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What is numerology and how it can impact your daily life

October 29, 2020 | Total Views : 29
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Numerology is the science of interpreting life and character using numbers. It’s quite an old concept and can be traced back to the ancient civilizations that once flourished in Greece, Japan, China, and India. Numerology, like Astrology, can teach us a lot about ourselves. It can be used to make our lives better by harnessing the power and energy hidden in numbers. A good numerologist can make predictions about your life by analyzing your life path, expression, heart desire, personality, and birthday numbers. 

Simply put, Numerology claims that the universe is a system. When we break this system down, we will be left with numbers, which are its basic elements. Using these numbers, we can make sense of the world as well as ourselves. Astrology is all about the connection between planets and people, whereas Numerology is about the connection between numbers and people.

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Meaning of Numbers & Facts:

Everything in the universe is linked to numbers. With the help of some details like a person’s name or birthday, a Numerologist can say what kind of person they may be, their strengths and weaknesses, and how their life will be. But first, the details provided by the person will be converted into a number using the principles of Numerology.
For predictions, a numerologist uses many elements related to the person for whom they are doing the reading. Using the details provided, they will find the life path number, expression number, and heart desire numbers. These can reveal everything about that person.

Numerologists believe that the physical world has a connection with the energetic vibrations of numbers. In this system, letters are related to integers.

Different types of Numerology:

There are four kinds of Numerology.


This is an ancient system of numerology where numbers represent the letters in the Hebrew alphabet. Each of the letters in the alphabet has a number, and the value of a word is calculated by using these numerals.

Pythagorean Numerology:

Pythagoras devised a theory of numbers where each letter of the alphabet is assigned a numeric value. This type of Numerology is the one that is commonly practiced today. The numbers/ letters are based on 9 numerical values.

Chaldean Numerology:

Chaldean Numerology is much older than Pythagorean numerology and was invented by the Chaldeans. It’s based on the eight numerals and some double numerals. It’s quite difficult and commonly used by those who follow the Pythagorean method. Chaldean Numerology assigns numbers to vowels.

Kabbalah Numerology:

Kabbalah numerology is a mix of Gematria and Pythagorean Numerology. Here, the person’s name is used to describe the personality and make life predictions. It features the same letter values but with totally different meanings for each single-digit number. This system has 400 life path combinations leading to more variables.

Number System in Numerology:

Five different types of numbers play a key role in your life. These five building blocks are called “core numbers”, and they can be used to make accurate predictions about your life. These are the life path number, expression number, heart desire number, birthday number, and personality number. These numbers play a key role in a person’s life. When they are broken down and analyzed, they reveal many important and interesting facts about you and your life.

Life Path Number:

This is a vital number in Numerology which gives the blueprint of your entire life and reveals its opportunities and challenges. The numbers in your date of birth are added up to get this number. 

Expression Number:

The expression number or destiny number reveals your strengths and weaknesses. This is the number that lays the foundation for your life path. It is based on your name, and is the sum of the numbers associated with the letters in your name. It uses the Pythagorean chart for the calculations. It can also reveal your desires, personal goals, hidden talents, and abilities.

Heart’s Desire/Soul Urge Number:

Heart’s desire or Soul Urge number explores the reasons behind your actions. It is the only number that does so. It reveals what you want in life and love and the choices you make. It also tells you about your career and relationships. The number is derived from the vowels in your name. Interestingly, this number reveals truths about the person that he/she is not even aware of. For example, the number may reveal that you desire power, though you are not conscious of it. Such things, when revealed, can change the entire life of a person and lead them to fulfillment and happiness. 

Your Personality Number:

Personality number reveals your inner personality. This is the side of you that people see or the side that you allow them to see. Most people have a persona for the outside world and conceal their true selves. Sometimes they do this unconsciously. Hence, this number often shows us what we tend to ignore or refuse to deal with. This can create better self-awareness. To calculate this number, only the consonants in your full name are used.

Birthday Number:

The birthday number is very significant for making predictions about a person. This number gives information about the person’s talents and how they will impact their life path number. This number is the key to your destiny. It is based on your birthday. When combined with the other core numbers, it can show you your gifts and talents, as well as your life’s purpose. 

The importance of Numerology is that it helps unlock our destiny, brings luck into our life, and reveals the true purpose we were born to fulfill. The process of living the life we are meant to live begins when we become aware of the vibration that our number carries. With this increased self-awareness, we will find the right direction that will lead us to happiness and success. To know more about how Numerology can help you lead a better life, consult a good numerologist near you or an online numerologist. 

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