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Mercury Transit in Cancer (17 July 2022)

Mercury will be transiting in the Cancer sign from 17th July to 31st July in Cancer sign. Mercury will join Sun in the Cancer sign during its transit from 17th July 2022 to 31st July 2022. This conjunction of Sun and Mercury could be highly fruitful for those in administrative services, entertainment field, sports field, and politics. Some natives may succeed in competitive exams and acquire government jobs. New love is possible for the singles. Many people could get rid of toxic relationships during this period. This period will be rewarding for those who are highly focused and dedicated to their goals. Many people may get recognition for their deeds. Charitable acts for a social cause could bring good luck in this period. The unemployed may get the opportunity to work, and there will be an improvement in the career of many natives.

Below, we shall discuss the effects of Mercury transit in Cancer sign for each of the 12 Zodiac Signs:-

Mercury Transit in Cancer


Mercury transit in the 4th house may bring success and luxury in life. Aries natives could do well in education, sports, and entertainment. However, those in jobs or services may have to put extra effort to get good gains, success, and recognition.


Mercury transit in your 3rd house could bring good luck, growth, and prosperity in life. Taurus natives may find success in media, sports, politics, and the entertainment field in this period. This transit of Mercury may give you an edge over others in competition. Success in education is possible.


Mercury transit in your 2nd house could increase your income and savings. Some people may get promotions and increments in their jobs. Your business is likely to run well. You may start earning from multiple occupations.


Mercury transit in your 1st house may bring happiness, success, luck, and prosperity in life. Your life may become smooth and easy-going in this period. New love may arrive in your life, or you may marry your soul mate in this period.


Mercury transit in your 12th house may bring opportunities for foreign travel and foreign settlement in this period. Long-distance travel will be fruitful. New contacts may give you gains. You need to take good care of your health and eyes.


Mercury transit in your 11th house may bring big profits through your business and occupation. Unemployed people may get employed in this period. Your earnings can rise, and you may live a luxurious life in this period. Your comfort, happiness, and pleasure could increase. Some of your dreams or wishes may come true.


Mercury transit in your 10th house may bring success for those in the banking, management, administration, and accounting fields. Some people may acquire government jobs in this period. This period could be pretty excellent for recognition and growth in your career. Hard work will bring big success.


Mercury transit in your 9th house is likely to give success in higher education, especially in foreign lands. You may learn new techniques or new art forms in this period. Creative or artistic work could bring success. You shall see fruitful travels in this period. Family life may be happy. You may feel wealthy and prosperous in this period. A journey may bring luck in life.


Mercury transit in your 8th house may bring gains from unexpected sources. Some people could have wealth from inheritance. However, there may be tension and some setbacks in your career. Your health will suffer. Those in the religious and spiritual fields may have gains. Astrologers could get success, recognition, and accomplishment in this period.


Mercury transit in your 7th house may bring new love in life. Those in long-distance relationships may tie the knot in this period. Your personal and romantic life may blossom. However, some couples may get divorced and separated as Mercury will remove any toxic relationship from your life. You may be materialistically satisfied in this period.


Mercury transit in your 6th house could bring success in sports, litigation issues, and education. You may have the edge over others in competition matters. Many Aquarius natives may get success in competitive exams and interviews during this period. You might acquire a good job or service in this period. Freelancers and travel bloggers could get immense success.


Mercury transit in your 5th house may bring happiness and joy to your life. You may become a social media influencer and get recognition through a virtual medium. Success in the television, media, and film industry is likely. Creative and artistic work may bring wealth. New love may bring new objectives and a new direction in life. Self-employment could bring wealth in a big way.