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About the Fifth House

DateAugust 4, 2009

God, Grace, Children and Higher IntelligenceWhat is the 5th House?
In the House 4 Makeover, we covered happiness, heart and mother. Now, House 5 covers primarily your relationship to God, intelligence, children, spiritual learning and destiny, as well as writing, business undertakings and past life merits.

Signs on the other hand are filters that color how the Houses and planets behave. This newsletter will cover the sign of Leo, which is considered the natural 5th House of the Zodiac. That means that the sign of Leo naturally colors things in line with the qualities of the 5th House.

Let us begin by covering the general characteristics of the 5th house and what they influence in your life. Then in the 2nd week, we show you how to examine your own chart (and others) and find which planets are influencing your 5th house. As we progress through the final 2 weeks, you will be guided through a powerful meditation and transformation workshop that will enable you to empower your relationship with God in the manner you desire. Your own personal 5th House is the subject of the next newsletter.

General Characteristics of the 5th House
The Fifth House is known as the house of Grace. It is one of the dharma houses, a house of destiny. A strong 5th house indicates strong character and judgment (the discernment from keen, clear intelligence), happiness from good children, and spiritual learnedness. It is the house of poorva punya, ‘past life credit’, from righteous (dharmic) acts of merit accumulated from past lives. It is the house of mantra, use and skill with spiritual practice, as well as higher education accomplishment (degrees).

Because it is the third house from the third house, it shares some of the qualities or significators of the third house, such as creativity and writing. Whereas the third house is seen as favoring writing of articles, the fifth house favors writing of books and production of other literary works such as poetry. And while the third house favors personal creativity and raw talents, the fifth house expresses these through creation of new life, i.e. of conception and children, as well as metaphysical or spiritual conception, i.e. grace from God.

Since the fifth house represents the instrumentation of creativity, it signifies musical instruments. Spiritually, this would be signified by mantra and skill in recitation of mantra. For these reasons, it is considered a highly auspicious house. Also, it is the ninth house from the ninth house, another dharma house that is most auspicious.

Two planets in particular have a strong relationship with the 5th house: the Sun and Jupiter. These are discussed more below.

Characteristics of Leo, the Natural 5th House
Leo, or Simha, is the 5th sign in the zodiac and therefore the natural 5th house. The Sun is the ruler of Leo, giving its qualities to the 5th house as well. Leos possess a strong sense of self and character, with a tendency for flair and drama. They enjoy attention and are bold and ambitious, enjoying status and prestige. Leo is symbolized by the lion, representing the Divine urge for procreation.

Leo is a fire sign, representing purification, penance and creativity, all significations of the 5th house. Because nothing can be restricted in the flow of creation, no planet is debilitated in the sign of Leo. Nor is any planet exalted here.

Sun, Lord of Leo
The Sun represents the soul, the primeval fire that lies within all of life. It is the life force of the universe. The Sun is the male aspect of God that is the silent witness. The Sun represents courage, physical strength and stamina, the father, king, high status, traveling, mental purity, fire, anger, hostility, leadership, physician, enlightenment. The Sun becomes exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra.

Jupiter as Karaka, Signification, for the 5th House
Each House (bhava) has one or more planets associated with it as a karaka. Karaka is a Signification. The qualities of the planet are the same as of that house. In the case of the 5th house, the house karaka is Jupiter. So Jupiter and the 5th house will tend to signify similar things.

Jupiter is associated with God, spiritual knowledge, children (especially sons), the husband, spiritual preceptor and good luck. The Sanskrit word for Jupiter is Guru, the word also for teacher. The most benefic of planets, Jupiter is very expansive and gracious, the great Teacher, desiring to lead all to the paths of righteousness (dharma). He is the container and bestower of sacred wisdom. All of Jupiter’s qualities grace and color the meaning of the fifth house. He is, according to esteemed Vedic Astrologer, B. Behari, “the Grantor of God’s Benediction”. Grace is indicated from the placement of Jupiter. Jupiter in the 5th house is considered very auspicious.

Planets Placed in Leo
Again, it’s important to remember that when assessing a chart, multiple factors must be taken into consideration. No one effect, such as planetary position in a sign or house, will be the sole indicator of fortunes and influences. In general, one must assess the strength of the house, its indicator, its lord and occupants, as well as other planetary influences. The following are general indications for when a particular planet is posited in the sign of Leo. In the next newsletter we will cover more specific analysis.

Sun in Leo
The Sun is “in its own sign” in Leo, a place of great strength for the Sun, especially if the Sun is placed within the first 20° of Leo. The individual will be strong, courageous, well known, hot-tempered, stubborn and commanding. Leos possess great organizing power (arising from solar-sun-plexus), capacity for many skills and fields of knowledge, generosity and a humanitarian heart.

Moon in Leo
Large boned proud, bold, generous, aristocratic, challenges with women, stomach /intestinal problems, wide range of type of work, strongly influenced by the mother.

Mercury in Leo
Independent, good memory, independent thinker, positive self will, enjoys travel, two mothers, illusive happiness through spouse, can marry early in life. Enjoys the fine arts, children, singing, music etc. May tend to get overly absorbed in mental pursuits to the distraction of other duties. Kind hearted, easy-going, and self-indulgent.

Venus in Leo
With Venus in Leo, an individual enjoys the respect of spiritual preceptors, good relations with family, marries into a good family, dampened stamina, passionate, emotional, conceited, tends to jump to conclusions, gains money and other benefits through women (if the native is a man), difficulty with enemies.

Mars in Leo
Strong body and stamina, fearless, great perseverance in work, respects elders and preceptors, enjoys the occult, such as astronomy and astrology, mental unrest, independent, author early in life, restless, noble, combative, few children, enjoys the children of others.

Jupiter in Leo
Pleasant personality, happy, good-hearted, strong intellect, learned, conjugal happiness, famous, leader, especially military, great stamina, loving friend, well read, difficulty vanquishing enemies.

Saturn in Leo
This position helps the individual to rise to a higher station in life. The individual is a hard worker, good writer, ignoble, has difficulty with relations, may be inclined towards ill deeds, earns a living through service, angry, and stubborn. Early separation from father.

Rahu in Leo
Unfavorable position for Rahu. Can obstruct the Sun and create confusion in the mind, indecision. Can create mental disturbance, disruptions and blocks to completing higher education degree. Unfavorable for romance.

Ketu in Leo
Considered the shadow of the sun, it has the ability to block the positive aspects of the Sun and therefore Leo. Favors self-doubt and low self-worth.

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