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Which Stars make the best U.S. Presidents?

On December 08, 2008

In historical times kings' stars were examined at birth to determine their future. Both Jesus and the Buddha also had astrologers predict their divinity at the time of their birth. Tens of thousands of years ago, the seers of ancient India developed a "science of light" called "Jyotish". Over the years these principles have developed into modern day predictive Vedic astrology.

Can Vedic Astrology still predict who will rule the kingdom? The primary indicator in defining the mind and thinking process of an individual in Vedic Astrology is the Moon, and more particularly the star in the sky that the Moon is aligned with at birth. The seers identified 27 primary stars, called nakshatras in Sanskrit. These 27 stars are even today easily found in the twelve primary constellations which make up our sky. One's soul is said to originate from this "birth star" in its journey to incarnation on the earth.

Of all the stars in the sky, there are two that Vedic Astrology traditionally indicates a person could be like a King. One is in the constellation of Leo called Magha, or Regulus in Western terminology, which is known as the star of Kings. It is deeply connected with the "Pitras" or ancestral lineage, thus also implying the ancestral succession of power from Kings to their children. One might surmise that one who has incarnated with under the star of Magha, or their Moon in the constellation of Leo, as Leo is the King of the sky, would be more apt to be the ruler. Likewise, the star Mula in the astrological House of Sagittarius is known as the "King-Maker" star for men (but a destroyer for women).How do these predictions hold up with an analysis of the U.S. Presidents, our modern day Kings of the West? And does your own nakshatra promise a future as a ruler? The results on initial glance appear surprising.

Presidential Moons

Moon Sign Number of Presidents
Aries 6
Taurus 4
Gemini 4
Cancer 4
Leo 5
Virgo 4
Libra 4
Scorpio 3
Sagittarius 6
Capricorn 4
Aquarius 0
Pisces 0
Before examining the stars that the Moon was aligned with, some interesting facts are revealed about the Sign itself in which the Moon of the U.S. Presidents were placed. Leo, the King of the sky, certainly did make a good showing with five U.S. Presidents, but it was only in 3rd place behind Aries and Sagittarius. In Vedic Astrology says an Aries Moon for leadership is not surprising as Aries is ruled by the martial planet Mars. Aries Moon sign indicates an individual with great energy to overcome obstacles and enough self-interest to look out for their own.What was surprising was that six U.S. Presidents also had their Moon sign in Sagittarius to tie that of Aries for the #1 position. Half of our first eight Presidents, including George Washington had Sagittarius Moons. One of the overriding qualities the Sagittarius Moon gives is the ability to take a stand for what one believes in and also a focus on high ideals and nobility. These qualities would be of great value in early years of forming a new nation.

Of the other four of eight founding Presidents, two were Scorpio, one Aries and one Virgo. Scorpio is also ruled by Mars indicating martial ability with the ability to understand secretive workings. This brings the total of our first eight presidents to 4 Sagittarius, 3 in signs ruled by Mars (Aries and Scorpio), and one in Virgo.

Noticeably absent from the list is Aquarius and Pisces of which no U.S. President has ever been elected with this Moon sign. Pisces Moon is an unbounded thinker with a focus on empathy, spirituality, humanitarian activities and romantic idealism, perhaps too much for the practical, cut-throat world of hidden political agendas. Aquarian Moon however gives one keen insights into the workings of political perspectives and understanding the inner workings of societies. The one limitation is the futurist, seer-like intuition may be a bit too forward thinking to guide on a day-to-day basis. But Aquarian Moons may make ideal political advisors, activists and catalysts for deep rooted changes to society.

Presidential Stars

How did Magha and Mula birth stars measure up against the 25 other stars? Surprisingly, both birth stars made only a small showing among the U.S. Presidents, with two Presidents (Taft and Pierce) having Magha and only one with Mula (Van Buren). A closer examination of the other Presidential stars proposes some explanation for this.

The #1 Star of the U.S. Presidents is Uttara Ashada which is a star that spans half the sign of Sagittarius and half Capricorn. Four U.S. Presidents have been born with this nakshatra including some of the greats: George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Woodrow Wilson and Abraham Lincoln. Uttara Ashada and the preceding star Purva Ashada, which came in second place with three Presidents, are both known as stars that give one the ability to reform society with Purva Ashada being a bit more theoretical and Uttara Ashada being more hands-on. The other stars that tied for second place with three U.S. Presidents a piece are: Purva Ashada, Bharani, Purnavasu, Uttara Phalguni and Chitra.

Nakshatra (birth star) Number of Presidents Presidents Planetary Ruler of Star
Ashwini 2 Harding; Adams Ketu
Bharani 3 Reagan; Garfield; Taylor Venus
Krittika (in Aries) 1 Clinton Sun
Krittika (in Taurus) 1 Johnson Sun
Rohini 3 Obama; Hayes; Fillmore Moon
Mrigasira (in Taurus) 0 Mars
Mrigasira (In Gemini) 0 Mars
Ardra 2 Roosevelt, FD; Coolidge Rahu
Purnavasu (in Gemini) 2 Roosevelt, T; Polk Jupiter
Purnavasu (in Cancer) 1 Grant Jupiter
Pushya 1 Hoover Saturn
Aslesha 2 Cleveland (22nd & 24th Pres) Mercury
Magha 2 Taft; Pierce Ketu
P. Phalguni 2 Johnson, LB; Kennedy Venus
U. Phalguni (in Leo) 1 Harrison, WH Sun
U. Phalguni (in Virgo) 2 Tyler; Jackson Sun
Hasta 0 Moon
Chitra (in Virgo) 2 Bush, GW; Bush, GHW Mars
Chitra (in Libra) 1 Eisenhower Mars
Swati 2 Truman; Harrison, B Rahu
Vishaka (in Libra) 1 Carter Jupiter
Vishaka (in Scorpio) 1 Madison Jupiter
Anuradha 1 Ford Saturn
Jyestha 1 Jefferson Mercury
Mula 1 Van Buren Ketu
P. Ashada 3 Arthur; Buchanan; Monroe Venus
U. Ashada (in Sagittarius) 2 Adams, JQ; Washington Sun
U. Ashada (in Capricorn) 2 Wilson; Lincoln; Sun
Shravana 1 McKinley Moon
Dhanishta (in Capricorn) 1 Nixon Mars
Dhanishta (in Aquarius) 0 Mars
Satabhisha 0 Rahu
Purva Bhadra (in Aquarius) 0 Jupiter
Purva Bhadra (in Pisces) 0 Jupiter
Uttara Bhadra 0 Saturn
Revati 0 Mercury
The Rulers

Why did these other stars indicate Presidential power more than Magha and Mula? To answer this one must look at the planetary ruler of each star. Each of the 27 nakshatras is closely associated with a planet. The nine planets in Vedic astrology rule three nakshatras each as shown in the last column in the above table.

Planet Nakshatra Rulers
Sun 9
Moon 4
Mars 4
Rahu 4
Jupiter 5
Saturn 2
Mercury 3
Ketu 5
Venus 8
Summarizing the Presidential birth stars by the planets that rule their star, reveals some interesting insights. More than any other indicator, birth stars that are ruled by the Sun or by Venus came out overwhelming as indicator of U.S. Presidential potential. The Sun, as the King in the sky and the center of solar system, gives one governmental powers. The Sun rules the stars: Krittika, Uttara Phalguni and Uttara Ashada. Venus however rules money and can be deemed as the "king of materialism" in our solar system. An indication of our capitalist society is that we elect leaders who are in some capacity masters of materialism.Venus rules the stars: Bharani, Purva Phalguni, Purva Ashada.Examining the birth star's planetary ruler also helps explain why Magha and Mula did not fare as well.
Coincidentally, both Magha and Mula are ruled by the powerful shadow planet Ketu. In Western astrology Ketu is the South node of the Moon. Among other things, Ketu is an indication of ancestors and past-life karma. One reason Magha and Mula are known as King-makers could stem from the ancestral lineage of the Kings and also the past-life merits returning to one in this lifetime. This limited analysis of the rulers of the United States young capitalist democracy suggests that further study of the birth stars of alternative rules from governments such as a royal family or older, established governmental system be studied.

Barack Obama

The 44th U.S. President is Barack Obama who was born under a Rohini star in the Moon Sign of Taurus. The sign of Taurus coincidentally is ruled by Venus. Western astronomers call Rohini as Aldebaran in the constellation of Taurus. When the Moon aligns with this star, it becomes exalted. The highest qualities of the Moon become manifest such as: friendliness, understanding, emotional balance, magnetism and good speaking ability. Further analysis on President (elect) Obama's leadership ability will be covered elsewhere. Needless to say President Obama will both charm and understand those he meets.

How did your star compare? If you do not know your birth star you can receive it on by running their free "Birthstar Report".

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