8th Moon During Navaratri: Grand Invocation of Negativity Eliminator and Divine Protectress Sowbhagya Pratyangira

Grand Finale Day of Victory: Supreme Protectress Chandi Bestows Ultimate Protection

15 Fire Labs and 42 Poojas Invoke 15 Goddesses to Kill Negativity & Bestow Power, Prosperity and Success
LIVE From Oct. 7 to Oct. 15, 2021 (IST)

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“The 9 nights is about special astronomical configurations. Why do I care about astronomy? Because astronomical positioning influences your brain. Cluttered, unclear, vague ideas are demonic manifestations. The Goddess kills these demons and brings you clarity, success and prosperity. If you miss these 9 days you will have to wait for another year.”
– Dr. Pillai

Navaratri: 9 Ultimate Power Nights of Goddess

Navaratri, the 9 Nights of the Goddess, is the power time when Mother Goddess descends to the earthplane in different forms each night. The 10th Moon of victory (Vijaya Dasami) is the culmination of the Goddess’ victory over dark forces. During this vital powertime when the Divine Feminine Archetypal Energy behind success and manifestation is available in abundance, AstroVed will be conducting 57 different ceremonies that invite 15 Supreme Goddesses into your life to transform you and help you become powerful enough to manifest your desires.

Our Navaratri ceremonies include 15 grand Fire Labs, the fastest technology to witness results, and 42 Poojas and Hydration rituals performed at potent Powerspots and AstroVed Remedy Center targeted to nullify negative forces, destroy lack of money, invite prosperity, boost creativity and give the right application of knowledge to seize opportunities and manifest results.

Navaratri 2021: Ultimate Nine Nights of Goddess Powertime

Navaratri 2021:
Nine Night of the Goddess
AstroVed’s History of Celebrating Navaratri Festival
Navratri 2021 Live Time ▼

Nava Shakti Homas
9 Fire Labs Activate 9 Life-Transforming Goddesses

According to sacred texts, the Supreme Goddess assumed various powerful and unique forms, ranging from dreadful to ravishingly beautiful, to showcase the esoteric prowess of the Divine Feminine Energy. AstroVed will be performing 9 powerful Fire Labs to connect with 9 supreme forms of the Divine Mother as detailed in the sacred text Indrakshi. Propitiating these Goddesses by chanting mantras from the sacred text Prapanchasara Sangraha (collection of sacred mantras) can bestow their Divine blessings to destroy enemies, obstacles, and fears; eradicate evil eye and destroy negativities, and bless with all kinds of merits and virtues.

Goddess Kankali

This Supreme Goddess, blue in color, is the ferocious form of Kali. Propitiating her can help destroy ignorance, negativity, and illusion and form a protective shield against evil forces.

Goddess Narasimhi

This Lion-faced Goddess is the female energy of Narasimha, the ferocious Lion-Man avatar of Vishnu. Propitiating her can remove negativity caused by black magic, grant powers to overcome fears, and protect you from enemies.

Goddess Krishna Pingala

This is a form of Goddess Kali who helps destroy internal and external negativity. Hence she is called Shatru Nashini, the destroyer of enemies.

Goddess Narayani

This Goddess is the female aspect of Narayana (Vedic name of Vishnu, the preserver archetype). She is believed to give health, prosperity, and happiness in life.

Goddess Madhusudhini

This Goddess is the female aspect of Madhusudhana, a form of Vishnu known as the destroyer of evil forces and terminator of suffering. Propitiating this Goddess can remove sins, gain her blessings to dispel sorrow, eliminate threats of enemies, and grant peace of mind.

Goddess Dakshayini

This Goddess is an aspect of Parvati and is also known as Sati. Dakshayini was a devoted consort of Shiva. She is depicted as dark in color, and her nature is like the fierce Kali. Propitiating her can bestow the boon of marriage and marital harmony and grant fertility and progeny.

Goddess Jnanamudra

This Goddess is an aspect of Saraswati, the archetype of learning, wisdom, and knowledge. Connecting with this Goddess can bestow wisdom, knowledge, confidence, concentration, and success.

Goddess Aparajita

This Goddess is a form of Durga. Her name Aparajita means the unconquered one. She is called Shatru Kara Chedhanam (one who cuts off enemies’ hands). Propitiating her can help clear obstacles, destroy enemies, and restore justice.

Goddess Soudhamini

This Goddess is a form of Saraswati, and her name means the resplendent one like lightning. Propitiating this Goddess can give you divine wisdom and increase your creativity and intellectual power.

Navaratri All 9 Nights Ceremonies Explained

15 Grand Fire Labs Invoking Unique Goddess Forms for Protection, Prosperity & Progress

According to sacred texts and scriptures, performing these Fire Labs can bestow the following blessings:

4-Priest Nava Sakthi Homas (9 Fire Labs to Nine Supreme Forms of the Goddess) at AstroVed Remedy Center (Each Night One Fire Lab)
Performing these 9 Fire Labs invoking the nine supreme forms of the Goddess can help destroy negativities, enemies, obstacles, fears; eradicate evil eye and bless with all kinds of merits and virtues.
4-Priest Bhavani Ashtakam Chanting Followed by Durga Suktam Homa at AstroVed Remedy Center
Bhavani means “giver of life.” She is a ferocious form of Goddess Parvati. Performing this Fire Lab along with chanting the Octet of Goddess Bhavani can
  • bring relief from stress, grief, or any mental worries
  • help win over enemies and gain confidence for reaching your goals
  • give you good health and improve vitality
  • bring you happiness, inner and material wealth, and well-being
  • bring financial stability and remove money scarcity
  • destroy sins and obstacles to progress
  • protect from evil eye, negative energy, and untimely death
  • bestow happiness and peace of mind
4-Priest Mahalakshmi Ashtakam Parayanam with Kamalavasini Maha Mantra Homa at AstroVed Remedy Center
Mahalakshmi Ashtakam is the hymn in praise of Goddess Mahalakshmi, and Kamalavasini Maha Mantra is dedicated to tenth Maha Vidhya (Wisdom Goddess), Goddess Kamala. Chanting the Octet of Goddess Lakshmi and performing this Fire Lab by chanting the supreme mantra of Goddess Lakshmi can
  • give boons and remove sorrow
  • destroy financial obstacles
  • help achieve goals
  • bestow wealth, success, intelligence, and prosperity
  • grant wealth and food grains
  • destroy enmity and impediments
  • help get rid of poverty and misfortune
  • remove all sins
  • bestow success in career and employment
4-Priest Saraswati Stotra Parayanam with Vidya Saraswati Homa at AstroVed Remedy Center
Goddess Vidya Saraswati is an embodiment of wisdom, memory power, intelligence, and all types of arts and skills. Invoking the Goddess by chanting her sacred hymns can
  • bestow understanding and memory power
  • grant knowledge and intelligence
  • give success in education and career
  • grant excellence in communication
  • eliminate life problems
  • give clarity of thoughts
  • grant inner peace and happiness
  • give focus and concentration power
  • grant proficiency in arts and studies
Lalita Sahasranamam (1000 Names of Goddess Lalita) Homa on Lalita Panchami (5th Moon During Navaratri) at AstroVed Remedy Center
Lalita Sahasranamam is the hymn that describes the 1000 Names in praise of Goddess Lalita. These 1000 names are very dear to Goddess Lalita, who resides in the Bindu (the seed center of the cosmos) and is believed to remove the adverse effects of sins and grant wishes. Performing this Fire Lab can invoke the blessings of the Supreme Goddess for all types of wealth, prevent accidental and untimely death and fulfill earnest wishes.
4-Priest Sowbhagya Pratyangira Devi Homa (Negativity Eliminator and Divine Protection Fire Lab) on Durgashtami Day (8th Moon During Navaratri)
Performing a sacred Fire Lab invoking Sowbhagya Pratyangira, the ferocious yet compassionate Goddess, can destroy evil forces, negative energies, bestow abundance and happiness, and grant a sturdy protective shield around you and your loved ones.
9-Priest Chandi Homa on Vijaya Dasami (Last Day of Navaratri)
Performing a Fire Lab invoking ferocious Goddess Chandi can free you from evil eyes, curses, obstacles and bless you with long-lasting health, wealth, and prosperity.

9 Archanas (Poojas) To Trinity Goddesses at 3 Goddess Powerspots in India

AstroVed will be performing 3 days of Archana at each Powerspot. As per traditional Powerspot belief, performing Archanas (Poojas) at these Goddess Powerspots can

Durga Powerspot (First 3 Days)

destroy evil forces, remove negative thoughts, and grant success in all endeavors.
Atchaya Lakshmi Powerspot (Second 3 Days)
help recover lost wealth, grant relief from family problems and promote unity.
Saraswatha Suktam Pushpanjali (Flower Offering Pooja) at Kerala Powerspot (Last 3 Days)
grant a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, happiness, peace, and fulfill desires.

3 Archanas (Poojas) at Goddess Trinity’s Special Powerspots

According to sacred texts and traditional Powerspot belief, performing Poojas to the Goddess Trinity can

Durga at Powerspot on 3rd Day
bestow relief from Rahu-Ketu afflictions, grant courage and power to face challenges, and improve vitality.
Lakshmi at Powerspot on 6th Day
grant success in litigations, give prosperity and fulfill desires.
Saraswati at Powerspot on 9th Day
grant wisdom, knowledge, and success in arts, crafts and higher education, help in the reunion of couples, and grant promotion in jobs.

Archana (Pooja) and Abishekam (Hydration Pooja) to Supreme Goddess Lalita at Powerspot

4-Priest Archana (Pooja) and Abishekam (Hydration Pooja) to Lalita on Lalita Panchami (5th Moon During Navaratri) at Powerspot
According to the scriptures, performing these sacred rituals at Goddess Lalita’s Powerspot on the auspicious day of Lalita Panchami, when Goddess Lalita incarnated, can grant abundance, prosperity, protection, and overall well-being.

9 Kum-Kum Archanas (Poojas) to Maha Meru AstroVed Remedy Center

Kum-Kum Archana to Maha Meru at AstroVed Remedy Center (All 9 Days)
Maha Meru is the three-dimensional, sacred geometric representation of Sri Chakra Yantra that embodies the supreme Goddess energy. According to traditional belief, performing Kum-Kum Archana (Pooja) to the Maha Meru can help invite Goddess power into your body, mind, and soul.

9 Archanas (Pooja) & Abishekams (Hydration Poojas) to Goddess Trinity at AstroVed Remedy Center

According to traditional belief, performing Archana (Pooja) and Abishekam (Hydration Pooja) to the Goddess Trinity can

Durga (First 3 Days)
grant power, courage, protection and success
Lakshmi (Second 3 Days)
grant auspiciousness, peace, prosperity, remove poverty and relief from all troubles
Saraswati (Last 3 Days)
help you excel in education, career, enhance creativity, and confer auspiciousness

9 Special Poojas to Dr. Pillai’s Goddesses at His Temple

Special Pooja to Goddesses Angali, Varahi, Draupadi, Bala and Shreem Lakshmi at Dr. Pillai’s Temple (All 9 Days)
Dr. Pillai says that invoking Goddess Angali, Varahi, Draupadi, Bala and Shreem Lakshmi can destroy negativity, remove ignorance and sorrow, dispel fear, dissolve sins, grant victory and Divine protection, improve finances, and provide new opportunities for growth and prosperity.

2 Special Poojas to the Goddess in Young Girls & Elderly Married Women at AstroVed Remedy Center

Kanya Pooja and Dress Donation to Girl Child on Durgashtami Day (8th Moon During Navaratri)
According to sacred texts, Kanya Pooja symbolizes Goddess as Kanya Kumari (the prepubescent form of Goddess Shakti) and it is specially performed to recognize the divine feminine power vested in a girl child
Sumangali Pooja on Vijaya Dasami (Last Day of Navaratri)
It is believed that worshipping an elderly married woman (whose husband is alive) invokes the blessings of the divine feminine archetypes for the overall well-being of the family and husband.
Grand Chandi Homa on Last Day of Navaratri

The most ferocious form of Adi Parashakti is glorified as Chandi in Devi Mahatmyam in the Markandeya Purana, a sacred text. Goddess Chandi symbolizes the power that perfects your mind, body, and soul, giving you the potential of a life free of negativity and suffering. Invoke the blessings of Goddess Chandi to eradicate internal and external negativities and dark forces in life.

Navaratri Progress Package
  • 3 Days of Saraswatha Sukta Pushpanjali at Kerala Powerspot
  • Abishekam (Hydration Pooja) and Archana (Pooja) to Saraswati for Third Three Nights of Navaratri at AstroVed Remedy Center
  • Ninth Day Archana to Saraswati at Powerspot
  • 4 Priest Homa to Goddess Soudhamini
  • 4 Priest Homa to Goddess Jnanamudra
  • 4 Priest Homa to Goddess Aparajita
  • 4 Priest Saraswati Stotra Parayanam with Vidya Saraswati Homa at AstroVed Remedy Center
  • Special Pooja to Goddesses Angali, Varahi, Vyasa Draupadi, Bala and Shreem Brzee Lakshmi for Three Days at Dr. Pillai Temple
  • Kumkumarchana to Maha Meru for Three Days at AstroVed Remedy Center
Navaratri, the 9 Nights of the Goddess, is the power time when Goddesses descend to the Earth plane in different forms each night to destroy dark and negative energies. According to sacred texts, the Supreme Goddess assumed various powerful and unique forms, ranging from fierce to ravishingly beautiful, to showcase the esoteric prowess of the divine feminine energy. During the last 3 nights of Goddess Saraswati, you get an opportunity to invoke her three different forms to remove ignorance, boost creativity and apply knowledge to seize opportunities.

Navaratri Progress Package

Navaratri Progress Package With Add Ons

(Performed at AstroVed Remedy Center)

Sowbhagya Pratyangira Devi Homa on 8th Moon Day of Navaratri

Grand Chandi Homa on Last Day of Navaratri

Sumangali Pooja on Last Day of Navaratri

Kanya Pooja and Dress Donation to Girl Child on 8th Moon Day of Navaratri