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Indian Vedic Astrology – It`s Role Over Human Life In Modern Days

June 5, 2015 | Total Views : 2,928
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Vedic Astrology is called jyotisha meaning light. It is profound tradition based on the knowledge of astronomy and Vedic philosophy. In Vedic Astrology, Birth chart or natal chart plays a important role in determining one`s destiny. indian-vedic-astrology A chart is a map of the planetary patterns at the moment of one`s birth. It is extremely valuable to understand the planetary influences that were present at the time of birth as they continue to affect our thoughts, emotions, relationships and actions. Vedic Astrologer will help give an in-depth analysis of one`s chart offering guidance on how to navigate one`s karmic path. One needs guidance over many aspects in life like Money, career, education, relationships, building a house, buying property, investments, stock markets, marriage, business partnerships, loans, health, birth of children, foreign travel, change of location, buying of assets, family welfare, beauty and worship.


In modern days, one can get astrological reports on different aspects of life. It helps in giving one the foreknowledge of the imminent unfolding situations and thereby be prepared to take the right decisions at the right moment. Astrology consultations have become easier in modern days because of use of internet and online astrological consultations. Nowadays, there are different applications of Vedic Astrology used to study the problems affecting human life and suggest remedies based on the Vedic knowledge of the seers. Some of them are:

Natal Astrology

  • It is a widely used application in astrology.
  • The natal chart is drawn based on the day, time, and location of an individual.
  • It helps to predict the important events and trends in a person`s life.
  • It sheds light on one`s personality and essential life direction.

Electional Astrology

  • It is used to select an auspicious time or muhurtha by studying the horoscope of an individual.
  • It can be to fix time for buying a new house, starting an own business, signing contracts or deeds, buying a vehicle.

Horary Astrology

  • It is called Prashna. When there is no horoscope for an individual, then the horoscope is drawn at the time of asking the question by the querent.
  • This type of astrology is used to find solutions to specific problems being confronted with.

Career Astrology

  • 10th house and its lord is used to determine one`s career growth.
  • Horoscope analysis would help discover the native`s aptitudes in selection of career.
  • Favorable and unfavorable periods for career growth can be indicated.
  • Prospects of new jobs and promotions could be seen.

Love and Marriage Astrology

  • This report will show with whom we can get along and with whom we cannot.
  • Talks about favorable period for love, romance, family relations and marriage.
  • Choosing a period for horoscope matching
  • Report can indicate periods of stress and harmony during malefic planet`s Transit periods.
  • Analyzes the compatibility of two people, where it points out potential strengths and weaknesses in a relationship.
  • It will suggest remedies for improving relationships.
  • Identify likely periods that will produce children.

Relocation and Travel Astrology

  • This reading will help determine the most favorable places to live.
  • Relocation can be effective to mitigate unfavorable planetary influences in a horoscope.
  • Select likely times of relocation and travel.
  • Selection of places where one can find happiness and prosperity.

Business Astrology Report

  • The report will give an overview of favorable and unfavorable periods of investment and speculation.
  • It will give valuable suggestions and guidelines for getting profits and help reduce losses.
  • It will forecast periods of price increase and coming down of prices of shares in the stock market and key turning points.

Health Astrology Report

  • It helps to know of the health problems in advance
  • Remedies will be given for getting rid of illness
  • Sixth house in a chart is the house of health and disease. Any planet located in this house of the birth chart is likely to suffer with respect to the organ of the body it represents.


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