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Mother's Day 2018

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Importance of a Mother

A mother is perhaps the closest and most important relation a person can have. She is the one who carries the fetus in her womb for almost 10 months, undergoing tremendous physical discomfiture and delivers the baby bearing severe pain. She is a person’s first relative, who introduces him or her to the others and the world. A mother has a special place for anyone in life. Her position is pre-eminent, which has been acknowledged without hesitation by all the civilizations, cultures and the religions of the world. Hinduism accords her a supreme place and holds her as the first God that a person should worship.

Origin of Mother’s Day

Indian culture ordains honouring of the mother as the sacred duty of the children, which should be done as a routine. However, there are other cultures of the world which have the practice of earmarking a day for such honours. They, thus have Father’s Day, Siblings Day, Grandparents Day etc. for showing respect to these family members. Needless to say, Mother’s Day occupies a pride of place among all these special occasions.

Mother’s Day is thus an occasion observed for honouring the mothers and acknowledging the role of motherhood. It also marks the occasion for remembering the sacrifices that they have made for the sake of their children and family, and for expressing gratitude for their great service. However, there is no unanimity in the day of its observation, as different countries are celebrating it on different days of the year.

The Mother’s day began to be observed in America from the early 20th century. The first such day is said to have been observed by Anna Jarvis in the form of a memorial service for her mother in a church in West Virginia, where there exists an International Mother’s Day shrine now. Her mother Ann Reeves Jarvis was a peace activist who served the wounded soldiers in the American civil War. She passed away in 1905 and her daughter Anna Jervis started a campaign in the same year for honouring her mother and all mothers by observing the Mother’s Day and declaring it as a holiday. Her efforts met with success in the year 1914, when the then American President proclaimed that the Mother’s Day will be observed annually on the second Sunday of May in honour of all mothers and also declared that to be a national holiday. From then on, Mother’s Day is observed on second Sundays of May in America and many other countries. While there are also many countries which regard this day on different dates, some others observe this in different names too. United Kingdom’s observing this as Mothering Sunday can be an example for this.


While Mother’s day remained essentially as a social celebration, it did assume religious connotations in some places. Christianity began associating this day with the revering of mother Mary and thus this day became part of a religious observance in some countries. Honouring motherhood is an ancient culture in Hinduism. The tradition-bound devout in India, observe the Amavasya, new Moon day in the month of Baisakh (April-May) as Mata Tirtha Aunshi. This observance is much older than the Mother’s day of American origin.

Mother’s day Celebration

Though the celebration differs slightly from region to region, this occasion remains essentially as the day when children honour their mothers and express their gratitude to them for all that the mothers have done for them. They either visit their mothers or invite them home, spend quality time with them, visit places of interest and have feast with the entire family. Flowers, gifts and greeting cards are exchanged in great numbers. Many also visit the churches to offer prayers for the welfare of their mothers.

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Mother's Day

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