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Sade Sati Results For Aquarius Moon Sign

September 8, 2017 | Total Views : 7,668
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What is Sade Sati?

The word ‘Sade Sati’ literally means ‘Seven and Half’ and denotes the 7 ½ year period of Shani, the planet Saturn. While Saturn itself remains a feared planet, this period in particular is considered astrologically, as a time of trials and tribulations. Sade Sati Results For Aquarius Moon Sign This ‘difficult’ period begins when planet Saturn enters the zodiac sign that falls immediately before an individual’s zodiac sign of birth, and will continue during the time when Saturn will transit that sign and also the next 2 signs. As Saturn remains in a sign for about 2 ½ years, it takes a total of 7 ½ years to cross over the 3 zodiac signs. For instance, if a person’s zodiac sign is Aquarius as per the time of his or her birth, then Sade Sati period will begin for that individual, every time Saturn enters the previous sign of Capricorn, and will continue across the time when Saturn transits through the next 2 signs of Aquarius and Pisces. As can be seen, a person will normally be required to undergo a Sade Sati period on more than one occasion in a lifetime.


What Sade Sati means for the sign Aquarius?

Air is the element of the sign of Aquarius, and so is Saturn’s. The lord of Aquarius also happens to be Saturn. Hence, the effect of Sade Sati can be said to range from being tolerable to good, for the Aquarius born. People will be high on creativity during this period, leading to innovation, and getting honours and recognition. In some cases. Emotional quotient will be high and the affability of the people may push them towards a social life style, where they will be active in various societies, clubs and groupings. Some may get even emotionally involved with others, trust them to the core and share even their personal joys and sorrows and matters of confidence, with them. However, the need of the hour for such people is a level head, restraint, realistic self-assessment and pragmatism. Hopefully, Saturn, the disciplinarian that he is, will provide them with these much needed traits, so that too much of involvement with outsiders and opening of the heart, indiscriminately, do not come in the way of their personal life and progress. The same applies to their love life too. Saturn will also keep a check on finances and people need to be judicious in their earnings, spending and savings.

Effects of Sade Sati on the Moon sign Aquarius

The first phase of 2 ½ years of Sade Sati will start for this sign, when Saturn will move into the 12th house from Aquarius, that is, in the sign of Capricorn. Being the lord of Capricorn, Saturn transits into its own house and hence, this period is considered good for the Aquarius people. Saturn will goad them to put in hard work, which, when combined with sincerity, will bring success. Learning different things and skills, and also gaining new experiences, people can rise to better levels, both in personal and professional lives. There may also be income from landed property. A sense of fairness will dominate, and lead some towards social causes. However, people have to be reasonable in their expectations and ambitions. Also, health may pose minor problems. Saturn’s ‘home-stay’ continues, as he moves into the native sign of Aquarius in the second phase, whose lord is Saturn himself and hence, the Sade Sati effect will only be good, in general terms. Efforts will get rewarded adequately, as, concentrated, hard work will bring handsome success, with some, even getting public or political acclaim. Business will make profit, while some may get government jobs. Curiosity can make some, venture into new fields, whereas a few can take to social work. People may, however, have to face work pressure.

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