Venus transit in Scorpio 2021 Predictions

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Venus transit in Scorpio 2021 Predictions

September 29, 2021 | Total Views : 199
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Planet Venus will be transiting in Scorpio on October 2, 2021. This transit will impact the lives of natives born under all the 12 zodiac signs. Venus is the planet of beauty, love, and fertility, and it will transit from its own sign Libra to Scorpio, ruled by Mars. Thus, love and passion will meet during this transit, which is due to occur on October 2, 2021, at 9.35 am till Venus moves into the next sign, Sagittarius, on October 30 at 15.56 pm.

Venus signifies leisure and pleasure. It is feminine in nature. Venus or Shukra is a very important planet in astrology. It indicates the wife in a male’s chart and rules the seventh house of marriage. It defines aesthetics and taste buds. Art, creativity, luxuries, jewelry, etc., are all influenced by Venus. All the pleasurable things in this world, like dance, music, food, fragrances, fashion, etc., are ruled by Venus. It also rules the reproductive organs.

When Venus is well-placed, a person will have happy relationships. But an afflicted Venus can mean troubled relationships and even celibacy. Venus is at its best in the emotional sign of Jupiter, Pisces, but it is in a weaker position in Mercury's critical sign, Virgo. 

Let us see the effect of Venus transit in Scorpio on all the zodiac signs. This Article's predictions Are Based On Moon Signs. Talk to astrologers on phone and know in detail about the impact of Venus transit on your life.

Venus transit in Scorpio 2021: Aries

For Aries, Venus is the ruler of the 2nd house of accumulated wealth, savings, and family and the seventh house of marriage and partnerships, Venus will be transiting in your 8th house during this period. Hence, married Aries natives could have some problems with their spouse, or their spouse may suffer from poor health. There may be some issues regarding the intimacy in your relationship. Those who are engaged in partnership business should be careful, as some secret opponents may attack you during this transit. Be very clear in your communication with partners and prospective clients, as hidden agendas may have an adverse impact on your dealings. Businesspersons are likely to get sudden gains from unaccounted sources. There may be opportunities to earn money in illegal ways. However, you must be fair and honest in your dealings, for such income never lasts long. Favors in cash or kind from the paternal side of your family may be available. If waiting for a resolution on your ancestral property, this time is favorable for you. Your mother could develop health problems, so get medical assistance before things get worse.


Chant 'Om Shukraya Namah' 108 times dailyy.

Venus transit in Scorpio 2021: Taurus

Venus is your rising sign lord. It represents the self of a native and the 6th house of competition, debt, and diseases. Venus in Scorpio means that it will be transiting in your seventh house of marriage and partnerships. The married will enjoy marital bliss during this transit. There may be more love and warmth in your relationship. You may go on romantic dinner dates with your spouse. If your spouse or partner is working in the private sector, they will attain success during this time. Eligible singles seeking a perfect match are likely to tie the knot during this period. Natives who are working in a joint venture or partnership will have a thriving business, and those who are facing litigation will see successful outcomes. You can look forward to lots of happiness, love, and care during this period. Your dressing sense will become more sophisticated, and you will pay more attention to fashion and style. This will give you an impressive personality. Your charisma will increase, and people, especially the opposite sex, will be drawn to you.


Use perfumes and fragrances every day, especially sandalwood perfumes, as they may bring auspicious results.

Venus transit in Scorpio 2021: Gemini

Venus is the lord of Gemini’s fifth house of children, romance, and love. It has responsibility of your twelfth house of expenditure, pleasure, and overseas travel too. Venus will be transiting from your 6th house of enemies, rivalry, and health issues. Those who are preparing for competitive examinations may achieve success. But they may have to put extra efforts. Those who work in the private sector, especially in fields like travel, tourism, media, or entertainment, will enjoy good fortune. They may get good opportunities in their profession, pay hikes, and promotions. You could also travel to market your products. Your workplace environment could be healthy and cordial. Subordinates and team members will offer support and abide by your instructions. Those who are in love may face some troubles as there may be fights and arguments with your lover. Avoid debates of any kind, or it may end in a breakup. Married natives, too, may not have a smooth time. The ill-health of your children may make you feel worried during this period.


Offer white-colored food or white ornaments to needy young girls on Friday.

Venus transit in Scorpio 2021: Cancer

For Cancer, Venus rules their 4th house of domestic comforts, property, and 11th house of income and gains. Venus in Scorpio means that it will be transiting in your 5th house of progeny, relationships, and further studies during this time. This period will be favorable for financial matters. Employed Cancer natives could get an increment, and businesspersons may get good profits from their dealings. Those who are involved in the fashion and interior decor business may have a profitable period. This is a good time for professionals who will be recognized for their efficient work. You may also earn a lot of money from your work. Those who have a jewelry business will profit as there will be good sales now. Those who want to convert their hobbies into a profession should do so now, as they may succeed in their endeavors. There may be happiness and prosperity and good relations with family.


Light an oil burner with rose, jasmine, or sandalwood aroma in the evening.

Venus transit in Scorpio 2021: Leo

For Leo natives, Venus rules the 3rd house of efforts and short travels, as well as the 10th house of authority and status. It will be transiting in your 4th house of home and family. There may be a joyful atmosphere at home. You will want to do things for your family, and they will extend their support to you in all your decisions. You are likely to buy a vehicle now, which will add to your happiness. The relationship with your mother will be cordial, and you may enjoy her love and care. Those who run a family business may have a favorable time. Leo natives who are working from home may have a favorable period, career-wise. Students of fine arts, fashion, and interior designing may have a good period. Your creative ideas will help you to come up with innovative projects and thereby get good grades. Employed Leos can get the transfer they want during this time. You can invest in property now, as the time is favorable.


Consume aniseeds and lemon daily.

Venus transit in Scorpio 2021: Virgo

For Virgo, Venus rules the 2nd house of speech, material possessions, and also the 9th house of religion and fortune. During this transit, Venus will be transiting in the 3rd house of peer groups and expressions. Your speech will become sweet and your gestures more refined now. This will bestow more charm to your personality. You will get recognition in your social circle and will make new friends. Your relationship with younger siblings will become better. You may go on a short trip with friends. You may be successful in all your endeavors. You will become more religious and donate money to temples. You may also perform acts of charity by serving the needy. Students pursuing higher studies may have a favorable period. Your memory may become sharper. Eligible singles seeking a perfect match may face some challenges in finding the right person.


Grow plants with white flowers at your home on Friday and take care of them.

Venus transit in Scorpio 2021: Libra

Venus rules Libra, and it is the lord of the 8th house of the occult, mysteries, and inheritance. It will be in your 2nd house during this period. There may be financial abundance for you at this time. Money may come from different sources. Chances of sudden gains through unfair means are possible. Try to be honest and fair in all you do, and don’t get tempted. Gains may come from your ancestral property, or there may be a legacy from your maternal uncle. Scholars and researchers could have an auspicious time. Those in the fashion industry or event management field may have a fruitful period. Your mother could develop some health issues. You will try to make your family happy and may choose to spend more time with your dear one. Those who are staying apart from the family may visit their native place. Women could develop health problems related to hormones or menopause. Do not invest in a speculative business, as there may be sudden losses.


Worship Goddess Lakshmi and offer lotus flowers to her on Friday.

Venus transit in Scorpio 2021: Scorpio

For Scorpio, Venus rules the 12th house of expenditure, losses, and the 7th house of partnerships and associations. It will be in your rising sign, which represents the self of a person. You may become more attractive to the opposite sex now. You will be cheerful and optimistic, and may spend your time in artistic places. You will develop an admiration for beauty and pleasure. Married natives will experience warmth and affection in their relationship. There may be chances to spend time with your spouse or go on a journey. You may buy expensive gifts for your spouse. For singles, love is in the air. This is a good time to propose to your beloved. If you are seeking a life partner, you may meet the right person at this time. Natives who are into fine arts or design may have a beneficial period, as you may be very creative now. If you are doing import-export business related to garments, home décor, and accessories, you may get more clients now make good profits. You will spend money on luxury items now.


Keep a piece of silver in your purse/wallet always.

Venus transit in Scorpio 2021: Sagittarius

For Sagittarius, Venus rules the 6th house of wellness, services, and health. It also rules the 11th house of gains and success. During this transit, Venus will be in the 12th house of travel and expenses. This planetary position indicates mixed results. Monetary gains may be less now, and you may have to put in hard work hard and be tactful to attain success. There may be a chance to travel overseas for work. Expenses may be higher than savings, and you may spend on unwanted things. Those who are married may experience tension in their married life, so they need to be sensitive and calm. Teachers and invigilators may fare well. Those who do business with foreign clients may do better, and they could get new clients during this time. You may want to travel to promote your business and may succeed in your efforts. Do not commit any illegal or unethical acts now.


Chant 'Om Shreem Shriye Namah' 108 times daily.

Venus transit in Scorpio 2021: Capricorn

For Capricorn natives, Venus is a favorable planet. It rules over the 5th house signifying entertainment, romance, and recreation, and the 10th house of career and profession. It will be in the 11th house of income, friends, and society during the transit. This period may be favorable for you. Monetary gains are possible due to your efforts at work or business. Also, you may spend on materialistic needs. Seniors may recognize your efforts, and you may get a pay hike. You may achieve success if you are in the fashion, designing, media, and entertainment industries. Your reputation will increase. People will come to you for advice and also seek your company. You may show interest in art, interior decor, occult, and mystical sciences. Benefits may come from your parents and children. Those who are in a love relationship are likely to have a good time. Your love will grow, and you may have an enjoyable time with your partner. You may have a cheerful disposition, which will attract people to you. You are likely to make new friends now.


Wear a diamond on the ring finger of your right hand.

Venus transit in Scorpio 2021: Aquarius

For Aquarius natives, Venus is a yoga karaka. It is the 4th house lord. This is a Kendra and represents luxury, comforts, and family. It also rules the 9th house of fortune, luck, and culture. This house is a Kendra, too. Venus will be transiting in the 10th house of profession and karma. Mars is the ruler of this house, so you may put in dynamic efforts at work and get success in your career. Whether it is your job or your business, you may accomplish much. If you hold an authoritative position in a government organization, you are likely to reach great heights. Seniors may recognize your work, and you may secure a promotion, too. Your parents may help you at this time, and even luck will favor you. It is a favorable time to invest in property. Spending money on materialistic desires may make you happy. Gains may come from your ancestral property now. Students may do well. They may have better concentration and memory power. They may show interest in all the subjects.


Wear cream or pink color clothes on Fridays.

Venus transit in Scorpio 2021: Pisces

For Pisces, Venus is the lord of their third house of siblings and efforts. It also rules their eighth house of mysteries and uncertainties. Venus will be transiting in the ninth house of luck and religion now. This may bring mixed results for you. Your attitude towards life could be relaxed and happy. You will enjoy your life. At work, you will be efficient and intelligent, which can help you achieve success. However, luck will be reduced, and you may have to work hard to win the hearts of your superiors. You may be interested in occult sciences at this time. You need to exercise caution in your love relationship, as minor arguments with your part1ner may cause problems. Venus will be aspecting your third house, so you will have good communication skills, and you will do well if you are a teacher. Be careful in your speech, and avoid exaggerating things, as anything wrong that you say can diminish your standing in society.


Grow a basil plant at your home on Friday and take care of it.

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