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Go Digital On Ganesh Chaturthi Book Idol Priest Online

July 29, 2020 | Total Views : 60
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Ganesh Chaturthi 2020:

India is a land that celebrates many festivals. Most of them are Hindu festivals, for there are many Hindu gods and goddesses. Their birthdays are celebrated with great fanfare in many states, and Ganesha Chaturthi is definitely one of the most major festivals of this kind. Ganesha Chaturthi celebrates the birthday of the Hindu deity, Ganesha. Ganesha is an elephant-headed deity, who is the offspring of Shiva and Parvati. He is a very popular God and is said to have the power to remove obstacles and bless new ventures. He is also the God of wisdom and knowledge. 

Participate In Online Ganesh Chaturthi Rituals

Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi:

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated grandly in many Indian states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, etc. It is a 10-day celebration that begins with the installation of a new Ganesha idol at home or in a public place. There will be Poojas and cultural performances during the ten days, and on the final day, the idols are taken to the ocean or other water bodies and immersed. Thousands of devotees accompany the idols, singing and dancing in a frenzy of devotion. The immersion of the Ganesha idol is called Ganesh Visarjan. 

The Coronavirus Effect:

The gaiety and exuberance of Ganesha Chaturthi will be missing this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic. With the bans on large gatherings and the stringent lockdowns as well as social distancing rules, Ganesh Chaturthi 2020 will be a muted affair. But people are adjusting and adapting to the new normal, quickly. People are working from home, school, and college classes have gone online, and a semblance of normalcy is returning as lockdowns ease and commercial activity resumes in many places. 

Online Platforms and Ganesh Chaturthi:

To celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, the best option is to go the digital way. Many people who wish to celebrate the festival are definitely planning to choose this route. It is easy, as one can book a priest and pooja online now. There is no need to visit a crowded bazaar to shop for Pooja ingredients, either. Many shops are taking online orders for Pooja items, which are home-delivered by delivery boys who follow WHO-mandated safety protocols like wearing masks and gloves. Contactless delivery is also possible. Different states celebrate the festival in diverse ways. An advantage of the online platform is that a person who may be a migrant can choose a particular Pooja method and priest based on their state and language preferences. Many IT workers who work in metro cities may have migrated from other states. They may not have the time to shop for Pooja items or search for a priest to perform the Pooja. But such online platforms make the entire process of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi seem easy and simple, like child’s play. Even the Ganesha idols for the Pooja are available online. Online pooja service platforms also make it very convenient to book the Ganesh Pooja online. Thanks to these online platforms, you can follow your family traditions in the correct manner, even if you are far away from home and family.      

Experts claim that the Indian spiritual and religious market, which is one of the largest unorganized segments in the country, is valued at $40 billion. India's population exceeds 1.2 billion, and Hindus worship 330 million gods and goddesses! 

AstroVed’s Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

At AstroVed, Ganesha Chaturthi is a much-awaited event. We are planning to celebrate Ganesha’s birthday in a grand manner at our centers. We will be following WHO protocols to avoid the threat of virus transmission. Eco-friendly Ganesha idols will be used to protect the environment, as well. 

If you are feeling worried about missing Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations this year, don’t worry. You can participate in our online Ganesh Chaturthi Poojas and Homas, and celebrate Ganesha’s birthday in a fitting manner. Ganesh Chaturthi at AstroVed will be a grand 3-Day festival. On Day 1, we are performing Super Grand Homa invoking 32 forms of Ganesha. On Day 2, we have Ganesha Upanishad Chanting and Maha Ganapati Homa at Vedic School, and on Day 3, we have a Raja Ganapati Homa. Devotees who register by August 1 will also get 315 preparatory Bonus Poojas, and upto 25% off on Ganesh Chaturthi packages. 

Our online Pooja services are also available during the lockdown, so if you want to do Ganesh Pooja or Ganesh Homa, you can also book a priest online and have the ceremony performed as per your wishes. The priest will also do the immersion.   

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