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Top 10 Vedic Mantras MP3 Free Download

July 24, 2020 | Total Views : 137
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Vedic Mantras:

Vedas are hailed as one of the earliest scriptures of the world. They are written and composed in the Sanskrit language and consist of a mass of religious texts written thousands of years ago. Vedas are 4 in number. These are the Rig, Yajur, Sama, and Atharva Vedas, and they deal with different scriptural aspects. The Vedas remain as the treasure-trove of ancient wisdom, and the sages and seers of the olden times have passed these through successive generations to the present times. Even today, the appeal and relevance of the Vedas remain as high, as those were, earlier. 

Mantras are hymns. These are generally found in the verse forms and are used extensively in prayers and rituals. There are Mantras addressed to various Gods, Goddesses, and deities, and these typically sing their praise, offer salutations to them, and seek their favor and protection. The Mantras are usually made up of a group of words and are set to a meter or rhythm at times. But there are also Mantras in the form of a single syllable, or word or even a sound. Mantras are believed to possess much divine energy and spiritual powers in them, and hence are widely used in prayers, worships, ceremonies, and rituals, in places of worship and at homes, from olden times. 

It is a traditional belief that the Vedic Mantras chanted with faith can earn the immense blessings of the deity to whom it is addressed and bestow many benefits on the devotees. They are freely available in print and book forms. But their popularity is such that in the present times of technological advancement, they have become available even in MP3 format. Hence, Vedic Mantras MP3 free downloads are available now, which facilitates people to listen to them and get benefitted.

Here let us try to know something about a few important Vedic Mantras, which may qualify for being counted among the Top 10. 

Top 10 Vedic Mantras

Durga Suktam (Durga Mantra)

Durga Suktam is the Vedic Mantra addressed to Goddess Durga Devi, who is known as much for her might as for her compassion. Being an integral portion of the Sri Vidya Mantra, this Durga Mantra can help devotees access the tremendous power and grace of the divine Mother. Though the Mantra remains essentially a prayer to the Fire God Agni, it is as much dedicated to the fiery Goddess, too. The regular chanting of this Mantra with dedication, devotion, and complete faith can raise one’s consciousness to the next level, and enable the person to connect with the universal Mother, and experience her energy and love.


Purusha Suktam

Purusha Suktam is perhaps the most common Vedic Mantra, used in many worships and rituals including Homas, to this day. This is a Rig Vedic hymn that remains as one of the Pancha Suktams, the 5 famous prayer hymns. It is dedicated to the Purusha, the universal being, who is none other than Vishnu or Narayana, the supreme God of sustenance. The chanting of this powerful Mantra can generate immense spiritual energy, and work even miracles in our lives. While it can provide relief to physical conditions like diabetes, it is believed that Purusha Suktam chanting can solve even marital disputes and give progeny blessings.     

Navagraha Mantra

Navagrahas are the nine planets that are believed to play a significant role in our lives.  Their placements and movements can make or break a person and thus decide about his or her destiny, for the good or otherwise. The Navagraha Mantra is a powerful hymn seeking the compassion and blessings of the planetary Lords. It is believed that these can minimize their adverse impact and improve beneficial effects. Chanting the Mantra with faith is also said to bring about sound health, personal growth, professional advancement, good fortune, and all-round welfare.      

Mantra Pushpam

‘Pushpam’ means flowers. This Vedic Mantra is recited while offering flowers to divinities at the end of special worships or rituals, and hence its name. This is from Yajur Veda and is said to contain the very essence of the Vedic wisdom and the entire Bhagavad Gita. Mantra Pushpam highlights the fundamental truth that it is the supreme divinity that makes all things happen in the universe. Its chanting can help us realize this, and thus pave the way for our self-realization.     

Ganesha Mantra:

Ganesha is the God of learning and wisdom while he can also remove obstacles and provide success and auspiciousness. Hence he remains a very popular and widely worshipped divinity of our land. Praying to him and chanting the Ganesha Mantra in his praise, it is believed, can grant success, wealth, good fortune, and enlightenment.   

Sri Suktam:

‘Sri’ is Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, and she is the divine consort of the supreme protector Vishnu. Sri Suktam is a powerful Vedic Mantra in her praise, the chanting of which can get the grace of the compassionate divine Mother to the devotees. This can remove failures, debts, and miseries, and bless people with a good personality, character, employment, health, wealth, and suitable life partner. 

Bhagya Suktam

This Yajur Vedic Mantra is dedicated to Bhaga as an aspect of Surya, the Sun God. Bhagya Suktam can bestow wealth and fortune, and reciting this hymn in his praise regularly with devotion can provide sound finances, job opportunities, good luck, and victory in competitions and over enemies. 

Chamaka Prashnam

Chamakam is a part of the Vedic Mantra Sri Rudram. It seeks from Rudra, the ferocious form of Shiva, the fulfillment of sincere wishes. Chanting Chamakam along with Sri Rudram was a tradition that is in practice since ancient times, and this, it is believed, can make honest desires come true.  

Ayushya Suktam

‘Ayush’ can mean a host of things such as body, mind, longevity, health, etc. Ayushya Suktam is a Vedic Mantra, which is essentially a prayer to the divine for blessing us with a long and healthy life. This has 9 Mantras addressed to different deities, and its chanting can get us the blessings of those divinities along with the allied benefits.  

Rudra Gayatri Mantra

Rudra is Lord Shiva’s aggressive aspect. Rudra Gayatri Mantra, the Vedic Mantra chanted in his honor, can act as a protective shield, and cure illnesses, clear confusions, fears, and stress, and recharge the devotees’ body, mind, and the spirit. Its recitation can also reduce unfavorable effects of planets, and bless people with peace and joy.    

People can chant these powerful Vedic Mantras or listen to them from the Vedic Mantras MP3 free downloads, and receive divine blessings and a host of benefits.

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