Solar Eclipse on 21 June 2020

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Solar Eclipse on 21 June 2020

June 12, 2020 | Total Views : 884
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Eclipse 2020:

The word ‘Eclipse’ can mean blocking or covering. And, it generally denotes the concealing of the light falling on a celestial body due to the movement of another body in between or the casting of the shadow. 

But the term ‘eclipse’ typically refers to the partial or total disappearance of the Sun or the Moon from our sight for specific durations of time and is known as the solar or lunar eclipse, respectively. The solar eclipse of the Sun happens when the Moon moves between the Sun and the earth and blocks the sunlight from falling on the earth. Whereas the lunar eclipse occurs when the earth moves between the Sun and the Moon, and thus stops the sunlight from falling on the Moon. These eclipses can last for various periods. When an eclipse happens, the light from the Sun or the Moon fades or gets blocked, while these heavenly bodies themselves vanish from our sights fully or partially, for that duration.  

An eclipse is a natural celestial phenomenon that happens periodically, due to the earth orbiting around the Sun on one side and the Moon orbiting around the earth, at the same time. But religion has attached great spiritual significance to such eclipses from very ancient times with scriptures coming out with their own mythological stories to explain the phenomenon. During a ‘Grahan,’ as the eclipse is known as, it is a traditional practice for the devout to perform many austerities and offer worships. 

Solar Eclipse June 2020:

A Surya Grahan or solar eclipse is set to take place on 21st June 2020. It is scheduled to begin at 10.20 am and end at 01.49 pm, with its peak time being 12.02 pm.  Thus, the solar eclipse date is 21st June 2020, and the solar eclipse time is 1020 hrs to 1349 hrs (IST). 

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Solar Eclipse 2020 Astrology:

Astrologically speaking, this eclipse takes place in the zodiac sign Gemini. This is an air sign known for its dual nature and is ruled by planet Mercury. Incidentally, Mercury in retrograde motion is transiting its own sign Gemini, during this eclipse. The Mercury signifies youth, teachers, merchants, travelers, etc., while it rules over the press, media, periodicals, messengers, intelligence gathering, etc. While Mercury’s energy in Gemini can manifest as movements and versatility, this Mercury governed eclipse can denote communication, transport, elementary education, market place, and relations with adjacent countries. Further, the action-oriented Mars casts its glance on the eclipse, which may give rise to some dynamic happenings.

These can indicate heavy rainfall in some parts of the country, and water scarcity in some others, in general. And the eclipse with Mercury in retrograde can also afflict communication and transport. 

Now let us try to learn in brief what this solar eclipse of 21st June 2020 can mean for the people belonging to the individual Rasis or Moon signs. 

The Effect of Solar Eclipse on Zodiac Signs  :

Aries (Mesha) – For this first sign, the eclipse happens in the 3rd House that stands for communication, courage, and siblings. While people need not fear any adverse results, they are still advised to avoid taking risks. It would also be better for them to keep their channels of communication alive with influential people, and take due care of siblings.      

Taurus (Rishabha)- The eclipse takes place in the 2nd House for this sign, which indicates family and finances. While due care is needed in money-matters, people may be required to have a check on expenses in general and family expenses, in particular. Eyes may also need care and immediate attention.  

Gemini (Mithuna) – With the solar eclipse happening in this sign itself, the Gemini-born are advised to be extremely careful about their health. There are chances for lungs getting affected, for a few. So, they need to follow medical advice strictly. Further, as financial strains are also possible, better to have enough funds as a contingency.

Cancer (Kataka)- It is the 12th House, where the eclipse takes place, for the Cancer sign. This is the place for losses, sudden and heavy expenditure, lack of recognition, etc. There could be monetary losses, and so, people of this sign are cautioned against taking any chances in financial matters. Health may also remain equally important, and it would be better to take even minor issues seriously and go for immediate treatments when required.

Leo (Simha) – This 11th House eclipse can be an event of promise for those from the Leo sign. Monetary benefits are on the cards, which can add significantly to their financial strength. Some of their long-cherished wishes may also come true in due course.      

Virgo (Kanya or Kanni) – For the Virgos, the eclipse is in the 10th House that signifies occupation and fame. This can signal some challenging times ahead in job-front, while business persons may be required to put in tremendous efforts. They may have to be cautious in their dealings and while lending to customers. Pressure from higher-ups can also contribute to stress at work.     

Libra (Tula) – This eclipse happens in the 9th House for the Librans, the House of fortune. Risk-taking of any sort may better be avoided. There may not be any serious health concerns. But respiratory issues may cause anxiety to a few, which needs to be attended to immediately. Those who do not have any major planet in the 9th House in their horoscopes can subsequently hope for some good turn.   

Scorpio (Vrichchika) – An eclipse in the 8th House may not auger well for the Scorpio sign people. And the adverse effect may be particularly concerning their health. They need to take precautions against possible viral infections and respiratory problems and seek medical help. Family and finances, too, need careful handling. It is better to avoid making new investments.

Sagittarius (Dhanu) – The Sagittarius-born can hope for this solar eclipse to bring them some good times. It happens in the 7th House, meant for partnerships, marital joy, etc. This may provide them relief from some existing problems. Work may prosper with appreciation and new responsibilities. But they may have to be careful about their health.

Capricorn (Makara) – This 6th House eclipse, can be somewhat favorable for the Capricorn people. They may hope for some breakthroughs and betterments. But it is advisable for them to act with patience and in line with the ground reality.

Aquarius (Kumbha) – This happens in the 5th House of Purya Punya, the effects of the past deeds. And the Aquarius people may enjoy comfortable finances, but they may be required to handle relationships, especially the love-affairs, with diplomacy and tact, for the sake of harmony.  

Pisces (Meena) – For this last sign, the eclipse happens in the 4th House, signifying family. So, the Pisces-born may have to pay full attention to domestic matters. More efforts may be needed from them to stabilize in the work front. While finances may be ordinary, some major fitness concerns are possible for a few. So, they are advised to seek medical help in case of any problem.

People interested can refer to the astrological predictions in various sites nearer the time that are given under captions like solar eclipse this week etc.   

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