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The Second House: About You

DateMay 11, 2009

How to Interpret Your Own Second House

Summary of the Steps: It’s Easy!
In order to help you understand the nature of your personal Finance and Speech karma, we are going to walk through a few steps. First we are going to help you find out what Sign is your 2nd House and how sign that affects your wealth and speech. Then, we will get more specific in accessing your 2nd House by examining the planets placed in that house, and also where the “ruler” of your Second House is placed. This will all be very easy to do. Finally, we will test your knowledge with a Quiz using Oprah Winfrey’s chart.

First, you need to know what your 2nd House sign is. To do this:

  1. Log into Astroved
  2. Run the “Chart Report”
  3. On the chart, it will indicate your 2nd House with the number 2 in the box. The blue letters in the same box indicate the Sign. For your reference the abbreviated sign names are listed below.
Symbol Sign Name
Ar Aries
Ta Taurus
Ge Gemini
Ca Cancer
Le Leo
Vi Virgo
Li Libra
Sc Scorpio
Sg Sagittarius
Cp Capricorn
Aq Aquarius
Pi Pisces


Now that you know which sign your 2nd House is, read the description for this sign as it relates to money. The description will show you general inclinations you will have due to this sign ruling your 2nd House. As you read the description, also make note of the Ruling Planet. We will use this in Step 4 to better understand the specifics of your money karma.

Second House Positive Trait Negative Trait Ruling Planet Personality Description
Aries Dynamic Domineering Mars This person will be active and aggressive in pursuing their financial goals. They will work hard to acquire wealth. Money will come in bursts. May have confrontations related to financial problems. May earn income through military or police work.
Taurus Patient Stubborn Venus This person loves the luxurious life and will try to earn or otherwise acquire the wealth to support it. May spend too much – creating difficulty in steady savings. They are sympathetic to the needy. May get income in industries related to women such as cosmetics or fashion.
Gemini Adaptable Restless Mercury With Gemini in the second house, their income may come from literary pursuits or communications – such as writing or advertising. This person will be clever with finances, making prudent choices. The restless nature of Gemini may cause them difficulty in concentrating on acquiring wealth.
Cancer Nurturing Moody Moon This person will seek comforts. Their finances will tend to wax and wane. They have difficulty maintaining focus on wealth building.
Leo Dramatic Proud Sun This person will be a leader and have good relationships with leaders. May do well in businesses such as insurance, metals or gems, or could get income from government. They will have good income but difficulty with savings. May get into debt.
Virgo Exacting Critical Mercury This person will take a mental approach to making money, seeking out likely strategies, developing knowledge and expertise. Will be talented in business.
Libra Diplomatic Indecisive Venus This person will have skill in earning money and an attraction for beautiful things – cars, mansions, art and flowers. Will have good ability to gain wealth.
Scorpio Intense and Secretive Perverse Mars This person will have a sharp mind and determination to succeed. May become property owners. Will support them and be independent.
Sagittarius Direct Hot-headed and Excessive Jupiter This person has potential to be prosperous. This person will be good at handling money and will be giving to those in need. Can be wasteful with money.
Capricorn Businesslike Inhibited Saturn You are likely to be persevering and focused. You will make sacrifices to succeed in life and will slowly accumulate money over time.
Aquarius Independent Opinionated Saturn This person will be conservative, may get money for the old, traditional and foreign. May find it difficult to save money while young, but it will become easier as you mature. Will be generous.
Pisces Introspective Ungrounded Jupiter This person will be inclined to service, will have talent in teaching and advising. May get a good inheritance. Can be taken in by “get rich quick” schemes.


Once you have identified which sign is your second house, the next step in controlling aspects of your money house is to know which planets most directly influence it and modify its nature.

To do this, run the “Chart Report” on Astroved. Examine your 2nd House and note any planets in that sign, then read the descriptions for each planet that you have in your 2nd House to see how they affect your finances and speech.

Planet in the 2nd House General Effect Negative Effect
Sun Speech is passionate and energetic. Good for earning money. Can be a bit harsh in words. Money is spent quickly.
Moon Sweet and beautiful in speech and voice. Money has a tendency to come and go. Words may be deceptive.
Mars Strong in getting income. Voice is commanding. Possible food, drug, alcohol addiction. Speech might be brash.
Mercury Very skilled in persuasion, Quick Wit, Talkative. Can earn through commercial enterprises or communication means. If Mercury in Pisces, problems with communication and speech.
Jupiter Possible to accumulate massive wealth. You may exaggerate your words and eat too much fine, rich food.
Venus Very good at accumulating wealth. Sweet and beautiful speech. The wealth and surrounding status is never good enough.
Saturn Can be good for gaining money over time, but only after long, hard work. This person is reserved, sparse in words. If Saturn in Aries, personal progress will be slow and encumbered. You will meet with delays, obstacles and restrictions. Childhood could be loveless.
Rahu Speech is course and inappropriate. Wealth though could be outstanding. Problems with speech and the mouth. Money is erratic.
Ketu Skilled at communicating mystical and spiritual topics. Not good for money. Deceptive in your words. Very bad for finances and accumulation of wealth.


To help you determine whether your money house will tend to have the negative influence mentioned above, check in the following chart. If your 2nd House sign has an “enemy” planet in it, then you will have more proclivities to the negative effects. Rahu and Ketu are not listed as they are generally considered unfavorable for all signs.

2nd House Sign Friend Neutral Enemy
Aries Jupiter Sun Mars Moon Saturn Venus Mercury
Taurus Mercury Saturn Sun Venus Jupiter Moon Mars
Gemini Saturn Venus Mercury Moon Jupiter Mars Sun
Cancer Jupiter Mars Moon Sun Saturn Mercury Venus
Leo Jupiter Mars Sun Moon Saturn Mercury Venus
Virgo Venus Mercury Saturn Sun Jupiter Mars Moon
Libra Mercury Saturn Venus Moon Jupiter Sun Mars
Scorpio Jupiter Sun Moon Mars Saturn Mercury Venus
Sagittarius Mars Sun Jupiter Moon Mercury Saturn Venus
Capricorn Venus Mercury Saturn Moon Mars Jupiter Sun
Aquarius Venus Saturn Jupiter Mercury Moon Mars
Pisces Mars Moon Jupiter Saturn Venus Mercury Sun


The final step in understanding your personal 2nd house is to examine where your 2nd house’s Planetary Ruler is placed in your chart and what that means for you. Remember, the Planetary Ruler can be found in the chart in Step 2.

Now, look again at your Chart Report. What sign is your planetary ruler of your 2nd House placed? For instance, you may find that you have a Taurus 2nd House. Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus. The Chart Report would show you which House your Venus is placed. Perhaps your Venus is in your 10th House.

The placement of your 2nd House planetary ruler will tell you how your karma will be experienced by you in this lifetime. So, in our example, if your ruling 2nd House planet is Venus and placed in your 10th House of Aquarius, your career (10th House) will bring you money and may have something to do with the mouth, either speech or food. Below are the indications of each House:


Plant that rules the 2nd House is in your … How your Money Karma will Come to You
1st House Strong Life Focus on Making Money. May attain money through self-expressive careers (acting, teaching, etc).
2nd House Great earning potential and smooth accumulations of wealth. Persuasive speech.
3rd House Wealth is earned through creative pursuits such as dance, literature, etc. Risk taking and hard work can bring wealth.
4th House Money will come (or go) through real estate and fixed assets.
1st House Strong Life Focus on Making Money. May attain money through self-expressive careers (acting, teaching, etc).
5th House Money comes to you very easily through the grace of God. Good for entrepreneurial work and gambling.
6th House Money through healing arts and also through overcoming enemies.
7th House Your money comes through marriage or partnerships.
8th House Money through inheritance or lottery, otherwise obstacles to earning money.
9th House Luck in earning money. Money may also come through ones father or working as a spiritual teacher.
10th House Money comes through your career. Your career will involve speaking and/or eating and/or catering.
11th House Excellent for money coming with little effort. Good position for speculative pursuits.
12th House Money does not stay with you. It is either quickly spent or stolen.


By means of another example, if your Second House is Gemini, then your planetary ruler is Mercury. When you look at your chart, you see that Mercury is placed in your 12th House of Taurus. Therefore, in this lifetime, your primary money karma will be to loose money and material comforts.

At this point, you now have an understanding of:

  1. what sign your 2nd House is;
  2. what planets, if any, are in your 2nd house;
  3. what planet rules your 2nd house; and
  4. In which house your ruling 2nd house planet is placed in your chart.

This will give you a good basic comprehension of which signs and planets are influencing your finances. If you have 2 or more planets in your 2nd House, look to which of the planets are weak and causing you difficulties based on the descriptions of the planets above. Then remedy that planet!

When Financial Karmas Become Active
While money for most of us is a life-long issue, there are certain times when it demands most of our attention, whether negative or positive. To see if you are in a money making time or a money losing time, run your “Planetary Influence” report in Astroved for free. This report will tell you your “major” and “minor” planetary period, called Dasha (major) and Bukti (minor). If your major or minor planet is either the Ruler of your Second House or in the Second House, this will be a time increased focus on money and speech for you. If the planet is good for you, this is the time to look for extra money to come. If it is bad, then loss of money during this time can occur.

2nd House Remedies
What Can I do About my 2nd House Afflictions? There are several option to remedy ill effects of the planets affecting your second house.

There are secretive mantras to help appease a planet that is destined to cause you problems. The powerful and secretive mantra to improve your finances can be found on the Video tape “Finances” which is included in the Level 2 program.

There are also planetary remedies you can do based upon your new found analysis. First, to strengthen your second house, you can chant the mantra of the planet that rules your second house. The mantras for each house can be found on the Astroved site. Astroved is unique in that it also offers “Virtual Poojas” that combine Mantra and Visual depictions of the planets. This is another powerful way to win the grace of a planet that is not in your favor. Click here to try a virtual pooja now for free.

Alternative Ways to Propriety a Planet
You can propitiate a planet on the day of your 2nd house ruler. For instance if Mars is the ruler of your 2nd House (i.e. Aries or Scorpio), then on Tuesday, the day ruled by Mars, you can try fasting during daylight hours, but eat before sunrise and after sundown or remain vegetarian the entire day.

Depending upon the level of the affliction that planet is causing you, you can perform a fire ritual (called a homa or yagna) or pooja. Please see Astroved > Remedies > Planetary >Fire Rituals for more information.

Astrologer Consultation:
Let our astrologers sending you their recommendations for your personalized remedy for your second house. See our specials page for details.

In order to give a concrete example of 2nd House analysis, take the quiz below based on Oprah Winfrey’s chart.

Take our Second House Quiz now >>

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