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Solar Eclipse Dec 26 2019 Timings, Do's and Don'ts!

December 20, 2019 | Total Views : 2,825
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Rare Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse is occurring on December 26, 2019. This eclipse is happening in the 19th star, Moola, which is found in the south-west direction to the Earth. Nodal planets transit anti- clockwise, while the other planets transit in the clockwise direction. The shadow planet, Ketu, is forming between the Earth and the Moon. When the Sun crosses the shadow planet, Ketu, then it gets eclipsed and is seen in dark red color.


  • The eclipse is caused due to the alignment of the planets as their cosmic paths cross.
  • The Solar eclipse 2019 is a full eclipse which occurs very rarely. It’s now occurring after several years.
  • This eclipse starts at 8:09 am IST and goes on until 11:24 am. The mid-point, that is, the Sun, will be totally eclipsed. The eclipse is at 9:34 am.
  • The eclipse will be visible in India, Singapore, Sri Lanka and in UAE.
  • Singapore and some parts of India will witness full solar eclipse.

Which stars get afflicted?

As this eclipse is happening in the sign, Sagittarius, the stars, Moola, Poorvashada and Uttarashada will be afflicted. The star preceding Moola is Jyeshta. This star also sees the impact of this eclipse.

As Moola is ruled by Ketu, the seers say that all the stars ruled by Ketu, that is, Ashwini and Magha, will also feel the impact of this solar eclipse.

Mantra to be chanted by the people born in the above mentioned star

Indro Analo Dakshaha||

Prachedaso Vayu Kubera Esha||

MajJanma Pakshe

Ma ma rasi Samsthey

SuryobaragamSamayanthu Sarve


Oh Indra Agni Daksha Vayu Kubera and Esha, Please protect me from the solar eclipse that is happening in my rasi

PS: Chant at least 21 times.

You can also write this mantra and keep it in your pocket until the solar eclipse time and dispose it afterwards


  • Healthy people should stop eating food after sunset on December 25th
  • Children, pregnant ladies and sick people are allowed to eat until 1:00 am, December 26th
  • Chant or listen to Vishnu Sahsranaman, Mrithyunjaya Mantra and Hanuman Chalisa
  • Chant Surya Gayatri
  • During the mid-point of Grahan (eclipse), perform Tarpanam for ancestors and the deceased
  • After the eclipse, have bath, clean the house, cook and eat food
  • Feed the cows and birds
  • Take bath in the sea or in rivers, as it is auspicious
  • Performing Tarpanam near water bodies is auspicious
  • Take blessings from Gurus and Mentors


  • Do not eat or donate food that was cooked the previous day
  • Do not cook during eclipse time
  • Avoid eating and drinking water
  • Pregnant ladies are advised to stay indoors during the eclipse time
  • Avoid important events, decisions or initiations
  • Avoid travel

May the Almighty shower his choicest blessings on you and your family

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