History Of Kagabhujandar – The First Preceptor Of Universe

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History Of Kagabhujandar – The First Preceptor Of Universe

July 8, 2021 | Total Views : 458
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The Tamil Siddhas are a highly secretive group of perfected beings who can control the barriers of time and space, by mastering yogic practices and deep meditation. There are 18 eminent Siddhas in the Tamil tradition called the ‘Pathinettu Siddhargal.’ Kagabhujandar is one of the 18 Siddhas and is considered as the first and supreme preceptor of the universe. 

According to traditional beliefs, Kagabhujandar has witnessed many destructions (Pralaya) and recreation of the universe in the form of a crow. ‘Kaga’ means crow in Tamil. Also called by the names Kagabhurudar, Bhujundar, and Bhujunda Muni, Kagabhujandar is believed to have given Upadesha (instructions) to Sage Vasishtha, the Guru of Rama. He is also considered the father of Siddha Roma Maharishi. 

Kagabujandar: Bestower of Financial Growth

As per one of the legends, Kagabhujandar was created by Umamaheswaran (Shiva), as an answer to the penance of Goddess Saraswati, to assist Brahma in the acts of creation. He was believed to have born with a third eye, 16 hands, and seated on a golden lotus and fell on Goddess Saraswati’s lap. According to another legend, Kagabhujandar was born in Maayuram (present Mayiladuthurai) and with the blessings of Lord Shiva as Mayuranadhan, he became an immortal, who is still believed to be alive in the form of a crow. He has been living in the universe for many million years and has imparted spiritual knowledge to many beings. He has also shared some of the Divine secrets with his disciple, Siddha Gorakkar, who resided in Kollimalai (hill). 

The supreme preceptor Kagabhujandar, has written many texts and books on palm leaves, of which many have been lost. He has also mentioned in his songs that he has written several songs in the form of a crow. Perunool Kaviyam, Gnana Kaviyam, Meignana Vilakkam, Upnishads, Sutras, Gnana Kural, and Nadi Astrology are some of his great creations. The book Perunool kaviyam 1000 has an account of most of the Siddhas in several hymns. Bhagula Devi is the consort of Sri Kagabhujandar. The revered Siddha along with his wife on his right side, they both are depicted seated on golden lotuses under Karpaga Vriksha (the wish-fulfilling tree). 

There are 16 names for the supreme preceptor Kagabhujandar, which are as follows:

1.Kagabujandan (Sage as a crow)
2.Naagabujandan (Bears a snake in hand)
3.Yogabujandan (Bear a magic wand in hand teaching Yoga secrets)
4.Bujangan (One with several Divine parts in hands)
5.Bujandi (One who extends Divine help to everyone)
6.Kaakkayan (His favorite crow form)
7.Naagenthramuni (Sage of all the serpents)
8.Manuvakkiyan (Advised Sage Manu)
9.Kaalaamirthan (Understands past, present, and future & shares knowledge as Amrit)
10.Chiranjeevimuni (Immortal Sage)
11.Anjanaamurthi (Reveal the past, present and future secrets of souls with the black pigment on hand)
12.Karpagavirutchan (One who resides under Karpaga Vruksham)
13.Narbhavi (One who does only good to all creatures)
14.Brahmmaguru (One who gives guidance to Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva who stand as 'Brahma philosophy')
15.Aadhisiththar (The first Siddha and preceptor)
16.Thirikaalajeyar (an immortal who has mastery over the past, present and future)

Blessings Of Worshipping Sage Kagabhujandar

It is considered very auspicious and beneficial to worship the revered Sage Kagabhujandar, especially on the full Moon of the Gurus, Guru Purnima. He can bestow blessings to help people suffering from financial challenges, business failure, unemployment, and government-related problems. His grace can fulfill all wishes, material pleasures, and help attain spiritual knowledge. 

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