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Taurus General Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (August 18th 2019 - August 24th 2019)

2019-08-18 You are likely to find the day yielding smooth results. This will bring a sense of satisfaction for you. Many exciting opportunities that will promote your interests are bound to come your way.

2019-08-19 You will be seen very active for the day. Energy levels will be high and this will propel you on the path of self-development. You will witness positive changes within that will bring about happiness.

2019-08-20 This promises to be a favorable day and you will witness good results from your flexible skills of communication. You can take some wise decisions that will propel you further.

2019-08-21 The day could bring obstacles and delays. It will be good to postpone vital decisions. You can relax by listening to music, as this will make you happy.

2019-08-22 It is important to maintain a cheerful attitude to beat stress. You will find it difficult to concentrate on your actions on this day. However, an easy and flexible approach will enable you to achieve better results.

2019-08-23 You need to remain steadfast and handle day to day affairs in a cautious manner. The day is not suitable to take major decisions. You will find solace in spiritual matters.

2019-08-24 This will be turn out to be a day that needs intelligent planning of activities. You may also lose patience at times. However, you need to maintain a calm and relaxed attitude.

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