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Mother’s Day – Time to Honor the Sacred Soul for Her Endless Love!

DateMay 4, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011

Everyone in the world is blessed with a divine relationship called “Mother”. She is the angel guardian who protects and automates the control of our life through her endless love and everlasting care. There is no one in this world who symbolizes love better than your Mother. Mother is the name of Goddess in the lips and hearts of every child.

 Mother’s Day 2011

You can take the great opportunity of a special occasion to honor the living God in all your life for her selfless love and care she has been bestowing on us, since we entered into this world. This year mother’s day falls on 14th May.

Treat Your Mother with the Prayers for Longevity

Mother’s day 2017You can honor and treat your mother by conveying your feelings of thankfulness, appreciation, care and love for her and lifting this day to be a most memorable one for her. The right way of declaring your emotions and wishes is through the gift of special prayers and blessings for her well being.

Mother is the one who cares for us when we are sick. Who stands by when our temperature is high and cures our pains through her power of sacrifice and prayers. She is the one who celebrates our victories, commiserates with us in troubled times and encourages us after our defeats. On Mother’s Day, the Moon is in a ‘comfortable‘ position in the 11th house from Jupiter in Aries. This facilitates any well wishes and prayers done for your mom, living or departed, will give stronger, more beneficial results. You can ensure the longevity of your beloved mother through the blend of powerful rituals.

Feel the Pleasure of Motherhood

The gift of motherhood is the wonderful richness in the world and depth of the relationship that a mother has with her children is the most precious and purest form in life. Becoming a mother is the most important part of life which ultimately requires the grace and blessings from the divine. Some may not be able to fulfill this desire as they try in vain to conceive.

You can even boost the fertility through powerful Vedic rituals. This Mother’s Day gains the specialty of planet Jupiter’s positioning in the 5th Sign of the Natural Zodiac of Leo. The 5th House governs child birth and this aspect of Jupiter will remove any setbacks in conceiving a child and to cherish a harmonious life.

Mother’s Day Offerings from AstroVed!

AstroVed is privileged to offer exclusive rituals on mother’s day, which include Homa to the Supreme deities to ensure your mother’s healthy living, enhance her longevity and to maintain a harmonious relationship with her. We also offer a ritual called Tarpanam which will help to rest the soul of your departed mother in peace. The purpose of Tarpanam is to free the soul and also to break the conditioned thought patterns passed down through the generations. A ritual performed to Lalita Tripura Sundari to seek her blessings on this day will be beneficial to lead a happy and meritorious life.

This is your chance to make your mom feel special and happy.


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