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Ketu is a lunar node located at the southern side of planet Moon (Chandra) and is considered as the ninth among the Navagrahas, the nine planets of Hindu astrology. Lord Ganesha is the presiding deity of Ketu. Ketu is a shadowy planet and doesn’t have any physical existence. Ketu always moves in a retrograde motion. Ketu takes approximately 1.5 years to travel a sign and hence completes the round of the zodiac in 18 years.

According to vedic astrology, ketu governs theology, monastic life, crime and punishment, hidden enemies and dangers, and the occult. Ketu is also associated with deep thinking, desire for knowledge, changing events, spiritual growth, comets, cheatings, mental illness.

According to vedic astrology, black, grey and, smoky colors are associated with Ketu. Cat’s eye, the vaidooriyam is the gemstone of Ketu. Horse gram, Seven types of Grains, Rice mixed with horse gram are offered to Ketu.

According to mythology, Ketu and Rahu are the torso and head of Asura Swarnabhanu, who was decapitated by Lord Vishnu during the distribution of Amrita, the immortal potion which emerged from Samudra Mantham. Ketu is often depicted as human or torso having the tail of serpent with four hands holding sword, shield, mace and flag. However, in some images, he is portrayed as complete human having two hands holding weapons and riding upon a vulture.


According to vedic astrology, if Ketu is well placed, it can bestow wisdom, spiritual tendencies, asceticism, non attachment towards worldly desires and ambitions. Ketu also gives psychic abilities to its natives and makes them expert in the art of healing. However, if Ketu is placed weakly it can give boundless worries, weak eyesight and poor concentration power.

In the sacred text Ketu Kavacham, Ketu is hailed as protector from all diseases. It is believed that rigorous chanting of the hymn will bestow success in all endeavours.

There are various temples dedicated to Ketu. One of the most important temples is Nagananthaswamy temple at Keezhaperumpallam in Tamilnadu. Lord Srikalahasteeswara Temple in Andhra Pradesh and Kukke Subramaniya Temple in Karnataka are important remedial centers for Sarpa dosha, the serpent related afflictions.

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