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Taurus Love Relationship Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope (August 18th 2019 - August 24th 2019)

2019-08-18 This may not be an ideal day for love as there are chances for differences of opinion to arise. Better understanding is vital to keep love intact and allow it to blossom.

2019-08-19 You will cherish an enjoyable time with your partner. You will also share some good feelings with your lover.

2019-08-20 You are able to share some enjoyable moments with your partner. You will take your beloved to visit your friend's house and this will pave the way for deeper understanding to develop between each other.

2019-08-21 You may face problems in communicating with your partner. This may affect harmony and happiness in your relationship.

2019-08-22 Harmony may not prevail in your relationship. You need to talk openly with your partner and resolve the differences, to develop better understanding.

2019-08-23 You could feel moody and will show this to your partner. To sustain harmony, you need to overcome such mental blocks.

2019-08-24 You may tend to harbor negative emotional feelings in your mind and it could reflect to your partner. This may be due to a difference of opinion.

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