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Impact of Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius (30 June - 15 Nov 2024)

On June 07, 2024

In astrology, a retrograde motion occurs when a planet seems to go in reverse. Actually it is not, but from earth it seems like it is going backward. This is because the earth passes by another planet while orbiting around the sun. This can bring delays and challenges, but also opportunities to introspect, grow, and resolve past issues. Every year, Shani or Saturn, the planet that rules our karma (destiny), goes retrograde for four and a half months. This period is not wholly good or bad for people.

But it can cause some churn which will throw up answers to some questions. There will be opportunities to make course corrections, leading to personal, professional or academic progress.


In 2024, Saturn will go retrograde in Aquarius from June 30 to Nov 15.

Aquarius signifies humanitarian activities. The retrograde is an ideal time to focus on any limitations that came up in your life when Saturn was in forward motion. Saturn will not trouble even people with bad karma very much during this phase.

Effects of Retrograde Saturn on Different Signs


Your willpower and concentration at work may improve, helping you progress toward your goals. Friends could try to take undue advantage of you. In your relationship, there may be misunderstandings and arguments. On the money front, you will have to work harder to earn more. Do not share your secrets with your friends or others as retrograde Saturn is likely to impact your friends’ circles and social networks. Curb your emotions and use your intellect to deal with situations.

Creativity will surge during this time. But your expectations from others can give rise to conflicts. Your spouse will be supportive and help you with this problem. New career opportunities could arrive, leading to growth. Your creative and innovative ideas will help you with a new project that will help your business.


You will have clarity on how to achieve your professional goals with determination. Take into account your senior’s opinions and try to come up with creative ideas for financial growth. You will have a happy time now with your spouse and family members. It is better not to demand incentives or promotions on the career front. Your mental clarity will help you to make correct decisions. You will try to present your views in a way that impresses others. Family life will be moderate. Some differences of opinion are likely with your father.

You may go on a short trip with your spouse and family members. There is a chance of facing problems at work. You could be asked to work harder to achieve your targets. Some excellent investment ideas will help improve your finances. Avoid shortcuts to make money quickly, as this can boomerang. Follow a proper diet and do exercises to stay fit. Sleep problems are possible due to anxiety about your future.


Display of egoism and over-expectations will trigger problems in your relationship. Be polite in your behavior and try to be flexible. You may get a position that gives you more authority at work. This can add to your happiness. You are likely to go on a very pleasant trip with your family.

A new and higher position at work will be in tune with your charismatic personality. You will exhibit good leadership qualities and support your team members to achieve goals. Your subordinates may fail to understand your style of working. This can pose some problems. Upskilling can help you impress your seniors and get name and fame. You will be preoccupied with devising new strategies to achieve your goals and gain recognition at work. Avoid stress as it can spoil your overall health.


Your romantic life may take a turn for the better now. You will find your partner’s company enjoyable. On the professional front, you will come up with many creative ideas to grow your wealth. Unknown fears and anxieties can ruin your mental health. Practice Yoga for your mental and physical well-being.

You must abandon habits, thoughts, and beliefs that are not working for you now. Retrograde Saturn will help you overcome your fears and accept the changes unfolding in your life. Family issues are possible, and you may be able to find solutions to them. This is a good period to tap into your inner strength to overcome obstacles. You may wish to acquire more knowledge. You may get an opportunity to work in a creative field that will give you success. You will join some new projects, which will give you appreciation and rewards.


Your partner may make demands of you for attention and love. This period does not favor travel. Your love life will bloom and there could be many moments of intimacy with your partner. Do not overspend and save some money for the future. You are likely to throw yourself into work and may even work overtime. Hard work will help you achieve your targets. You will be able to take sound professional decisions due to your mental clarity.

You may have to pay attention to your father’s health. Your knowledge and intellect can bring you a good name and fame at work. You will be able to gain wealth and invest in property. You may be able to maintain a good work-life balance. You may travel someplace with your family members. Be out and about more often and spend time with your family and friends. Health could be fine, more or less, but do regular breathing exercises for boosting fitness levels.


Be cautious at work and have an honest approach. This will enable you to achieve your career goals. Hard work and determination are essential now. Focus on your health, as you may suffer from indigestion. Long-distance travel with your family is likely. You could taste success in your professional and personal lives. Ensure work-life balance, though. You can look forward to your spouse’s support in your decisions.

You are likely to meet many new people at work, which will help your career growth. Your rivals are likely to challenge you, but you may overcome all hurdles with your knowledge and strength. Your social status will go up now. Try to seek the blessings of elders. Your seniors will approve of your hard work. Some rewards and appreciation, too, can be expected. You will present your project in an impressive manner. You may wish to learn new things and meet many learned people.


Be sure of your strength and capability before you take on important projects. Vague fears may create mental disturbance and prevent you from maintaining a work-life balance. Spend some time with your partner to avoid conflicts.

Opportunities for financial investments may increase. Trust your gut feelings and avail yourself of experts’ suggestions to make sound investments. Colleagues will take on some of your workload. Your creative and innovative ideas can bring growth in your career. Financial loss could rob you of inner peace. Long-distance business travel is possible. You may have some misunderstandings with your partner, so try to understand their perspective.


You may identify the right path for your career and life. You may get a good increment. Investments in fixed assets are possible now. There may be foreign collaborations that can bring good earnings. You can look forward to your partner’s help in your financial investments.

There might be a sudden change in your finances. You could gain a good name and fame and see an improvement in your finances. Investments in fixed assets, including real estate are possible. But be cautious while making investments, and check the documents well before you sign them.

You may boost your income by joining new projects which involves foreign collaboration. The creative ideas you implement at work may bring profits as well as a good reputation. However, sometimes you could feel that your ideas were misused or exploited. This can upset you. You will turn to your partner for help in financial investments.


It will be necessary to take some initiatives in some aspects of your life. New people and old friends you meet now can help your professional growth. Over-expectations and egoism can lead to a rift with your partner/spouse. There will be additional responsibilities in your personal or professional life. You will be able to fulfill your responsibilities. Mental clarity will enable you to make correct decisions. The focus will be on your career, relationship and health now. Some of your decisions may affect your finances. While you may feel empowered, try not to get overwhelmed. Also, avoid arguments at home and work.


This is a good time to focus on your well-being. Relax more by indulging in your hobbies. Avoid stress and remain calm. There are chances of going on a vacation with your family. Organize your work properly and follow the rules. Saturn is pleased when there is structure and proper organization at work. Hard work may bring good financial results.

Do not be troubled by unexpected changes. Be careful when you make plans for the future. Your partner may extend support in many ways now. Try to take a break from work and go on a holiday with your family.


You may be overcome by exhaustion. Despite working hard, results may be lacking. During this challenging time, you may not be able to express your feelings properly. Hold on to your patience and remain positive. With time, growth will come.

Your sound decisions may help you ink a lucrative business deal. Be prepared for business meetings and other professional duties. Sudden medical expenses could trigger mental stress. You might embark on long-distance travel, but it may prove fruitless. A rift may develop between you and your spouse, so try to be flexible and patient.


A financial loss is possible now. So curb your expenses and consult an expert for advice on fiscal matters. There will be good opportunities for foreign collaborations at work. Your bonding with family members will be good. Your creative ideas will be appreciated by your clients. Ample resources will enable you to boost your productivity and achieve success. You may embark on a foreign trip to grow your business.

Recognize your subordinates’ efforts at work and appreciate their services. Several business opportunities could arrive now. They may help you achieve success, provided you put in the hard work. Accept other people’s viewpoints, as they may help you do your work well. Be honest and clear with your partner about your desires. This will help you avoid misunderstandings in your relationship.

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