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Role of 7th House for Marriage

In Vedic Astrology, the 7th house in a natal chart refers to partnerships where mutual benefit and mutual needs are involved. Marriage, marital happiness, business partnerships and their success are studied, analyzing the 7th house and its association with planets in one’s natal chart.

Marriage brings two individuals together, not just for the fulfillment of mutual benefit and mutual need, but also to help bring out wholeness in each other. Thus, there are many factors taken into consideration while analyzing a chart for marriage.


Considerations while analyzing the 7th house for marriage

  • Planets in the 7th house, along with their association with other planets
  • The lord of the 7th house and its position in the birth chart
  • Position of Venus – the significator of the 7th house
  • Major and minor period of the 7th house lord
  • Planets occupying the 7th house

    – The nature of the planet/planets occupying the 7th house in a person’s natal chart gives an indication of the type of spouse he/she will have. Moreover, the association of other planets through aspects or proximity will further modify the possibilities. For example, the Sun in the 7th house indicates the partner will be a disciplinarian, dominating and more concerned with his/her image in the outer world. If the Sun is afflicted by Mars, there will be problems in married life. If Mercury is placed along with the Sun, then the partner will be intelligent and tactful.

    Lord of the 7th house and its position in the birth chart

    – The nature of the planet which is the lord of the 7th house and how strongly or weakly it is placed in the chart gives further insight about the quality of married life. For example, if Mars is the 7th house lord and is placed in the 3rd house in a person’s chart, he/she will enjoy and encourage interactions with the partner. If the 7th house lord is afflicted, the person may suffer problems in married life and it may lead to separation. If the 7th house lord is together with the 2nd house lord in the 2nd house, then the person will gain massive wealth through marriage.

    Position of Venus

    – Being the significator of the 7th house, the position of Venus in a chart is one major factor determining one’s marital prospects. For example, the favorable influence of the Moon on Venus indicates a charming and beautiful spouse. If, on the other hand, Venus is afflicted by the Moon, the partner will have a disturbed and restless mind. If Venus is exalted and free from afflictions, then a person will have a balanced married life.

    Planetary periods of the 7th house lord

    – If the 7th house lord is associated with a yoga-relating marriage, then the benefit of the yoga will be possible when the person undergoes a major or minor period of the planet which is the 7th house lord. Similarly, if the 7th house is afflicted, then the person will face difficulties in marriage when the major or minor period of the 7th house lord gets activated.

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