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Taurus Love Relationship Weekly Horoscope (July 23rd 2017 - July 29th 2017)

2017-07-23 You will share good understanding with your partner. You will also keep your partner in a happy mood.

2017-07-24 Your sincere approach towards your partner will please your partner to a large extent. This will enable you and your partner to develop good understanding.

2017-07-25 You will be having uneasy moments with your partner. This is due to lack of understanding between you two. Give more time to your spouse so that you can know each other better.

2017-07-26 You will have difference in opinion with your partner. You have to adjust and try to maintain unity.

2017-07-27 You may tend to show your egoistic feelings to your partner. This may cause disturbances in relationship. You need to avoid such feelings.

2017-07-28 You have to be a little easy going when it comes to handling relationships. Proper understanding and love and care for each other can take your relationship to very great heights.

2017-07-29 You need to be careful in conversing with your partner. There is a chance of you being misinterpreted. Be clear in your thoughts which will then reflect in your speech as well and help maintain harmony between the two of you.

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