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Timing of Marriage in Astrology

Marriage, the beginning of a new chapter in one’s life, is an auspicious event which requires the support of favorable energies for its materialization. The planetary energies influencing each and every aspect of our lives also determine the success and failure of our actions, depending upon the time of initiating a particular task.

Calculating the timing of marriage is thus a crucial aspect of natal chart analysis in Vedic Astrology.


The prospect of marriage and a good timing for it are predicted studying various clues in one’s natal chart. What is important to note here is that there could be many clues indicating marriage, but not all may materialize, as the influence of malefic planets may change the results altogether. Moreover, it is also important to notice if the planets studied for marriage are weak, afflicted, or combust, as they will then fail to deliver the desired results during their operating periods.

Let us see which areas of one’s natal chart come under review for predicting the time most suitable for marriage.

The House of Marriage

The 7th house in a chart is related to marriage, and hence gets the first attention of an astrologer.

The lord of the 7th house, or the karaka of the 7th house (which is Venus), and the planets that are forming a relation with the 7th house (either positioned in the house or aspecting the house) are studied for clues. Marriage can take place during the planetary periods of these planets, provided there is no hindrance from any malefic in the chart.

Apart from the 7th house, the 2nd house (related with family) and the 11th house (shows fulfillment of one’s desires) are also important. Thus, the planets occupying these two houses are also taken into consideration for understanding the support of planets for one’s marriage and a good time to go for it.

If Saturn is present in conjunction with Venus, or the lord of the 7th house, then it will cause a delay in marriage.

The D-9 Chart Gives Out Specific Clues

The ninth harmonic divisional chart, called the Navamsa chart, is very helpful for more specific indications on one’s timing of marriage and also how their married life will be. If the pattern in the natal chart indicating marriage resembles the one in the Navamsa chart, then an astrologer can be quite assured of the accuracy of the prediction.

The time of Jupiter crossing the ascendant lord in the Navamsa chart is also considered a favorable time for getting married.

Transits Triggering Marriage

As the natal chart lays the foundation for the calculations, the actual results can be experienced during the transits, or the planetary periods.

When the lords of the 2nd, 7th, and 11th house in the natal chart come into any of these houses in any order during transit, they will trigger a marriage prospect.

Apart from Venus, the transit of Jupiter, considered the most benefic planet, is also seen while judging one’s marriage time. Jupiter and Venus transiting through the 7th house or aspecting the 7th house during a transit will create a favorable time for getting married.

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