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Sade Sati Results For Pisces Moon Sign

September 7, 2017 | Total Views : 3,672
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What is Sade Sati?

The word ‘Sade Sati’ literally means ‘Seven and Half’ and denotes the 7 ½ year period of Shani, the planet Saturn. While Saturn itself remains a feared planet, this period in particular is considered astrologically, as a time of trials and tribulations. sade-sati-results-for-pisces-moon-sign This ‘difficult’ period begins when planet Saturn enters the zodiac sign that falls immediately before an individual’s zodiac sign of birth, and will continue during the time when Saturn will transit that sign and also the next 2 signs. As Saturn remains in a sign for about 2 ½ years, it takes a total of 7 ½ years to cross over the 3 zodiac signs. For instance, if a person’s zodiac sign is Pisces as per the time of his or her birth, then Sade Sati period will begin for that individual, every time Saturn enters the previous sign of Aquarius, and will continue across the time when Saturn transits through the next 2 signs of Pisces and Aries. As can be seen, a person will normally be required to undergo a Sade Sati period on more than one occasion in a lifetime.


What Sade Sati means for the sign Pisces?

Jupiter is the lord of Pisces, who is neutral in his relationship with Saturn. Hence the Saturn-ruled Sade Sati will be in the average range, for the Pisces born. Both Jupiter and Saturn are associated with the noble qualities of justice and Godliness. This will naturally make the natives, more virtuous and spiritually-oriented, during this time. They will also be inclined to get to the bottom of all subjects across the spectrum, ranging from science to spirituality. A sense of detachment may also dawn in them towards the worldly affairs, at about the end of the period, which, if taken to extremes, will prove detrimental for the life they are leading. Saturn will try to instill an element of practicality in them, so that their being aloof, does not create problems in their marriage and profession. While Saturn will test the patience of people during this time, they are advised to remain calm and composed, and face the challenges of life, with determination and practical wisdom.

Effects of Sade Sati on the Moon sign Pisces

The first phase of 2 ½ years of Sade Sati will start for this sign, when Saturn will move into the 12th house from Pisces, that is, in the sign of Aquarius. Being the lord of Aquarius, Saturn will transit into its own house, but still, this period is likely to remain only average. A strong inclination in religion and Godly matters will arise, with some, undertaking pilgrimages. Business needs may also warrant frequent travels. Change of jobs is also on the cards. Expenses will be high; health may suffer due to conditions like sleeplessness; and relationships will come under strain. For the next, second phase, Saturn gets into the native sign of Pisces, whose lord, Jupiter is neutrally disposed towards the feared planet. People will develop interest in serious subjects like philosophy. Turning virtuous and justice-loving, they will become humble and simple. Some will take up social work. Skills and abilities will also improve simultaneously, and help people taking right decisions at crucial times. Money flow will also be in plenty. However marital life may see some strains. Sade Sati’s worst phase will be the last 2 ½ years for Pisces, as Saturn, at this time, moves into the Aries sign, ruled by Mars, a very bitter enemy of Saturn. Difficulties and setbacks can be expected in almost all spheres of life. Some, may lose even jobs; some may face painful insinuations. Sudden unpleasant happenings can throw life out of gear; while natives may face health problems. Mother’s health may also suffer; and people may have to incur losses in property related matters. Such unsavory happenings will make people cynical and aggressive, which may hit family life and marital harmony.


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