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Taurus Student Yearly Horoscope 2017

The first half of the year may pose obstacles to learning and educational pursuits. Memory problem, confusion, lack of alacrity, disinterest, distractions, and aversion to studies can hamper your academic routines. However, interest in religious studies and spirituality may spike up greatly. Your mind and heart may prefer prayer and meditation over your studies. Use the meditative techniques to your advantage to bring back to focus your distracted mind

Characteristics of the Taurus:

A Taurus Moon sign is more inclined towards arts related professions and earn better wealth than people of any other sign. Taurus born have both physical and mental strength. A Taurean will work hard, eat well and enjoy life. Even though a Taurus Moon is adjusting to different situations, avoiding stubborn attitude will bring good name.


To offset any negative planetary influences 1. Recite the mantra “Om Guruve Namaha!” 108 times daily 2. Donate money and material supplies to the orphans, the mentally challenged, and the poor and needy children

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Pray to Goddess Lakshmi

Divine Technique to improve Financial Status: Lord Venus Pooja

Favorable Months: March, April, May, July

Unfavorable Months: February, August, September, October

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Look at Your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

Welcome to the first step in a journey of Self-Discovery! The Birth Chart shows all your planets, what sign they are in and what degree they are in within the sign. As a starting point, explore what sign is your Ascendant (1st House), what sign your Sun is in and what sign your Moon is in. From the Ascendant, move around the chart in a clockwise direction to the next sign and so on, for all 12 of your houses.