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Why should we do dog feeding on Kala Bhairava Ashtami? | AstroVed

November 11, 2020 | Total Views : 881
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Kaala Bhairava is the lord of time. Kaala means ‘time’ while Bhairava is a fierce aspect of Shiva. His power time is the 8th Waning Moon every month, that is, the 8th day after Pournami/ Poornima/ full moon. In mythology, this day belongs to Kala Bhairava and is the best day to propitiate him. This is called Kaala Bhairava Ashtami. The number 8 is powerful and mysterious. Time, Wealth, Life, and Saturn are all ruled by it. Time is a key factor that influences the growth of everything in the Universe.

In astrology, there is the concept of a good time and a bad time. Anything that is done at an auspicious time brings positive results. But even good things done at a bad time bring negative results. If your relationship with Time is not good, it can have an ill effect on all aspects of your life like wealth, health, career, relationships, etc. If you have a tendency to procrastinate or laziness, it is probably due to the effect of Bad Time karma. Kala Bhairava Ashtami is the ideal time to reverse this karma. Archetype Kaala Bhairava grants protection from all forms of negativity. He can bestow the vision and drive that will help you use your time on earth intelligently and efficiently. This will enrich you in both the material and spiritual sense.

Most people lack a proper understanding of time. They use it mostly to make money, acquire things, and think of themselves and their loved ones. But all these denote selfish gains. They are not aware of the divine nature of time, and hence, they will exhaust their lifetime in such meaningless pursuits and be trapped in the cycle of birth and death again and again. However, Kaala Bhairava Ashtami can help us realize time’s divine nature. 

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The Significance of Dog Feeding on Kala Bhairava Ashtami:

Kaala Bhairava’s vehicle or mount is a dog, which is usually seen seated on one side as if it is about to taste the dripping blood from Brahma’s decapitated head. One way to express devotion to the deity is by feeding and looking after dogs. By doing so, we can get incredible blessings, which include the boon of auspicious time. According to myth, if one feeds hungry dogs with ‘halwa puri’ or sweet bread, then our problems can be overcome automatically. This should be done on Kala Bhairava Jayanthi. This act is believed to dissolve our sins and bad karma. The dogs are regarded as guardian angels that protect us.

Dogs are regarded as spiritual animals that have the power to dissolve our sins/karmas. According to Siddhas, the dog’s front parts, like the face, neck, and chest, represent the daytime while the dog’s rear represents night time. Together, day and night represent time. In the process of feeding dogs, the karma we have done during both day and night times is released. This belief has the weight of spiritual truth.

As the archetype who represents time, Kala Bhairava rules a world of timelessness that transcends logic, reason, and ideas. It is said that he manufactures Time Energies for various dimensions of reality. He can help you to alter your bad time, and also maximize your good time. 

The bad karma we have done can manifest as procrastination, laziness, idleness, etc., which prevents us from completing our tasks. For example, sometimes we wish for something to happen, but it keeps getting delayed. This means that the right time has not arrived. But Kaala Bhairava has the ability to break down barriers and make things happen. It is very beneficial to offer prayers to Kaala Bhairava on the 8th Waning Moon. The benefits include avoiding accidents, mishaps, and other unfortunate events that are likely to happen due to your bad timing. He wields the power to compress time in your consciousness to ensure that you are always at the right place and also at the right time.

Also called the Celestial Guardian, Kaala Bhairava’s fierce energy protects you from negativity in all forms. He gives you the clarity of vision that is so essential to use time in an intelligent and efficient manner so that you grow in both the material and spiritual sense.

Kala Bhairava Jayanthi, which is the day of his advent, is on December 7, 2020. Worshipping him on this day is said to please him and make him bestow many blessings.

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