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Jada Muniswarar History

April 16, 2021 | Total Views : 41
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Muneeswarar, the Guardian Deity

Muneeswarar has remained one among our traditional pantheons of Gods. He is depicted as a strong, courageous, aggressive, and majestic divinity and remains essentially a guardian deity. This well-built God is considered a protector and savior and was regarded in earlier times as being so mighty as to protect an entire village and the people living therein from thieves and dacoits and also from natural calamities like storms and torrential rains. 

It is believed that this ancient God is in worship, especially in villages, for more than 3 centuries. And his worship remains one among the ancient ones practiced in our land, with devotion, faith, enthusiasm, and belief, by a large number of people.

Jada Muneeswarar

Lord Muni or Muneeswarar is traditionally worshiped in many forms, like Nadha Muni, Veda Muni, Budha Muni, Shakti Muni, Maya Muni, Manthra Muni, Pal Muni, Karu Muni, and Sudalai Muni. And Jada Muni or Jada Muneeswarar remains one of his very powerful aspects.   

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Jada Muneeswarar, the Great Lord

Lord Shiva, one among the divine trinity, is the supreme God of dissolution and remains one of the most popular and very widely worshiped Gods of the land. Jada Muneeswarar is believed to be a powerful aspect of this great God, Shiva. ‘Jada’ in Tamil refers to matted hair, and ‘Jada Muneeswarar’ is identified by his mass of matted and unkempt hair. Further, with the grey ash from the crematorium smeared all over his body, sporting a big mustache, wearing a white dhoti, adorning his neck with a terrible snake like an ornament, and holding lethal weapons like the trident and mace in his hands, Jada Muneeswarar looks as imposing as he is frightening.  

Being the powerful aspect of Lord Shiva and fully charged with his tremendous might, Jada Muneeswarar possesses the power to control all other divinities. Thus, it is even said that all deities remain part of his divine self. It is believed that Jada Muneeswarar is capable of keeping even Yama, the God of death, under check and overpower him merely with the power of his legs. 

In spite of all his power and might, Jada Muneeswarar principally remains an ascetic who has the incredible ability to perform penance even in water. It is a strong belief that the grace of this amazing God can bless people with immense benefits.   

Jada Muneeswarar Worship:

Jada Muneeswarar, who is worshiped predominantly in the countryside and villages, is known and revered in many names and forms. These manifestations are known in names like – Maya Jada Muni, Jala Jada Muni, Malai Jada Muni, Guhai Jada Muni, Vana Jada Muni etc.      

Jada Muneeswarar Homam is the Fire Lab dedicated to this guardian deity. It is regarded as one of the highly efficacious worships performed for this God. It is also believed that the performance of Jada Muneeswarar Homam can greatly please this God and get his highly beneficial blessings for the devotees.

Apart from this fire ritual, people also make a variety of offerings to him with devotion. These include milk, Payasam (kheer), Vadai, Kozhukkattai (dumpling), Aval (rice flakes), Pori Kadalai (fried chick-pea), and also meat and cigar or cheroot. It is a widely-held belief that this can clear all sorts of afflictions and ensure people’s wellbeing.   

Benefits of Jada Muneeswarar Worship:

Jada Muneeswarar worship is capable of removing all forms of harmful energies and enemies. This can solve even tricky or seemingly unsolvable problems and difficulties, clear off or reform evil forces, and turn them benign.  

Thus, praying to Jada Muneeswarar with sincerity, belief, and faith, can keep away poverty, negativities like witchcraft, voodoo, etc., destroy the harmful effects caused by enmities, and bless people with all-round benefits and a life of peace, prosperity, and joy.     

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