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Vastu For South Facing Plot

October 29, 2020 | Total Views : 36
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Many people seek different methods to achieve success and happiness. Vastu is one of them. Vastu Shastra or the “Science of Construction” is a traditional system of building design based on directional alignments. It was devised by ancient Hindus. Usually, home-owners focus on paintings, idols, etc., to decorate the home according to Vastu principles. But, now they have realized that the direction of the house is also very important, as it can ensure success and wellbeing for the occupants of the house. 

Generally, the south-facing plot is not chosen for building a house as it is considered inauspicious. Those who are well-informed about Vastu, however, know that any direction can be turned into a beneficial one with some simple measures. So, there is no need to avoid a south-facing plot, as Vastu Shastra offers some remedial measures to make the place safe and auspicious.

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Are South-facing properties lucky?:

Vastu Shastra says that next to east-facing properties, south-facing ones are considered the best. South-facing properties are believed to improve the owner’s wealth and financial matters. So if you want a prosperous life, south-facing properties are ideal.

Below are some Vastu Shastra tips for a South-facing plot. If you follow them, there is no need for any fear, worry, or insecurity regarding such plots:

 1. Main Door of the House: If the plot is south facing, build the main door in the south direction. According to Vastu, this is a good omen.

 2. Placement for the Kitchen: The south-west side is not good for the south-facing plot, but there is a remedy. Construct the kitchen in the north-west or south-east corner. This is auspicious for the family and can bring happiness.
 3. Placement for the Master Bedroom and Overhead Tank: The right place for the master bedroom is the south-west corner. In case there is an overhead tank, the south-west corner is the best to place it. For South facing plots, these directions are good, so follow the guidelines without fail.
 4. Placement for Offices or Shops: If the office or shop is in the south-west corner, it bodes well for the financial condition. Hence, it is considered to be best for south facing plots. These shops should not be let out for rent, as it can bring the owner bad luck, says Vastu.
 5. Fixing the Doors: Doors have an important role in any property, whether it is a house or an office, more so, if it is a south-facing property. In Vastu Shastra, doors should be fixed at a distance of six inches, at least. One can construct a brick wall at a distance before fixing the door.
 6. Placement of Septic Tank: Septic tanks, if not correctly placed, can cause financial losses, medical problems, etc. So it is important to follow Vastu Shastra principles when placing them. It is best to place the septic tank on the north or north-west side in a south-facing house. The tank needs to be located at least 15 feet away from a well or water pump. This protects the house from negativity and repels evil eyes. 

Other Tips for South-Facing Properties:

  •  Do not build a car porch, septic tank, garden, or water pump in the south-west direction. The south-west direction is not good for the south-facing houses.
  •  If you want an open area in the house, the east and north sides are ideal as sun rays enter from these sides. South and West sides are not good for south-facing houses.
  •  Keep some flower pots and plant trees in the house, as it is auspicious. For south-facing houses, big trees and plants in the northeast area are good.
  •  Wastewater, rainwater, and drainage outlets must flow from the northeast direction. This direction is good for children, as they will shine in their studies and careers.
  • The staircase should be in the south, west, south-east, or north-west corner. It should not be placed in the northeast direction for south facing plots as it can cause losses in business and makes those who are working, inactive.
  •  Making the south wall higher than the north wall in the south-facing houses brings good results.
  •  Avoid bore-well or ponds in the south direction as it can be a reason behind losses and accidents in the family.
  •  Talk to an astrologer or Vastu expert near you for more Vastu tips and information on south-facing plots.

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