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Devi Brahmacharini

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About Devi Brahmacharini

Devi Brahmacharini is the second form among the nine divine forms of Mother Durga worshipped on the second day of Navratri. As the name symbolizes, she is the one who observed deep penance to attain Lord Shiva. The Goddess signifies love, affection and fidelity. She is believed as the storehouse of divine wisdom and intellect.

Devi Brahmacharini

Unique Traits of Devi Brahmacharini

Devi Brahmacharini is depicted walking with bare foot, robed in a simple white saree with rosary on one hand and kamandala (sacred water pot) on the other hand. The serene Goddess is adorned with Rudraksha beads, her most adored ornaments.

Mythology behind Devi Brahmacharini

The divine form of Brahmacharini is extremely majestic and illuminant. From her previous birth as Sati, she incarnated as the daughter of the king of mountains. Upon advised by sage Narada, she went into deep penance for thousands of years to attain Lord Shiva as her consort. She abstained completely from water and food and consumed only Bilva leaves for survival. She devoted herself to Lord Shiva and due to her unearthly penances, the unmarried form of Goddess Parvati was called Brahmacharini. This pleased Lord Shiva who married her eventually.

Devi Brahmacharini – Bestower of Strength and Will Power

It is believed that worshipping Devi Brahmacharini on the second auspicious day of Navratri Pooja, you can acquire the power to abstain from food and water and observe fasting throughout Navratri. By worshipping her with pure love and devotion, she can bestow you with immense stamina and enhanced metabolism to hold on to the fasting procedure, while your health remains unaffected.

Devi Brahmacharini Mantra & Benefits

Adoring Devi Brahmacharini with this mantra during the Pooja on the second day of Navratri can bestow you with endless benefits. By worshipping her, you are blessed with victory, perseverance and will power.

Unique Offering to Devi Brahmacharini

Traditional unsalted butter and sugar are uniquely offered to Devi Brahmacharini on the second day of Navratri to receive the Devi’s eternal blessings.