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Father's Day 2018

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What is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring the fatherhood, paternal bondage and the social importance of fathers. The day is greatly revered throughout the world on the third Sunday of June every year. In certain countries, Father’s Day celebration is considered highly important as it strengthens the father-child relationship and renders an opportunity for the children to express their love and gratitude towards their fathers.

History of Father’s Day


The history behind Father’s Day celebration dates back to 1909, when Ms. Sonora Dodd of West Virginia, USA suggested celebrating her father’s incomparable love and devotion towards raising her and five of her siblings after their mother’s death. She put in front her idea of celebrating the contribution of fathers to family and society in her mother’s sermon in 1909. Though the concept was not initially accepted, slowly people started encouraging the thought and decided to celebrate Father’s Day, third Sunday of June, every year.

In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson, officially declared the celebration of Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June and as a national holiday. The holiday was not formally considered until 1972, when it was acknowledged officially by a Congressional Act fixing it permanently on the third Sunday in June all over the nation.

Significance of Father’s Day Celebration

Celebrating Father’s Day gives all of us an opportunity to thank our beloved fathers for their unconditional love and affection towards their families and their unparalleled contribution in the upbringing of children.

For any child, their father is the first hero and the only one who inspires them to who they want to be in the future. A father is just as important as a mother in nurturing a child. In earlier days, when women were predominantly housewives, a mother plays a major role in bringing up her child. However, in today’s world, working women are almost equal to the number of men who are working. This has brought a significant cultural change as a father is also involved in child rearing. It further helps in building a strong father-child relationship and strong emotional attachment and family bondage.

Typical Father’s Day Celebration

Although Father’s Day is celebrated on different days in various countries, it all finally comes down to expressing your love, gratitude and affection to our fathers. Gifting them with their favorite items such as pen, shirt, perfume or gadgets is common. Cooking him his favorite meal is a yummy option as well. Let us all cherish our fathers, the heroes without whom our lives would not be worthy and contented.

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 Father’s Day
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