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Number 4 In Numerology

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Number 4

People born under Number 4 can be said to have the right combination of qualities of the three numbers mentioned before, which are intelligence, mind and energy. While this number represents planet Uranus as per the western system, our Vedic Astrology regards this as denoting the shadow planet Rahu, which truly is the northern nodal point of the Moon. People born under Number 4 are freedom-loving individuals, who can turn out to be reformists and even revolutionaries. They are very intelligent and determined, and whether they are celebrities or commoners, they remain uncommon. The iron lady Margaret Thatcher, mathematical genius Ramanujam, the revolutionary reformist Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the iron man of India Sardar Vallabhai Patel and our own ‘fortune scientist’ Pandit Sethuraman are some of the well- known people born under Number 4.

Note: For this study, the dates of birth of 4, 13, 22 and 31 are all counted as Number 4).

General Qualities for Number 4

‘Out-of-the-ordinary’ perfectly describes the people born under Number 4. They are strong individuals with progressive ideas, and have the courage of conviction to put across their opinions forcefully and make others appreciate and accept their points of view. However, they may not be very diplomatic and end up ruffling many feathers and making quite a few enemies by their over-bearing attitude. They are just and fair, and can earn many admirers and friends too through these noble qualities.

Physique and Personality for Number 4

Those born under Number 4 will generally be stocky. They will also be broad-faced, thick-haired and be of normal height. They enjoy good and robust health. However, any misconduct on their part can upset them deeply and this may sink them into depression.

These people are discerning individuals, who are very choosy in almost all aspects of their lives. Subjects like arts, spirituality, philosophy and scriptures appeal easily to their inquisitive and analytical minds, and refined tastes. They are sensitive, emotional and large-hearted people, who will struggle to earn wealth but will spend and contribute without restraint. They normally do not go after fame but name and fame come looking for many of them. Whatever be their social status or level in any hierarchy, they essentially remain as contended individuals.

In addition, of the four dates falling under Number 4, those born on the 4th will be strong and courageous. Those born on the 13th may face life-changing situations even in childhood and upheavals in life. But, honesty is the best policy for them, which will bring them success. Those born on the 22nd can be clever and assertive, but they will have to resist the influence of evil in their lives. Those born on the 31st will be remarkable individuals, extraordinary in both thoughts and actions.

Lucky and Unlucky Dates, Colors and Gemstones for Number 4

For those born under Number 4, all numbers that add up to 1 remain lucky — that is, their lucky dates will be 1, 10, 19 and 28. Their power will increase on those days, so that they can perform at their best, achieve good results and success, and be joyful. Hence, it is advisable for them to organize or start important personal, official and business events on any of these days for optimum results. However, 28th may not bring long-lasting good. The dates 9, 18, and 27 may also prove to be favorable. Their own number dates of 4, 13, 22 and 31 will remain important, but these need not always be good. Number 8 is likely to remain unlucky and hence, the people born under Number 4 should exercise extreme caution on dates like 8, 17 and 26.

Yellow is the lucky color for the people born under Number 4. Light blue will also do them good and hence, they can choose to wear clothes of this color or dress with blue stripes. They should, however, blackout black color, as this may prove to be extremely unlucky for them.

Light blue color stones can suit these people the best and can do them good on physical, psychological and emotional spheres. Hessonite (the Gomed Stone), which is like blue sapphire, is the gemstone meant for people under Rahu influence and hence, wearing this powerful stone can bestow them with health, wealth, success and peace.

Profession, Business and Married Life for Number 4
Profession, Business and Married Life

People born under Number 4 can have unconventional thoughts, which may at times be revolutionary too. Hence, they are not generally meant for run-of-the-mill positions, but, do well as specialists like writers, orators, researchers, coaches, counselors and even social reformers. However, as they have the uncommon ability of motivating people and swaying masses towards positive action, these people can scale great heights in fields like politics and also in businesses that are people-centric. Even if they land up in usual jobs, they may still remain unusual and stand out of the ordinary. Mentally very strong they really are, still they do not like hard physical work and may struggle to make money in business, as such. This lacuna can be compensated by taking people born under numbers 1, 2 and 8 as partners. People born under numbers 1 and 8 can also be helpful to them.

Married life for the people born under Number 4 born will remain good if they take those belonging to the compatible numbers as life partners. They will have very high regard and affection for people born under Number 1 and this will ensure tremendous marital compatibility and intimacy between them. Those born under Number 8 will also make very good pairs with them. Men born under Number 4 may be extravagant and it will make practical sense if they marry women born under Number 6 for financial prudence. People born under other numbers may not turn out to be good life partners for them.