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About the Third House

DateJune 1, 2009


What is the 3rd House?
There are two kinds of 3rd Houses referred to in Vedic Astrology. The natural 3rd House and ones own personal 3rd House. We will begin by covering the natural 3rd House in Astrology which is Gemini and also the areas that the 3rd House controls. Ones own personal 3rd House is the subject of the next newsletter.General Characteristics of the 3rd House
Regardless of whether it is Gemini (the natural 3rd House) or your personal 3rd House, the 3rd House represents specific areas in your life. The Third House is known as the “House of Siblings”. It signifies your capacity to get along with others and physical strength. It also reveals your general attitudes in dealing with risk – whether you act boldly or with caution. The 3rd house also rules the ears, arms, hands and nervous systems.

The third house is also called an “Upachaya” or “Growing” House (along with the 6th, 10th and 11th Houses). This means that while experiences could be tough in the beginning, they do get better over time. Thus having difficult planetary placements in the 3rd house can cause problems early on, but they have the potential to be transmuted into a positive. For instance, having Mars (which is considered a malefic planet) in your third House, may indicate intense activity, sibling rivalry and a combative attitude. But because it is in the 3rd House, this intense martian energy gives you the potential to turn it to something positive. For example, this intense energy may make you work out harder and increase your athletic ability, thus giving you a very fit, healthy body.

Each of the signs, when it is the 3rd House of a chart, brings a unique quality to the “House of Siblings”; it will color the way that one approaches others, one’s attitudes toward risk and creativity. Further, a planet that is placed in the 3rd House or “expecting” the third house will greatly alter their interpersonal skills and the way they react to situations. By means of an example, Gemini, the natural 3rd House, is examined in detail below.Characteristics of Gemini, the Natural 3rd House
Gemini is the natural 3rd house, coming after Aries and Taurus in the zodiac. Gemini is symbolized by the twins, or an embracing couple. This sign, the only one including two individuals, represents communication and the thinking mind.

Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury. As such, Gemini is bestowed with Mercurial qualities – love of learning, quick witted, genial, and joyous. The dark side of Gemini is that they can be too cunning – losing the faith of others, or be irresponsible – changing their minds, not finishing things, bluffing their way.

If your birth chart shows Gemini as your 3rd house, you are likely to be engaging in mental pursuits. This person would make a good diplomat as they will be an excellent communicator and will be able to intuit what others want to hear.

Planets Placed in Gemini
Unlike other signs, there is no planet that is “Exalted” in Gemini and none that is “Depilated”. Even Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, is exalted in Virgo instead of Gemini. In all charts, planets placed in Gemini will activate Mercurial tendencies for that planet.

Sun in Gemini
When the Sun is here, the person’s actions, represented by the Sun, will be Mercury-like. They would be attracted to scholarly activities such as research and reading. Their careers would flourish in Mercury-like fast paced occupations or businesses such as advertising or journalism. They will bring cleverness to their actions, and adept at developing strategy.

Moon in Gemini
When the Moon is here, the person’s emotions, represented by the Moon, will be Mercury-like. This would be a very changeable personality, very adaptable to their environment. They are likely to be stressed, having taken on too much. Their quick wit will win people over, but Moon in Gemini people are difficult to depend on in a crunch, they are easily overwhelmed.

Mercury in Gemini
Mercury is considered a neutral planet; it will be positive or negative based on its nearby planets. If it is placed in its own signs of Gemini and Virgo, that person will have a very developed mind and reasoning capacity, they will be very capable intellectually.

Venus in Gemini
Venus in Gemini will give one a great love of learning and intellectual pursuits and art. However, their love in relationship matters will take on a dual nature with vacillation desires.

Mars in Gemini
Mars in this sign will give one a very active, quick and fiery mind. For better or worse, they will have an active relationship with their siblings and relatives.

Jupiter in Gemini
Jupiter here will bring mental and emotional balance to the ones mind. This person will have great communication skills and tact in their delivery, as well as good sense of humor.

Saturn in Gemini
Saturn will discipline the mind and bring the ability to intensely focus on tasks at hand. This placement makes for good scientists and researchers. Saturn also gives the ability to organize and put things in proper scope. On the negative, it can also lead to compulsive behavior and create indecisiveness.

Rahu in Gemini
Rahu will give one the ability to think outside the box and make one very innovative. If afflicted, this placement can also create mental disorders and eccentricity.

Ketu in Gemini
Ketu in Gemini will give one great creativity and unbounded thinking. However, on the negative, it can also cause a fragmented mind and ailments.

Now that we have understood some of the characteristics of 3rd House, the sign of Gemini, and the planets that it favors, test your knowledge with the quiz below!

Take our Third House Quiz now >>

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