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Mars Transit 2021 Predictions, Effects And Remedies

September 28, 2021 | Total Views : 38
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In Vedic astrology, the planet Mars is considered very important as it influences our choice of life partner. Mars signifies desires, aggression, and passion. At present, Mars is moving into the zodiac sign, Virgo, thereby forming a conjunction with the Sun. Due to this planetary Mars transit, many areas of our life may be affected in a significant manner.

Mars’ transit in Libra could bring some relief for those who were adversely affected by the pandemic. If Mars is strong in your birth chart, you could experience mental peace. The government is likely to devise some new strategies. Those who work in creative fields may execute their ideas. Peace and harmony may prevail in your personal life. Problems with your siblings may find a resolution.

Even as Mars is preparing to enter Libra, the Sun will be transiting through Libra. Hence, there will be a conjunction between Mars and the Sun. 

Let us see how the Mars transit in Libra affects the various signs. This Article's predictions Are Based On Moon Signs. Talk to astrologers on phone and know in detail about the impact of Mars transit on your life.

Mars Transit 2021: Aries

Mars in Libra brings good tidings for Aries natives who wish to get married. This could be a good time for them to embark on the journey of marriage. Those who are entrepreneurs may gain good profits from their new assignments. Businessmen are likely to have a good period during Mars’s transit in Libra. Those who are facing legal issues may get some relief. Students may be able to perform well in their exams.

Remedy: Offer red gram pulses at a temple nearby.

Mars Transit 2021: Taurus

Those born under the Taurus sign may experience mixed fortunes due to this Mars transit. Health may pose problems, so ensure that you exercise daily. It would be good to make healthy changes in your food habits. You may be able to overcome your enemies. This may reduce your mental stress. Lovers could have a busy schedule. You may get overexcited, and it may land you in trouble.

Remedy: Offer sweets to Hanuman on Tuesday.

Mars Transit 2021: Gemini

Gemini natives may have a positive period in terms of their personal life. You may be spending time with your family members. This is a good time for artists, and they may be at their creative best. Those who are single may meet their life partner now. This is also a good time for those who are involved in stock market activities.

Remedy: Read the Hanuman Chalisa daily.

Mars Transit 2021: Cancer

The upcoming Mars transit may spell good news for Cancer natives. There is a strong possibility of buying a new vehicle. There may be peace and harmony in your personal life. Your mother’s health may show some improvement. Lovers are likely to break up with their sweetheart now. Those who have heart problems may get some relief. Married natives will be able to improve their relations with their in-laws.

Remedy: Follow Bajrang Baan

Mars Transit 2021: Leo

Leo natives can expect some positive developments due to the Mars transit. Your relationship with siblings may be good, and you may make plans to go on pleasure trips with them. Those who are employed in the media and entertainment fields may be able to advance in their career. Students may become more confident, and their desires may be fulfilled.

Remedy: Offer prayers to Lord Hanuman and do Hanuman Pooja

Mars Transit 2021: Virgo

During this Mars transit, you may get unconditional support from your family members. Finances look bright, and you may spend money on things you crave. But you may save some money too. Lovers will be able to deepen their relationship. Government employees may have some monetary gains.
Remedy: Plant a neem tree and take care of it.

Mars Transit 2021: Libra

For Libra, this may be a happy period, as you will have ample opportunities to spend time with your loved ones. Singles may make plans to settle down in life. Some of you can expect some life changes which you need to accept. Try to keep your aggression under control, or else you may land in some trouble. Students may focus on their studies and score well in their exams.

Remedy: Chant Mars Beej mantra and install Mars Yantra

Mars Transit 2021: Scorpio

Scorpio natives may accomplish their travel goals. You may decide to shift to a foreign country and seek a new source of income. Professional workers may be stressed due to some enmity at the office. This could affect your health, and you may need to visit the hospital often. You may show an interest in spirituality.
Remedy: Observe fast on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Mars Transit 2021: Sagittarius:

Sagittarius natives may start a new business. Entrepreneurs may make good profits during this time. If your relationships with siblings are not good, they may improve during this time. Students may feel more relaxed, but they have to remain focused on their studies. You may be busy with social activities and make some friends in the process.

Remedy: Offer toor dal at a nearby Hanuman temple.

Mars Transit 2021: Capricorn:

Capricorn natives may have a good time during this Mars transit. It could be a favorable time for your career and profession. Those who are employed may get a promotion. You are likely to have a good rapport with your co-workers. Entrepreneurs and teachers could derive some benefits from the government’s policies.
Remedy: Always carry a red piece of cloth in your wallet.

Mars Transit 2021: Aquarius:

Aquarius people could have a good time during the Mars transit in Libra. You may undertake travel to some of your favorite destinations. You may become more spiritual. Some of you may go on pilgrimages with your family. Some of you may decide to tie the knot with your beloved. Also, lawyers and teachers are likely to have a favorable time.

Remedy: Plant an Amla tree and take care of it.

Mars Transit 2021: Pisces

Pisces natives may have mixed outcomes during this Mars transit. Those who are engaged in research and development work will have to put in more effort. The bond between lovers may become deeper, and they will enjoy more intimacy. Healthwise, things may be fine. But, be careful when driving, as you may be prone to accidents at this time.

Remedy: Donate food and bananas to monkeys.


In conclusion, Mars in transit may show some mercy towards us. Even though Mars is considered a malefic planet, due to its friendly relations with Venus (planet ruling Libra), we may not experience any major problems. The result for each person may vary according to the planet’s strength and the houses placed in the person’s house. 

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