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Mother's Day 2017

Good Time

04:38 PM to 06:24 PM

Poision Time (Rahu Kalam)

06:24 PM to 08:10 PM

Danger Time (Yamagandam)

01:06 PM to 02:52 PM

What is Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is a celebration to recognize contributions of a mother in a family. It acknowledges Motherhood - a mother's efforts in nurturing, nourishing and protecting a family physically and emotionally. This is a day we make our very love grow in strength and multiply by honoring her. Most of the countries of the world recognize the role of a mother and celebrate this day.

What is the significance of Mother's Day?

In today's modern life of multiple responsibilities, you often remember a friend or a cousin only when you happen to suddenly meet up with him or her. In a similar way, many people seldom take time to show gratitude towards mother. This day gives a pause to any negligence and instills remembrance of the debt of gratitude you owe to her.

It is an ideal day to picture her and generously acknowledge her contributions and forgive any failings. Make a sincere effort to try to understand her for the times she might not have been able to meet your expectations. No matter what your relationship with your mother is or has been, you can connect with her on a soul level. Honoring your mother with love and compassion can expand and heal your heart. Expressing respect for her can help any past frustration or pain to dissolve. If she has passed on, you can remember her with whatever ancestor rituals are part of your tradition.

How you can observe Mother's Day?


One common custom is that this is a day to call up your mother, if you are staying far away, and to tell her what she means to you. If you are staying with her, you may surprise her in the morning by cooking her special dish or getting a gift for her. Organizing a party or get-together with close friends could be one of many other options to tell your mother “how special she is”. This is also a day you can pray for her health and happiness.

In many countries across the world, special services at churches or temples or other religious sites are organized giving you an opportunity to pray for this soul who has a special relationship to you.

Many people express their special love for mother by sending or giving flowers. The purity and beauty of flowers can symbolize treasured esteem, and the gesture can strengthen the bonds between mother and child.

How did Mother's Day become a movement and then later, a scheduled celebration in the USA?

In 1908, Anna Jarvis celebrated this day posthumously in memory of her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, at St Andrew's Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. This church has now erected a shrine for International Mother's Day.

The adoption of International Mother's Day was a culmination of Anna's consistent efforts that began in 1905 on after the death of her mother. Anna wished to recognize for her mother's contribution to society as well as to Anna's own life.

Her mother, Ann Jarvis, had been an activist who took care of wounded soldiers during the American Civil War. During that period Ann organized Mother's Day Work Clubs to address public health issues such as making constructive changes in sanitation among both Union and Confederate troops in response to typhoid outbreaks.

Anna sought to honor her mother whom she idolized. She wanted her mother remembered as a positive icon. In 1912, Anna created the Mother's Day International Association. The date for Mother's Day was officially fixed as “second Sunday in May.”

In some countries, Mother's Day is celebrated on a different date and may be linked to older regional traditions for honoring mothers.

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