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Devi Kalaratri

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About Devi Kalaratri

Devi Kalaratri

Devi Kalaratri is the fiercest form of all the nine forms of Durga and is propitiated on the seventh day of Navratri Pooja. She has a horrendous appearance but is a fierce savior of her devotees from evil forces. ‘Kalaratri’ means the one who abolishes ignorance and darkness from the minds of her worshippers. Though she has a terrifying appearance, she always brings in auspiciousness. Hence, she is also called as Shubankari.

Unique Traits of Devi Kalaratri

Devi Kalaratri is depicted with dark blue or black complexion with four hands, bountiful hair and rides on a donkey. The left two hands hold a cleaver and an iron thorn; the upper right hand is in Var mudra and the lower right hand is in Abhay mudra. Also called as ‘Kali Maa’, she has big red eyes, an open red tongue and wears a bead necklace which sparkles like thunder.

Mythology behind Devi Kalaratri

According to legend, it is believed that only Devi Kalaratri could kill the demon Raktabeej. He was so powerful and tormenting, that his single drop of blood could form another epitome of Raktabeej. Hence, it formed millions of Raktabeej who started torturing people. To save the universe, Shakti incarnated as Devi Kalaratri to slay the demon. She kept a Patra (vessel) to collect and drink all his blood, so that he cannot form anymore.

Devi Kalaratri – Destroyer of Demons

Kalaratri means death of kaal – where she appeared like a dark night for demons. Though her appearance is dreadful, her grace is generous and removes any kind of fear from life. She abolishes and protects her devotees from demonic forces and wicked people.

Devi Kalaratri Mantra & Benefits

  • Om Hreem Shri Kalaratri Durgaaye Namaha

Offering your sincere prayers to Devi Kalaratri on the seventh day of Navratri Pooja can bless you with abundance and fruitful benefits. By chanting this mantra you are blessed with her grace, power, fame and prosperity.

Unique Offering to Devi Kalaratri

Worshipping Devi Kalaratri by offering milk and molasses on the seventh day of Navratri Pooja can bring immense happiness, destroy sins, obstacles and agony from her devotees’ lives.