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Taurus Health Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (December 16th 2018 - December 22nd 2018)

2018-12-16 You will be completely fit. There are not likely to be any health problems. Good levels of energy and determination will be present.

2018-12-17 Health will be generally good for the day. Take some extra care to consume food items that will keep you fit.

2018-12-18 You may come down with cold/cough related problems. It is essential to take care of your health.

2018-12-19 You need to check your eyes, as there are chances for contracting eye irritations.

2018-12-20 Good health will be enjoyed. However, you could incur expenditure towards your fathers health. This will cause some worry in you.

2018-12-21 Emotional over excitement may affect your health. You need to be relaxed to enjoy high fitness levels.

2018-12-22 There may be chances for leg pain to occur due to stress. Practice meditation or yoga to keep yourself in good condition.

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