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Luck and Ill Luck by Dattatriya Siva Baba

DateNovember 3, 2007

How can you enhance your luck? How can you counteract your ill luck?

It is important to understand the concept of luck and ill luck in human life. If a person is lucky, then he or she was born with a silver spoon in their mouth. That person doesn’t have to struggle to make a living. Children of wealthy business people, political leaders, celebrities in entertainment and sports all belong to this category. But such extremely lucky people are also extremely rare. How many people become celebrities in any given area of life? Very few. Most people have to work very, very hard to get even the most basic requirements needed. The situation is worse in 3rd world countries where resources are minimal thereby putting most of its people in eternal want and deficit.

Philanthropists, politicians and lawmakers across the world have been battling with minimal success to address the problem of poverty and lack of resources. It is true that the terms luck and ill luck are not respectable terms among intellectuals because of their metaphysical and religious connotations. I have often talked about poverty being a disease of the soul. If one’s soul espouses poverty thinking at the level of the body and mind, then that particular soul will actualize it in real life. Just as there is congenital illness there is also congenital poverty or prosperity. Congenital prosperity or poverty can only be explained in relation to one’s karma.

Karma need not be understood as a purely metaphysical term. Karma is the law of causality. You think something over and over again, and you then manifest it either in this lifetime or in another lifetime. Generally speaking, if you think about something seriously, the manifestation of it takes place in the next lifetime. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ambani, Carlos Slim, and others became prosperous in this lifetime because of their work from a previous lifetime, or from many previous lifetimes.

As early as the 6th century, the Buddha did not believe in God or the Soul, but rather he believed in thought processes continuing through multiple lifetimes. He called this continuation of thought karma. Prosperity or poverty, high self-esteem or low self-esteem, health or sickness, they are all the solidified thinking process of a particular individual.

My ambition in this lifetime is to help humanity overcome poverty and sickness by diffusing the individual’s karma responsible for these conditions. Whenever there is a disease or problem you should go to the cause of the problem and address it at that level. Finding a superficial, external solution is just like treating the symptom of a disease instead of the cause. The seers of India are scientists of life. They have discovered solutions for all problems “poverty, prosperity, sickness, health, success and failure” through the planets.

If a planet governing money/relationship/health, etc., is weak in a person’s chart, then that area of his/her life will invariably become defective. Most problems are fixable through appropriate remedies as suggested by the yogic seers. Contemporary modern scholars designate astrology as superstition. However, Nadi leaves (as used in Nadi Astrology) that verify personal data of any given individual is the scientific proof for the viability of astrology.

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