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Sarpa Suktam in English

January 25, 2022 | Total Views : 2,478
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A Brief Introduction Of Sarpa Suktam In English 

The position of the stars and the planets in a person's birth chart is the reason for his behaviour, character, attitude, physical appearance, etc. The study of astrology affirms it because each planet is responsible for functioning the organs that constitute the body. 

Therefore, a person's entire life revolves around the position of the planets and the stars, such as fortune, misfortune, good luck, bad luck, rich, poor, etc. Because a planet may be benefic or malefic, it concurs with its placement at the time of birth of a person. 

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There are also natural benefic and malefic planets. (i.e.) wherever they display their characteristics. For example,

  • Jupiter and Venus - natural benefic planets
  • Saturn and Mars - natural malefic planets.

Each planet is a demigod in Vedic astrology, whereas Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets or demons (asuras). The story in Vedic philosophy relates to why Rahu and Ketu are called shadow planets. Once, the demon (asura) Swarbhanu (disguised as a demigod) sat among the demigods to drink the nectar (Amrita) from Mohini (Vishnu avatar). Vishnu chopped the asura's head before he had the taste of the nectar. The chopped head represents Rahu, and the torso represents Ketu. They are considered negative energies and always trouble those whose birth chart has either Raghu or Ketu's predominance.

What is Dosham in Astrology?

There are good and bad yogas in the horoscope. The good and the bad yogas (auspicious and inauspicious) relate to the pious activity and the bad karma carried out in the previous reincarnations. The bad yogas are 'Doshas .' Each planet governs the particular parts of the body and is affected by the doshas. There are varieties of doshas in the horoscope depending on the planetary positions: Thara Dosha, Manglik Dosha, Pitru Dosha, Raghu Dosha, Ketu Dosha, Naga or Sarpa Dosha, Kala Sarpa dosha, etc.

What is Sarpa Dosha?

'Sarpa' means snake, Dosha means the offence against the snake, and Sarpa Dosha is also known as 'Naga Dosha .' The person with Sarpa Dosha in the horoscope cannot prosper in his life. 

Kala Sarpa Dosha is always different from Sarpa Dosha because of the planetary positions. Suppose all the other planets are moving between the Raghu and Ketu planets. In that case, it refers to Kala Sarpa Dosham, and it has many types of Doshams like Ananth Kala Sarpa, Kulika Kala Sarpa, etc. 

Some of the Reasons for Incurring Sarpa Dosha

Snakes are mighty, and they are referred to as various demigods and possess immense powers and strength. They can grant you a boon or, at the same time, can curse you as well for wrongdoings.

  • If you or your ancestors killed or harmed the snake in your previous reincarnation.
  • Ill-treating women in previous births.

Abominable activities against the worship of Goddess.

  • Strangers perform last rituals to your body in your previous deliveries or delay in burial.
  • Due to 'Durghatna' like an accident, poison, suicide, etc., a person dies in the earlier births.

Some of the Harmful Effects of Sarpa Dosha

The person inflicted with Sarpa or Naga Dosha has to suffer in this birth for reasons unknown.

  • Unnecessary mental tensions
  • Obstacles in every step of a promising work
  • No cordial relations among friends, family, etc.; conflicts with everyone
  • Infertility
  • Marriage delay
  • Separation of married couples
  • Ill health without any diagnosis
  • Loss in business, wealth, job, etc.
  • Getting cheated from close friends and relatives
  • No peace, harmony and you lose self-confidence.

Remedies or Pariharams

The potent remedy is to chant Sarpa Suktam. It is a powerful mantra that pleases the serpents responsible for the Sarpa Dosham. When you chant Sarpa Suktam, you praise and render service to the snakes, including Ananta, Vasuki, Padmanabha, Sesha, Kambala, Shankaphala, Drutharashtra, Takasaka, and Kaaliya.

Rules and Regulations for Chanting Sarpa Suktam

  • While performing Nag Puja, Nag Panchami, Nag Chaturthi, and Manasa Devi AshtaNag Puja, you can chant Sarpa Suktam.
  • First, complete the Puja and then have prasadam.
  • Do not pay full obeisance (Dandavat) in any Nag Temple.
  • Pregnant women should not enter Nag Temples.

Sarpa Suktam lyrics in English

namo̍ astu sa̱rpebhyo̱ ye ke ca̍ pṛthi̱vī manu̍ |
ye a̱ntari̍kṣe̱ ye di̱vi tebhya̍: sa̱rpebhyo̱ nama̍: |
ye̎do ro̍ca̱ne di̱vo ye vā̱ sūrya̍sya ra̱śmiṣu̍ |
yeṣā̍ma̱psu sada̍: kṛ̱taṃ tebhya̍: sa̱rpebhyo̱ nama̍: |
yā iṣa̍vo yātu̱dhānā̍nā̱ṃ ye vā̱ vana̱spatī̱g̱ṃ ranu̍ |
ye vā̎va̱ṭeṣu̱ śera̍te̱ tebhya̍: sa̱rpebhyo̱ nama̍: |
i̱dagṃ sa̱rpebhyo̍ ha̱vira̍stu̱ juṣṭam̎ |
ā̱śre̱ṣā yeṣā̍manu̱yanti̱ ceta̍: |
ye a̱ntari̍kṣaṃ pṛthi̱vīṃ kṣi̱yanti̍ |
te na̍ssa̱rpāso̱ hava̱māga̍miṣṭhāḥ |
ye ro̍ca̱ne sūrya̱syāpi̍ sa̱rpāḥ |
ye diva̍ṃ de̱vīmanu̍sa̱ncara̍nti |
yeṣā̍māśre̱ṣā a̍nu̱yanti̱ kāmam̎ |
tebhya̍ssa̱rpebhyo̱ madhu̍majjuhomi ||
ni̱ghṛṣvai̍rasa̱māyu̍taiḥ |
kālairharitva̍māpa̱nnaiḥ |
indrāyā̍hi sa̱hasra̍yuk |
a̱gnirvi̱bhrāṣṭi̍vasanaḥ |
vā̱yuśveta̍sikadru̱kaḥ |
sa̱ṃva̱thsa̱ro vi̍ṣū̱varṇai̎: |
nityā̱ste’nuca̍rāsta̱va |
subrahmaṇyogṃ subrahmaṇyogṃ su̍brahmaṇyogm ||


The person afflicted with Sarpa Dosha has to face problems, not in one direction but all angles and orders of life. According to the Vedic tradition, ' Time' is a factor that governs all living entities. And all of them, including matter and the living entities, are bound under the spell of the Time factor. So there is a limit to everything in this material world. If there is summer, can winter be far behind? 


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