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June 5, 2015 | Total Views : 2,902
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Catching up with the trends of online marketing, Vedic astrology services are now readily available just with a click of few buttons. Just type online Vedic Astrology in any web search engine and you would be amazed with the search results. Here you would find your Moon sign predictions for the day, month or year, detailed predictions for your money, career, relationship, health etc., live consultations with expert astrologers and many other astrological services

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Services like personal predictions or even consultations with expert astrologers would require you to provide details about your birth, like your date of birth, time and place of birth, on the basis of which astrologers will draw your horoscope. Some portals also offer Prasna Astrology consultations where a person’s birth details are not mandatory. The detailed and analytical aspect of Vedic Astrology has earned it many followers and with its presence online, it is now reaching out to an even wider audience across the world. Here are some of the advantages of online Vedic Astrology -

Complete Privacy – All Vedic Astrology portals maintain strict confidentiality of the information you share with them. The astrologer whom you choose to consult will only have access to the details you provide through phone or skype.

Alerts on Important Timings - Astrology is about understanding time and making good use of it. Those who choose to become member of these astrology sites are kept informed about the important celestial happenings like the major planetary transits, their impact on different Moon signs and how one can benefit through it.

Easy access to Rituals and Remedies - The biggest advantage of Vedic Astrology is the capacity to balance the favorable and unfavorable effects of different planets through remedies. Consultation with an astrologer will help you know the best remedy/remedies that will give you relief from the issues or problems in current life. There are remedies like mantra chanting, participating in poojas or fire rituals, wearing of gemstones, worshipping yantras etc. Online astrologers give you easy access to the remedy best suitable for you. Some of these websites also have the facility to download mobile applications on virtual poojas, horoscope reading, match-making etc.

Learn about Astrology – Apart from host of astrology services, these online Vedic Astrology sites are packed with astrology rich information which they dispense through articles and blogs. These bits of knowledge help a common man understand and connect with the interesting world of astrology.  

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