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Taurus General Weekly Horoscope (May 20th 2018 - May 26th 2018)

2018-05-20 You will find the day to be a positive one. You will feel more confident and have more faith in your abilities. You will also be able to maintain a better relationship with friends and close associates.

2018-05-21 The day will see you very active with many tasks to perform. You will be able to accomplish your goals effortlessly and prove your abilities. You will also have a broader vision and will be more open minded to new ideas which could further your interests.

2018-05-22 The day will present certain situations that will push you towards spiritual pursuits. This will give you great relief. You can also participate in social gatherings which will give you a good change and a chance to make new friends and associates.

2018-05-23 The day requires you to strive hard to achieve your goals. You need to keep your emotions in check and be relaxed. Accept what comes your way. It will be advisable to postpone major decisions.

2018-05-24 The day may not produce the desired outcomes. You need to rely on deep thinking before initiating any action to avoid bad results. You also need to exercise restraint with your words while conversing with others.

2018-05-25 Your confidence may take a beating today. It is essential to remain optimistic to witness results in your favor. Avoid important decisions as you may have some confusion in your mind.

2018-05-26 Proper planning and use of intelligence will guide you to achieve success easily. Praying to Lord Narasimha will protect you from all evils.

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