Secrets of Saturn

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Secrets of Saturn

February 8, 2019 | Total Views : 1,871
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In Vedic astrology, Saturn is as the most-feared celestial entity. The planetary deity Shani Bhagavan, one of the Navagraha (nine planets), wields a strong influence in the lives of the individuals. Legends regard him as the son of Surya, the Sun God, and the brother of Yama, the God of death. Many also consider him as the Avatar of Lord Shiva himself, and hence, he is worshipped as Shani–Eshwara or Shanishwara. Saturn is viewed mainly as an Ashubha Graha, an inauspicious planet, who can give anyone testing times. He can be a great benefactor too when placed favorably in the birth chart of an individual. He is believed to rule over Karma, our past deeds, he is just and fair and gives results strictly as per one’s karmic deeds.    

Saturn — His Astronomical Significance

Saturn is a vast planet, the 2nd largest in the solar family, and is more than 140 million kilometers away from earth. It is a fantastic heavenly body that has so many rings around it and as many as 22 natural satellites in them. Saturn is also the slowest of planets, who takes the longest time of about 2 ½ years to pass through a zodiac sign and about 30 years to go round the Sun. Hence, he is also called as Shanischara, ‘the slow mover.’ Surrounded by fantastic rings, astronomers have found Saturn to be a unique and an appealing celestial entity. 

Legend of Saturn

Shani, the Saturn is the mythological son of Surya and his spouse Chaya. Hence, he is also known as Chaya Putra. Right from his birth, Shani is said to have had a compelling gaze, which even resulted in his father Surya’s body getting charred and his mighty chariot halted. The bewildered Surya is believed to have gained his looks, power, and glory subsequently, only by the grace of Shani.  

Shani is dark in color. He is also clothed in black, holds a sword, two daggers and arrows and rides on a crow, which is his mount.

Saturn in Astrology

Astrologically, Shani, the Saturn is said to rule the zodiac signs of Makara, the Capricorn, and Kumbha, the Aquarius. While he is debilitated in Aries and exalted in Libra, he is believed to be in friendly terms with planets Mercury, Venus, and Rahu, but inimical to Sun, Moon, Mars and Ketu. Saturday is his weekday, while blue sapphire is his favorite precious stone. 

The Saturn Effects

Saturn, the malefic planet is considered a severe taskmaster, who will teach people essential lessons through painful experiences. Hence, his name remains to be a dreaded one among the people at large. However, he only purifies people by putting them through severe ordeals.   

People may undergo many afflictions due to Saturn, which may include delay, obstructions, the futility of efforts, denial of due rewards, litigations, separations, poverty, grief, chronic diseases, loneliness and premature death. It can also turn people dishonest, cruel, fearful and addicted to drugs. Shani also rules the end and may denote the longevity of a person. 

However, on the positive side, Shani can provide knowledge, wisdom, and ability to work hard, patience, wealth and fortune. 

Saturn Worship

People can offer black clothes, sesame seeds, black gram and mustard oil to Lord Shani Dev for propitiating him. They can offer these to poor people also and make charity to the needy. They can provide prayers to Lord Hanuman, as his worship is believed to earn the grace of Shani for the devotees. Hymns in praise of Lord Saturn can also be recited, for getting the blessings of the dominant planet.

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