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Solar Eclipse 2023: All You Need to Know

April 3, 2023 | Total Views : 766
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Solar eclipse, or Surya Grahan, is a very important event in astrology. There are many kinds of solar eclipse, like total, partial, annular, and hybrid solar eclipses. Every year, there may be around 2 to 5 solar eclipses. An eclipse may signify either new beginnings or endings. During a Lunar eclipse, the mind and soul may be affected. In a Solar eclipse, the body and outer surroundings will be affected.

Let us find out a little more about the different kinds of solar eclipses.

Total Solar Eclipse

This happens when the Moon puts on the umbral shadow on Earth and encloses approximately 1/3rd of Earth’s surface in a few hours. At this time, the Sun exposes its Corona or outer layer. This eclipse is short and may last around 8 minutes at the most.

Partial Solar Eclipse

Partial solar eclipse happens when the Moon casts a partial shadow on the penumbral region alone. Most of the Sun will be visible. But, it may vary as per the location and situation of the Moon.

Annular Solar Eclipse

This is a rare type, but very majestic. Quite different from a total eclipse, an annular solar eclipse is a subdivision of a fragmented eclipse. Think of the Ring of Fire. That is the Annular Solar eclipse. It happens when the Moon goes through the Sun right from the center.

Hybrid Solar Eclipse

This is the second-most rare kind of solar eclipse. It is visible when the Moon is on the edge of the umbral shadow and about to hit the Earth’s surface. Though it doesn’t strike the Earth properly, it does come directly in front of the Sun. First, it will be a total Solar eclipse, but later, it becomes annular again.

Hybrid Solar Eclipse 2023

The first solar eclipse of 2023 will take place on April 20 in the Aries zodiac sign. It has a direct impact on people born under signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Also, natives born under signs like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will see some major changes. The eclipse will be at its peak for 1 minute.

Annular Solar Eclipse 2023

The second solar eclipse in 2023 will be in Libra. It will occur on October 14, 2023. Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn natives may feel the impact. It will last around 5 minutes.

Let us see the effects of the solar eclipse 2023 on the people born under different zodiac signs.


Aries natives should be careful about their health now. They may have problems in the eyes or lower jaw. Unexpected expenses are likely. Businesses in consultancy and communication may succeed. Natives who go outstation for a job or business may do well. Do not borrow money or quit your job now. You may feel worried about the health of a family member. Disagreements about property are likely in the family. Those who lack progeny may have a child. Problems with older children may upset you. It’s a good time for younger siblings. Singles may tie the knot. Married couples may resolve long-standing issues. Friends and elder siblings may benefit you.


Take care of your health, physical and emotional. Self-confidence may be low. Avoid rash decisions. Try to avoid defamation and loss of wealth.

Money may be sufficient, but try to control expenses. Family harmony is possible. Your children may be tense about their studies. A good time for those doing jobs and business. A salary hike is possible, but the workload may increase. Tensions are likely in married life. Natives seeking to get married need to wait.

It’s a good time to buy land for a business. Avoid long-term investments in the share market.

Remedy: Do charity that is related to the Sun. Offer water to the Sun and chant the Mantra “Om Ghrini Suryaya Namaha.” Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam and offer water to the Peepal tree.

Worship Vishnu and get rid of sins from your past life with Vishnu Pooja.


Health may be fine for you. But minor problems related to stress and eyes, stomach pain, low back pain, etc. are likely. Take care of your parents’ health. Some family members may fall sick. Domestic problems may make you feel frustrated. Couples who want a baby may be successful. Guard against defamation and wealth loss. Excessive expenses are possible. Married life may be moderate. There may be travel abroad, religious trips, and religious activities. It’s not a good time for business or job. You may feel dissatisfied in your career and decide to change your job. Expenses may be more than income. Avoid borrowing money.

Remedy:- Do charity that is related to Sun or Moon. Recite the Vishnu Sahastranama.

Please Surya by worshipping the Surya Yantra.


You may gain wealth. Long-standing issues related to property may be resolved. Some may sell old property and purchase a new one. You may also gain ancestral property. Arguments with friends are possible. Minor family issues may disturb you. Relationships with elder siblings may be difficult, so avoid arguments with them and control your anger.

The health of your sister-in-law and brother-in-law may worry you. You may feel worried about your children. Solar Eclipse 2023 may be moderate for job and business. Married life may be average. It is a good time for new investments, but avoid share markets.

Remedy:- Offer black sesame seeds, milk, honey, green gram (moong), black gram (urad). Chant Jupiter Mantra and worship Ganesha. Donate red cloth, red lentils, wheat, and jaggery.

Invoke the blessings of Jupiter with Guru Yantra.


This eclipse may be bad for your health. Stomach, lower back, eye, or bone pains, etc., are likely. Excessive stress and anger are possible due to family issues. Be careful in your relationship with neighbors. Parents’ health, especially the father’s health, may cause worry. It is a good time for your children, and also your nephews and nieces. Children who are of marriageable age may find good partners. The solar eclipse is not good for jobs and businesses. Change of place, change of department, or transfer is likely.

Property may get sold, but you may not get the expected value. Control your expenses. Chances for travel may materialize.

Remedy:- Do charity of wheat, honey, jaggery, red cloth, etc., after the solar eclipse. Offer milk, black sesame seeds, honey, sugarcane juice, etc., to Shiva.

Perform Pooja for Shiva.


You may experience anxiety, stress, and restlessness. The positive effects of the solar eclipse 2023 are unlikely, but some family-related issues may be resolved. Handle your expenses prudently.

It is a good time for job, business, and long-term investments. There may be obstacles in new ventures or religious activities. Spouse’s health may be worrisome. Minor disagreements may mar the relationship. Help and benefits may come from maternal relatives. Father’s health may be poor. Relationships with friends could be moderate. They may also suddenly become bitter. So maintain some distance. Relationships with elder siblings will be disturbed.

Remedy:- Recite Vishnu Sahasranamam. Offer water to the Sun, perform Abishekam 206 times, and donate as per the remedies of the Sun, Moon, and Rahu.

Get rid of obstacles to career growth and get protection from enemies by doing Surya Pooja.


Hardships, defamation, and serious diseases are possible during the solar eclipse 2023 for Libra natives. Property-related issues may cause confusion. Stock market investments may bring limited but ample financial gains. You can benefit from a short-term investment. Relationships with children may become better. Couples may have a child, but be careful to avoid miscarriage or stomach-related surgery. Stomach problems, acidity, gas, stress, and intestinal issues are possible. This is not a good time for job or business. You may feel demotivated in your field of work. Family issues may bother you. There could be issues about ancestral property. A good time for students. This is an ideal time for a religious trip.

Remedy:- Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam. Offer water to the Sun. Worship and make offerings to Shiva. Donate things related to the Sun after the solar eclipse of 2023.


Be cautious in business matters, especially when signing any important document. Property investment may bring benefits. New investments may be successful. Obstacles in property matters may vanish. Curb your expenses.

Those in a partnership business may be unhappy due to disagreements. You may also get scammed. Do not borrow money.

Profits from the share market are unlikely. Long-term investments may bring gains later.

Kids may be a cause for worry. Couples wanting a child may have to wait. If you have children who are students or professionals, they may face difficulties.

Married couples may need to work on their relationship. Those who are trying to get a divorce may get it. There may be a loss related to female friends.

Remedy:- Worship Ganesha or Vishnu. Chant Jupiter Mantras. Worship Durga for marital issues. For difficulties in business, donate things related to the Sun. For good fortune, perform water Abisheka to Shiva linga 206 times.

For good health and luck, perform Durga Saptashati Pooja.


During this eclipse, you can overpower your enemy. Some new health complaints may be caused by Rahu and Sun. Parents’ health may cause stress, especially your mother’s health. Unmarried younger siblings may get life partners. Those seeking life partners may find them. Married natives may experience intimacy in their relationship. Job professionals may have a heavy workload. New ventures are likely. Avoid court-related matters. Be careful when driving a vehicle.

Remedy:- Chant Jupiter Mantra. Offer water to the Sun. Donate things related to Rahu, Sun, and Moon.


During the solar eclipse of 2023, you may worry about your child, mainly because of their education.

It is not a good time for younger siblings. For your elder siblings, married life may be turbulent. Relationships with friends may be troubling.

Delays are likely in new ventures. Be careful when signing any legal documents. Your financial position may be good. A shortage of funds is unlikely. The eclipse is good for job and business but not for studies. Professionals may get good job opportunities or pay hikes. You may renovate your property.

Remedy:- Perform remedies for Sun, Moon, and Rahu. Worship Laxminarayan.


Health may be fine. There may be some relief from an unusual illness. Curb your expenses.

Mother’s health may cause worry. Relationships with friends may be fine. Elder siblings may get married. Those with heart problems should take care.

You may get involved in litigation related to property. This is a good time for selling any old property. New investments may be risky. Tension and frustration may build up due to property disputes.

Short-term investments in the share market may be beneficial. Foreign travel is possible. Despite delays, your work will be done. A heavy workload is possible in job and business. A change of location may occur. Department change, table changes, or transfer is likely. A good time for children’s education. Couples can plan for a baby. Some may find good life partners.

Travel is likely. Relationships with friends may get better. Marriage alliances for elder siblings may materialize.

Remedy:- Perform remedies for Sun, Moon, and Rahu. Worship Laxminarayan.


Wealth gains and success are possible for you. Property issues may be resolved. You may buy a new property. You may invest in a vehicle, house, or decorative home items. New ventures may be chaotic. Read legal documents before signing them. Take care of your health. Parents’ health may not be good. Stomach problems, stress, and skin-related issues are likely for you due to the influence of the solar eclipse in 2023. This is not a good period for younger siblings. Relationships with neighbors may come under a cloud. A moderate time for education. Younger siblings may face obstructions in marriage. If they are already married, there may be some troubles in their conjugal life. A religious trip is possible.

Remedy:-Worship Ganesha and the Sun. Make offerings to Shiva and donations related to Sun, Moon, and Rahu.

Solar Eclipse 2023: What to Avoid

∙ Avoid sleeping during the solar eclipse. This is important for older and sick people. It can have adverse effects on health, says astrology.

∙ Do not cook or eat food during the eclipse, as it can damage your health and cause trouble in the long run.

∙ Do not perform auspicious tasks like purchasing property, doing muhurats, etc. It will have ill effects.

∙ Do not touch or worship idols of deities during the eclipse. After the solar eclipse, wash everything and offer your prayers.

∙ The Tulsi plant is holy in astrology. Do not water or touch it during the eclipse.

∙ Pregnant women should not watch the eclipse. They should not go out or do anything that leads to Sun exposure.

Astrological Remedies for the Solar Eclipse 2023

The effects of Surya Grahan last for six months. Remedial measures and guidance from astrologers can protect you from the negative effects.

Here are some astrological solutions.

∙ Plant a Shwetark tree and nurture it regularly. Water it yourself. Consider the plant as a family member.

∙ Make donations, as it reduces the ill effects.

∙ If you have a malefic Sun in your Kundli, recite the Surya Ashtakam Stotra to strengthen your Sun.

∙ Be respectful and obedient towards your father.

∙ Chant the Aditya Hriday Stotra.


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