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Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility

November 21, 2017 | Total Views : 8,148
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According to Vedic Astrology, compatibility between the moon signs is important to be analyzed to predict how the wedded life of the couple would be. Following are the compatibility results of Aquarius with the 12 Moon signs between a man and a woman:

Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility with Aries Moon Sign

Both of you have different emotional needs and temperaments and may get along well or maybe not. One of you may have to make many compromises to save the relationship. Arians are energetic and like to be in charge, whereas Pisceans are calm, humble and passive. Arians are frank, certain and love to confront challenges while Pisceans are unclear and avoid facing any conflicts. Arians are straightforward and will express their feelings openly when they are hurt, whereas Pisceans are very sensitive and generally find it hard to let go of anything that hurt them. Pisceans are quite clingy and expect closeness with their partners, whereas Arians are independent and want their freedom undisturbed. Both of you follow and react to your instincts, but differently that you may be confused as to where the misunderstanding took place. You both have different views and opinions, which might sometimes hurt others unintentionally. Pisceans are adaptable, flexible and unclear nature will give an easy opportunity for Arians to dominate over them. Pisceans will end up compromising a lot to save this relationship.

Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility with Taurus Moon Sign

Both of you will share a strong bonding based on loyalty and friendship and can make a very happy couple. Although you may have few differences, you both are compatible with each other. Both of you are loving, generous and compassionate and adore nature and music. While Pisceans are emotional, sensitive and sympathetic, Taureans are also sympathetic but strong and reliable. You both love to have a tranquil and conflict-free atmosphere at home. Both of you are passive, easygoing and peace-loving, unless provoked. You both adore spending time admiring the nature, plants and animals. This relationship will work out best if Taureans can take care of the mundane activities and organization of the household.

Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility with Gemini Moon Sign

Both of you may have to face many challenges and make compromises in order to make the relationship work out. You both are very different and have very little in common. While Pisceans are instinctual, moody, dreamy and passive, Geminis love to talk, intellectual and are often compulsively busy. Pisceans are sensitive, artistic and idealistic, whereas Geminis are logical, objective and fidgety. Geminis are concerned with thoughts and Pisceans are concerned about emotions. Geminis want to grow intellectually, while Pisceans let go of things easily. Pisceans tend to dwell in the past whereas Geminis focus on the future. Geminis often use humor as a tool to confront tough situations and may end up making fun of Pisceans’ sensitivity. The overemotional nature of the Pisceans may be challenging for the Geminis and Pisceans may find it difficult to handle the rational behavior of the Geminis. You can save this relationship if Geminis appreciate the feelings of the Pisceans and if Pisceans try to accept the objective nature of the Geminis. Somewhere you can find a midpoint where you can balance both of your emotions and succeed as s happy couple.

Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility with Cancer Moon Sign

Both of you are extremely compatible and have a great deal of understanding with each other. You both share a superb emotional rapport that you connect even telepathically very easily. Both of you have common interests and desires and share a lot in common. You both are very intuitive and understand the feelings of each other and of others easily. Both of you are naturally aware of the mood of your surrounding and are compassionate in helping others when they are in need. You both tend to absorb other’s emotions and feelings, that sometimes you are not even aware of your own feelings from others. Both of you will create a loving, peaceful home that will be rejuvenate your souls and build a deeper emotional bond between you two. You both would love to withdraw yourselves from the pressures and competitions of the world and escape to a calm, serene environment. Both of you find music and nature very soothing and nurturing. If you try to control taking in all the troubles around you, then you both can make a very understanding couple.

Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility with Leo Moon Sign

One of you may constantly feel that you are making a lot of compromises to make your partner happy, leading to an imbalance in relationship. Though you both may feel some strong attraction, managing routine chores will appear difficult for both of you. While Leos are energetic, warm and friendly, Pisceans are moody and preoccupied most of the times. Leo natives are quite narcissistic and will often exaggerate their feelings in order to be the centre of attention. This might make them appear as a tyrant in household. Pisceans are calm, gentle and definitely not fighters. Leos can be dominating while Pisceans are receptive and compassionate of other’s feelings and emotions and end up sacrificing their own wishes for others. It may appear as if Leo is running the entire show and Pisceans just act along obeying their orders. Pisceans are easily influenced emotionally from their surroundings and hence when Leos are in good mood, they will tend to be more energetic and optimistic. On the other hand, when Leos are down, Pisceans will end up all the more upset.

Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility with Virgo Moon Sign

You both are quite opposite to each other, but can complement well if you compromise with each other and accept your differences. Virgos are perfectionists, orderly and have great attention to detail whereas Pisceans are unorganized, disorderly and dreamy. Virgos tend to intellectualize the emotions but Pisceans value emotions a lot. Pisceans are sentimental and helping in nature but knows no limit, whereas Virgos are also helping and nurturing, but knows their limits and when to stop being sympathetic. Virgos often set high standards to be maintained for self and others, whereas Pisceans are unattached, easygoing, non-judgmental and undisciplined. Virgos are actually attracted to this unconditional nature of the Pisceans. Virgos are quite criticizing which could hurt the delicate Pisceans. In fact, both of you are a little moody and passive, but if they learn to accept each other, you can complement well. If you both work together, you can run your lives smoothly and create a loving and nurturing home.

Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility with Libra Moon Sign

Though both of you have different temperaments, you both love to build a peaceful and conflict-free home and can make a romantic and friendly couple. Both of you try to avoid controversies, especially the Pisceans. However, there are few differences as well. While Libras are friendly, diplomatic and orderly, Pisceans are sensitive, instinctual and undisciplined. Libras feel a sense of moderation is must in the relationship, whereas Pisceans often try to exaggerate everything. Pisceans are comparatively more compassionate and sympathetic, while Libras want equality in relationships. They want to balance the scale and want to how much each has given and taken, unlike the more generous Pisceans. To make the relationship work out, Libras must be willing to know everything that’s going on and Pisceans need to be honest. Otherwise, the diplomatic Libras will gently dismiss things done by Pisceans and Pisceans will try to manipulate the situation emotionally.

Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility with Scorpio Moon Sign

Both of you are very intuitive and are made for each other. You both share a great deal of understanding and respect each other’s differences. Both of you have a fantastic rapport and sometimes, it may be confusing to discriminate between the feelings of yours and your partner’s. You both are extremely sensitive. Scorpios often tend to hold on to hurt feelings and may build up resentments for a long time, whereas Pisceans are more understanding, forgiving and tolerant. Scorpios are emotionally very intense while Pisceans are gentle and tend to avoid any conflict. This might lead to hatred, if the issues are not discussed openly. Scorpio is a fighter and wants to hit back when hurt, whereas Pisceans are pacifists and would do anything to avoid conflicts. Both of you are very manipulative and secretive and share an excellent emotional bonding. However, both of you are articulate enough in expressing your feelings. Both of you adore music and living near a water body will benefit you two.

Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility with Sagittarius Moon Sign

Both of you is not very compatible pair and may have to make few compromises to make things work out. Sagittarians are more energetic and enthusiastic which can at times be overwhelming for the Pisceans. However, you both have a lot of things in common. Both of you are generous and set no boundaries in relationships and will give promise that neither of you will fulfill. You both are intuitive and attract each other to some extent. While Pisceans are dreamy, moody and sympathetic, Sagittarians are enthusiastic, frank and somewhat haughty, which can upset the delicate Pisceans. Sagittarians are very sociable and love to talk while Pisceans would like to stay at home instead of being at a crowded party. Pisceans are prone to dream a lot and escape into their own fantasy world, while Sagittarians dream mostly of the future and make huge plans. Both of you are however impractical in some way. Sagittarians can sometimes behave brashly which might hurt the sensitive Pisceans. Both of you are dreamers and will find it very difficult to accomplish anything. You both have to accept your differences to save the relationship.

Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility with Capricorn Moon Sign

Both of you have very different emotional needs and temperaments but can make good friends. You both have different opinions about the same situation and hardly will make a compatible couple. Pisceans are very sensitive and emotional whereas Capricorns are emotionally detached and are inaccessible. Capricorns are disciplined, organized and hardworking whereas Pisceans are dependent, irresponsible and disorderly. Pisceans are idealistic when it comes to relationships while Capricorns expect a strong and committed partner. Pisceans are a bit clingy which will annoy the Capricorns at times. Pisceans are very compassionate while Capricorns usually downplay their emotions and will not get involved unless they are close ones. In some situations, you both can complement each other; Capricorns can take care of the outside world and Pisceans can take care of the homely matters. If both you learn to accept your differences, you can be the ideal couple who can prove to the world that love and determination are the most important for a successful relationship.

Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility with Aquarius Moon Sign

Though your emotional needs and temperaments are different, you both have a good chance of succeeding in the relationship. If one of you is ready to make compromises, there are high chances for you to a compatible couple. You have enough differences as well. While Pisceans are gentle, sensitive and non-competitive, Aquarians are sociable and want to be a part of a group. Pisceans give more importance to feelings and are highly sensitive, whereas Aquarians tend to intellectualize people and situations. Pisceans are very sympathetic which might be taken advantage by others while Aquarians prioritize social causes before personal needs and often are unaware of their own feelings and of their partners. Aquarians may find it difficult to get in touch with the feelings of the Pisceans while Pisceans are easily influenced by the moods of their surroundings. Pisceans are very emotional whereas Aquarians are emotionally detached and cool. While Pisceans are generally intuitive, Aquarians want logic and proof behind everything. On a positive note, Aquarians can learn some compassion from the Pisceans and in turn Pisces natives can learn some independence and clarity from the Aquarians.

Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility with Pisces Moon Sign

Two Pisceans may have the same emotional needs and responses, but they may not be very compatible. As both of you are moody and dreamy, both of you may find it difficult to move on in life. You both share a good understanding and will make good friends, however may be overly emotional to accomplish anything in life. Both of you are emotionally very receptive and generous and are strongly influenced by the emotions of your environment. Hence, both of you should avoid being in touch with negative or harsh people, as they can influence you a lot. You both have a habit of escaping into your own fantasy world. Both of you are sympathetic and very generous, but can sometimes end up helping the undeserving people. You both do not know how to set boundaries in being compassionate and may end being used up. Since both are you share the same emotions, you both need to weigh your positives and negatives and plan to work out together. If you both work on building up your organization skills, you can make an amazing couple. Auspicious Dates: 1,3,5,7,8,9,12,19,20,22,23,24,25,28,29,30. Inauspicious Dates: 2,4,6,10,11,13,14,15,16,17,18,21,26,27,31.

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