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Saturn in Libra 2011 – The Ringed Planet Transits into Libra

DateOctober 31, 2011

The ringed planet, Saturn Transits into Libra on November 15th, 2011 IST, and the date is according to astronomical and mathematical systems used by most astrologers/astronomers. According to the ancient Vakkyam Almanac, which is used in South Indian temples, the Saturn transit date is December 21st, 2011 IST.

Saturn in Libra

The sign Libra rules the natural 7th House and is concerned with partnership, balance and justice. As Saturn is exalted (strong and beneficial placement) in Libra and he may give his usual teaching methods of delays, detachments and sufferings; however, Saturn will also attract major responsibilities and enable you to handle them, give you discipline, focus in business, bring commitment to relationships and bring democracy to governments.

Saturn is Not Subtle, But He is Fair

When Saturn transits to a new sign, he leaves no stone unturned. But like all the planets, Saturn has a function and a purpose. Saturn serves up your karma and there are no favorites. The Law of Karma is the same for all.

You may not enjoy how the judge’s verdict is expressed, or the punitive measures administered but Saturn has the job of putting “in your face” the parts of yourself that need to be transformed for your betterment. His Justice is blind. It is a “Reap What You Sow” world.

Is Saturn Your Worst Enemy or Your Greatest Friend?

This magnificent planet has been feared as the “Judge, Jury and Executioner”, “Cruel Task Master” or “Agent of Negative Karma”. Where he is placed in your chart determines the difficulties and suffering you experience. As Saturn Transits in Libra, He can also have an influence on you!

35 Day Saturn Appeal Plan – Fearlessly Face Saturn

Mind-set has a lot to do with how you will navigate the oftentimes rough waters of a Saturn transit. There are also ancient technologies revealed to us from the Siddhas. You have the opportunity to take advantage of the wisdom of these Vedic Scientists during this Saturn transit in Libra.

Using the Rishis’ wisdom of planets’ energies and influence on us and divine tantric techniques and knowledge of energetic power spots from the Siddha tradition, we invite you to explore for yourself an easy yet life transforming 35 Day (5 week), comprehensive and practical plan to master and alleviate your afflictions. This is during the crucial upcoming Saturn Transit into Libra on November 15th IST. Performance of rituals now will help you gain the good energy and “merit” in your bank for the upcoming 3 years of Saturn in Libra.


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