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About the Second House

DateMay 5, 2009

What is the 2nd House?
In Astrology, we will be speaking in terms of “Houses” and “Signs”. There are 12 Houses in astrology, just as there are 12 signs. Houses are simply categories of all the things that concern us in human life such as money, children, sex, health, longevity, etc. Each House controls a different category. In the House 1 Makeover, we covered personality and physical appearance. Now, House 2 covers primarily finances and speech and things that go into the mouth.Signs on the other hand are filters that color how the Houses and planets behave. This newsletter will cover the sign of Taurus, which is considered the natural 2nd House of the Zodiac. That means that the sign of Taurus naturally colors things in line with the qualities of the 2nd House, i.e. money, things money can buy and what goes into the mouth.Let us begin by covering the natural 2nd House in Astrology, i.e. Taurus, and also what areas the 2nd House controls. Ones own personal 2nd House is the subject of the next newsletter.

The 2nd House
The Second House is known as the “House of the Earnings”. It signifies your capacity to earn a living and accumulate wealth. It also reveals some of your early or childhood experiences with your family. The 2nd house also rules the mouth and teeth, thus having some dominion over your appearance and conversational skills. Additionally the 2nd house can indicate alcohol, drug and food addictions. It also rules your imagination.

To determine if you have the ability to earn and save money, or whether you would be successful in effectively persuading people through speech, the nature of the 2nd house should be consulted.Each sign when it is the 2nd House will color the way that the individual earns his daily bread. Should bad planets be in your 2nd House or looking at your 2nd House, finances and material comforts will be a continual problem for you unless remedied. We will discuss this more in next week’s newsletter.

Characteristics of Taurus:
Taurus is the natural 2nd house, coming after Aries in the zodiac. In Vedic astrology Taurus runs from May 14th to June 14th. Taurus’ symbol is the bull. In the sky, the sign of Taurus is designated by the constellation also known as the bull whose main star Aldebaran, the red star.

The characteristics of Taurus are derived from the 2nd House traits and also by its ruling planet Venus. With the steadiness and hard-working nature of the bull, the 2nd House is about persevering and keeping things stable. It is about the basic necessities of life: money, food and sex. Taurus, being ruled by Venus, picks up many Venusians qualities – a love of sensual pleasures – eating, drinking, sex, indulging in the comforts offered by material reality. The Taurean loves beauty but can be a little selfish or materialistic.

If your birth chart shows Taurus as your 2nd house, you are likely to have a fortunate and pleasant life, surrounded with a nice family and an ability to make the money necessary to fulfill your worldly desires.

Planets Placed in Taurus
In all charts, planets placed in Taurus will activate Venusians tendencies for that planet.

When the Sun is here, the person’s actions, represented by the Sun, will be Venus-like. They would be involved with arts. Their careers would flourish in Taurus-like slow steady established occupations or businesses. They will be able to accumulate wealth over time, slowly attaining returns in conservative, long term investments.

When the Moon is here, the person’s emotions, represented by the Moon, will be Venus-like. This would be an even personality who is attractive and popular, but quiet. When the persistent quality of Taurus is linked with the Moon’s emotions it can lead to possessiveness or jealousy – not wanting to let go.

When looking at Taurus, the Moon deserves special attention. The Moon loves the sign of Taurus. Taurus is called the Moon’s Sign of Exaltation. The Moon when here give good qualities such as a strong mind, good concentration, and are steady with good morals. It is the Moon at its most effective strength. The Moon is “Friends” with Venus. When the Moon comes into Venus’ house of Taurus, it feels right at home.

The Moon in your chart represents your emotions and qualities of your mother. Its condition in your chart will affect your overall reaction to your worldly experience, how you choose to experience the situations and events you find yourself in. A strong Moon, whether it is placed in its own house of Cancer or in its friends houses of Venus (Libra and Taurus), it will contribute to a stable emotional life.

Other Planets in Taurus
Venus is a benefic planet – doing more good than harm. Its considered to bring a cool and calming touch to the areas it occupies in your chart. If it is placed in its own signs, Taurus and Libra, that person will attract others and be very charismatic. They will be able to bring happiness to others.

Following is a list of how the nature of planets placed in the Taurus is modified.


Planet in Taurus Key Attributes Description
Mercury Thinking is Practical, Steady, or Stubborn Clever, happy, good at reading, writing, speaking. Strong opinions, holds fast to point of view. Likes poetry and fine arts.
Venus Love and Prosperity is Steady, Physical Attractive. Loves a luxurious lifestyle. Can overindulge in sensual pleasures – eating, drinking, sex.
Mars Active in Enjoyments Youthful disposition. Focused on short term pleasures. Good earning ability.
Jupiter Expanded wealth and enjoyments Strong body and liberal loving character. Attached to their homes or partners. Lawful, diplomatic. Has fixed religious or philosophical ideas.
Saturn Steady and reserved character Will be frugal. Will be voracious eaters.
Rahu Unconventional , unstable or confused love and wealth Displays unusual artistic talents. Likes foreigners. Love for the misplaced, neglected people in the world. Loves the unloved. Enjoys the unconventional. Gets deceived in finances.
Ketu Chaotic love and wealth Spiritually oriented, finds love in God. Seeks the highest form of love. Inattention to accumulating wealth.


Now that we have understood some of the characteristics of 2nd House, the sign of Taurus, and the planets that it favors, test your knowledge with the quiz below!Take our Second House Quiz now >>

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