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Karma Clearance

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Karma literally means ‘action’ and refers to the principle of action and reaction. Spirituality holds that performance of good deeds are good Karma, which will lead to good results, and evil deeds are bad Karma that will lead to sufferings. Living beings will remain caught in the endless cycle of birth and death, due to their Karmic deeds and it is required of every soul to do good and seek divine grace, so that it gets out of this vicious circle and attains liberation.

Religion can greatly aid in the complex process of removal of Karmic effects. There are sacred Mantras or hymns in our spiritual system, which invoke the various Gods and Goddesses and seek their compassionate intervention in the lives and affairs of the people. These Mantras are believed to have great efficacy in getting divine grace and can thus act as the conferrer of such great blessings.

We, at Astroved, have put in painstaking efforts to make a compilation of such powerful Mantras, which can rid people of many difficulties and bestow them with various benefits. We have created a repository of those sacred hymns in our Astropedia site, along with all necessary details like what the Mantras actually are, what is their efficacy, which divinity they propitiate, which aspect of life they impact, and when and how they should be chanted for optimum effectiveness. We request you to browse through the collection, identify the one most relevant for your requirement, practice as specified and get benefitted out of it.