The Ashes 2017,1st Test Match England vs Australia - Astrological Prediction

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The Ashes 2017, 1st Test Match astrological Prediction England Tour on Australia

November 22, 2017 | Total Views : 1,358
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The Ashes 2017, 1st Test Match Prediction

Cricket is one of the most loved and watched sport all over the world and by all age groups. The simple game of hitting the ball with a bat to score runs & hit boundaries and sixes is now an extremely popular sport played in various formats. Be it a test match, T 20 or World Cup, it is no wonder that the cricket fans are glued to their televisions until it gets over. Everyone has his or her own favorite sportsman as an idol. Strong will and teamwork makes one a successful player and a winner. Do you want to find out if you are one? Find it out with our Sports Competency Report to predict your dream as a sportsman! The Ashes 2017, 1st Test Match Prediction Ashes is a famous test cricket series played between England and Australia and is one of the highly expected cricket series. The name of the series originated from the satirical obituary headline published in a newspaper in 1882, when Australia had their first test win against England at the Oval stadium. The 70th edition of the Ashes series begins today at Brisbane, with Steven Smith leading Australia and Joe Root leading England. With Australian women’s team winning Ashes 2017 cup, now, all eyes are set on Men’s team to take home the Ashes series cup. Do you want to unclear your doubts on your career future or need guidance to achieve your business goals? Find answers to your questions by making use of our Detailed Career Forecast for One Year or Business Prospect Report to set your goals and move forward. AstroVed has performed an astrological analysis to predict the winner of this Ashes 2017 men series. As per our prediction, it is going to be a tough competition between the teams. There are more chances for Australia to bowl first. Weather conditions may not favour the game and the match could end in a draw. Do you want to have your accurate life predictions? Speak to our expert astrologers through Live Astrology Consultation and get your concerns answered! The Ashes 2017, 1st Test Match Prediction

The Ashes 2017, 1st Test Match Astrological Prediction

Based on the event chart, the ascendant ruler Saturn representing Australia is placed in the 12th house indicating obstacles for the home team. The 7th House ruler Moon representing England is placed in the 6th House indicating a tough competition between both the teams. There are more chances for Australia to bowl first. First day is favoring Australia and they will be active and perform well. They will good control over the game. . Second day seems to be promising for England for the first two sessions. While the final sessions Aussie take control. Third day first sessions is favorable for Australians, rest of the sessions will be dominated by England. Fourth day first session will be dominated by England and all the other sessions Aussies take control. Fiffth day brings mixed results. The sessions are equally shared by Aussies and England. The match could end is a draw. The pitch could be favoring batsmen than the bowler. The Australian captain is likely to get injured during the course of the game. Weather may spoil or delay the game.

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