gives you an elaborate overview of your birth star, its strengths & weaknesses, and Pada (quarter) details. Enter your birth details to know your birth star or that of your loved ones.