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Taurus Moon Sign Yesterday Horoscope Thursday, 18th April, 2019

Current Predictions will change after April 18, 11:55

Taurus General Horoscope:This is likely to be an average day. You may get carried away by pessimistic feelings. Major decision making may not be favorable. Confidence levels will also be on a decline.

Taurus Career and Business Horoscope: This day may not be very good for witnessing progress at the workplace. Errors may creep in, affecting the quality. You may have to face the displeasure of higher officials.

Taurus Love and Relationships Horoscope:Sensitive issues may create less harmony with your partner. It is essential to sort out the matter and try to ensure better happiness with each other.

Taurus Money and Finances Horoscope: Money flow may not be very good day. Unwanted commitments may force you to spend more. You need to be careful with handling money.

Taurus Health Horoscope: You could be troubled by throat related infections. Consuming cold items could aggravate this weakness.

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