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What is Purattasi Saturday?

Purattasi Saturday

Purattasi is the 6th month in Tamil Hindu calendar (Sept-Oct). Saturdays which fall on the first, third and fifth weeks are auspicious for worshipping Lord Vishnu.

What is the importance of Purattasi Saturday?

The complete month of Purattasi and especially Saturdays, is highly revered by devotees of Lord Vishnu. It is a day, aptly suited for acquiring the blessings of Lord Vishnu, who can shower devotees with wealth and prosperity.

How the events of the Purattasi Saturday are observed?

Devotees observe Vrat (fasting). While some observe a partial fasting throughout the month, many follow a full fasting on Saturdays. Apart from avoiding smoking and drinking, devotees who consume non-vegetarian food eat only vegetarian food. On every Saturday of the Purattasi month, devotees make Mavilakku (a lamp made out of rice flour, jaggery and ghee). It is believed Lord Balaji (Vishnu) smiles on the devotees through the light from Mavilakku. Fasting removes impurities which are essential for attaining the abode of the Lord. Hymns dedicated to Lord Vishnu are chanted during the occasion.

What is the mythology behind Purattasi Saturday?

According to several mythologies, Purattasi month (Sept-Oct) is deemed as preferred month for Lord Balaji (Vishnu). It is believed that the Lord took decision to descend on the hills of Tirupati (India). Devotees also believe that the Lord expects them to meet him and seek his blessings on every Saturday of the Purattasi month. Devotees who cannot travel can create a Mavilakku (lamp) and worship him. One who performs the rituals and worships the Lord, will have their desires granted.

Connect With The Divine

The sacred scriptures prescribe fire ceremony, Abishekam (hydration ceremony), Pooja/Archana (Light and Sound ceremony), Yantra and Mantra (special sounds) as the ways to offer your prayer to the divine. Out of these, fire ceremony is the most evolved spiritual technology on earth to connect with the divine beings. Participate in the remedial services to clear your karma and receive the blessings.

Vishnu Homa

Lord Vishnu is the preserver and protector of the universe and one among the Trinity. Performing a sacred homa to Lord Vishnu can bestow you with wealth, good health, happiness, and prosperity.

Maha Vishnu Yantra

Draw the circle of protection around you — seek the blessings of Lord Vishnu to flourish, maintain good health and achieve success in all your endeavors.

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